Cleavage Enhancing Swim

The Most Cleavage Enhancing Swim for Women

First of all, cleavage starts with a high quality fit. This, we found this to be true time and time again at BeachCandy Swimwear. 

How did we know this? BeachCandy Swimwear began as a high end local custom swim shop in coastal California in 2011. Women would come in and visit from all over the world to design their version of the perfect swimsuit. 

When they would make their appointment, they were instructed to bring in their past favorite swimsuit for me to review on and off the body. Doing this allowed me to see what was right and what was wrong and with the flimsy quality of those old bathing suits, it’s no wonder they weren’t supporting the breasts well.

By the way, my name is Brit and I am the founder forging ahead in an industry made of flimsy, low-quality fast fashion and the art of cleavage is something I know everything about as an expert pattern-maker. 

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman feeling her most confident. You deserve to enjoy the glow. We believe with all our hearts that you were born to shine and our luxury quality swimwear handmade with high performance fabrics will help you do just that.


cleavage enhancing bikini top

1. ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top

    This was the very first original bikini top here at BeachCandy. It was my first quest when starting the brand: a perfect triangle for any body type. “What does that entail?” my mind inquired. Plain and simple, secure sexy support and comfort with some sparkle to make any woman feel beautiful and empowered.

    The ALEXA Top is the paragon of BeachCandy, a classic made perfectly with design enhancements for the larger cup sizes. For size L - XXL in this style, there is a double strap underneath the bust with a hidden power sling at the sides of the triangle to encourage secure center front cleavage. 

    If you are one of the women (remember I have fitted thousands of women in our fitting room) who says only underwire works for you, I invite you to try any of these styles. Wire or no wire, the quality of BeachCandy is significantly different than anything you have tried.

    2. RACHEL Halter Bikini Top

      Another BeachCandy 2011 bathing suits original coming in at number two… the RACHEL halter bikini top. This top is a go-to for just about every diehard BeachCandy customer, famous for giving plump push up cleavage. In fact, it keeps your girls sitting so high some women feel intimidated by it but I assure you every woman would select this style time and time again during our retail days. 

      In fact, I just had a customer tag us in an image today wearing the RACHEL top she purchased close to 8 years ago and it still is shining bright. Quite the testament to a BeachCandy swimsuit–they last years. This is said repeatedly by our best customers each year.

      push up halter bikini top

      3. LAURA Padded Push Up Bikini Top

        For those of you who love swim tops to hold your ladies high, this is the ultimate push up bikini top for you. With an engineered bust enhancer pad in the corner of the molded cups for a plus one cup size boost. 

        Adorned with our signature Swarovski, hand-beaded locally, a precious priceless piece of swimwear. The adjustable ties in the front allow you to tone the spectrum of cleavage from a day with the kids to a hot weekend in Mexico. 

        Grateful to Be of Swimwear Service

        It has been over 11 years and I still love BeachCandy since the day I opened our doors. Our mission has always been clear: to honor the female form with the utmost care and quality. Make sure to browse our sexy one piece swimsuits for a modern look and read about the best bikini for tanning.

        This has me deeply in search for the 2023 agenda for the BeachCandy brand. We want to do more, be more, be of service beyond a swimsuit. If you enjoyed this post, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

        With deep love, brit - founder + pattern-maker + designer / BEACHCANDY


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