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Top 15 Conservative Swimsuit Styles

Everyone has their personal preferences in everything. While in a swimsuit, you may want a style that is more conservative. At BeachCandy, we want our BeachCandy Babes to shine their brightest and that means being their most comfortable and confident while in a swimsuit. 

It can be hard to find modest swimsuits that fit well, but BeachCandy has that and more. Our swimsuits are of an outstanding quality and fit flawlessly. 

cute conservative bikini bottoms

KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bikini Bottom

The KIMBERLY Bottoms are a mixture of a few design concepts, creating a truly unique comfortable swimsuit bottom. The fold over band and full coverage back give this bottom the fashionable tummy coverage and control without the unflattering squeezing at the hips. Because the band folds over, it seamlessly transitions from the stomach to the hips. 

conservative tankini top

LUCY Flared Tankini

Tankinis are wonderful options as a swimsuit. They are comfortable like a familiar tank top and provide near maximum conservative coverage for comfort. The flare design adds even more ease to move around and a new twist to the classic tankini style. The build-in bra shelf provides lift and support.

beaded hipster bikini

LILY Swarovski Hipster Bikini Bottoms

Perfectly cut with the right amount of sparkle and coverage. Just enough to hold you in and not being too long or too short. A style with elements of SKYLER Slimming Bottoms and BRITB VIP Bottoms, LILY is a hipster bottom with crystals on the sides. Look effortlessly chic in these bottoms. 

classic string bikini

ALEXA String Bikini Bottom

A favorite choice for its chic, timeless silhouette with a modern twist; this classic style closes with string ties, allowing for full adjustability and maximum comfort. The simplicity in its design is key in its elegance. Comes with genuine Swarovski crystal beading on the tassel side ties. 

scrunch bikini bottom

JENN Slimming Scrunch Bikini Bottom

JENN bikini bottoms are a new classic style. The triple strap detailing on the side gives it such an iconic, timeless appeal for the sexy woman. They don’t squeeze the hips tightly and are comfortable and seamless.  

handkerchief bikini top

JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top

In between a tankini and bandeau bikini top, the JENNA offers a unique handkerchief style with benefits of both. The strapless design allows for less tan lines on the upper torso and lower back while covering the tummy area many women are very insecure about. It feels like you are wearing a bikini but have the coverage of a tankini.

This top is designed with built-in shelf support to make you feel fully secure and confident. 

seamless bikini bottoms

SKYLER Slimming Bikini Bottoms

Slightly higher rise than regular bikini bottoms, they are just enough to cover lower belly scarring like c-section scars. The bottoms seamlessly fit and don’t hug too tightly, giving the body a slimmer look. SKYLER is one of our designer's favorites. 

ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

A very modern, contemporary swimsuit style, the ASHLEY is a super high waisted bikini bottom. Acting like shape-wear technology, the ASHLEY conceals and flattens any belly fat to create a slimmer hourglass shape. The cute ruching detail makes it even more stylish. They are the perfect high waisted bottoms that don’t cut you off.

keyhole side bikini bottom

CATIE Tie Side Bikini Bottoms

Similar to the ALEXA string tie bottoms, the CATIE bottoms also close using string ties. However, the side design of the bottoms set them apart. CATIE has a distinct circle detail for a different flair. Fully adjustable to perfectly suit your own body, making it very comfortable.

high cut conservative bikini bottoms

MADDY High Leg High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

The French cut of the MADDY gives it the signature high leg and high waist detail. With very modest tummy coverage, the MADDY bottoms take care of any mid tummy insecurities like fat or scarring. The seamless high waisted bottoms securely hold in your tummy while creating that coveted hourglass shape. 

SOPHIA Ruffle Tankini

The SOPHIA ruffle tankini is a more fashionable tankini. The halter top neckline beautifully lifts and centers the breasts for a gorgeous cleavage, and the cute triple ruffle detail gives it its very feminine cute flair. Not as conservative as the LUCY, the SOPHIA has a sexy open back feature. 

grommet bikini

HALLE Lace Up Bikini Bottom

The Lace Up Grommet HALLE Set is for the modest woman who wants a flair of sex appeal. Not too revealing unless you want it to be, the HALLE is fully adjustable to create your perfect cleavage coverage and for maximum comfort. It rises just enough to cover any lower belly insecurities. Perfect for the active woman, too. 

Swarovski beaded bikini

Our Signature BRITB VIP Bikini Bottoms

We have to mention our claim to fame bikini bottoms. The Signature BRITB VIP Bikini Bottoms are world famous bestsellers because of its flawless fit as a classic swimsuit bottom silhouette with a modern twist. These are available in a full coverage cut and comes with our FULL VIP Swarovski Crystal Candy hip straps.

skirted bikini bottoms

KYLIE Swim Skort

Some people would like to swim with their cover up on; KYLIE was made with those people in mind. Being a skort, it has features of both a skirt and a short as it is a skirt with complete full coverage bottoms attached underneath. 

It comes down just enough to cover the entire bottom to offer the perfect amount of coverage. The thick foldover waistband holds in the lower belly and love handle area well and doesn’t squeeze you off in an unflattering way. This is an ultimate go-to swimsuit bottom. 

womens bathing suit dress

HOLLY Swim Dress

A unique and innovative design, HOLLY is complete with essential swimsuit features such as adjustable bra straps, built in bra support, and more. This swimsuit is sturdy because it is reinforced with a whole one piece swimsuit sewed underneath the dress itself. It also has cute design details making it fashionable. 

HOLLY is a completely functional cover up and bathing suit, combined. Perfect for the woman who is thigh and tummy conscious. 

versatile sarong wrap


If you are still looking for some extra coverage, then a cover up would be a perfect option for you. Several of our cover ups have different coverages, materials, and styles to suit whichever need or look you are going for. 

Our MARIA Long Sarong Wrap is the perfect quick cover up. Super easy to grab and tie on with its lightweight mesh material and asymmetrical design. A perfect option for the beach or poolside. You could even adjust the coverage to your liking. The MARIA is also available in a short version. 

Shop our Beach Cover Ups Collection for other options to pair with your new cute conservative BeachCandy Swimsuit! Learn more about our Beaded Bikinis for women and our famous Bra Pad Inserts that are perfect for giving you the best cleavage in your BeachCandy swimwear.


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