tummy control one piece swimsuit

Chic Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Our goal at BeachCandy is to bring you not only comfort, but also style. Eliminating your concerns shouldn’t mean sacrificing feeling sexy and looking good. Here at BeachCandy we ensure that you will feel and look like your best self when wearing one of our luxurious swimsuits. 


Our promise to you is that you will find a bathing suit at BeachCandy that will fulfill all your needs while helping you look like your absolute best. As women it’s normal to have certain body concerns, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Tummy control is a big concern many women have and this is just amplified when having to wear a swimsuit. 

When having a day out at the beach or pool, your focus should be on enjoying your day not on your tummy concerns. With BeachCandy swimwear, we will get rid of any and all concerns you have and eliminate the swimsuit insecurity. 

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Here at BeachCandy, we understand every woman has different preferences and a two piece swimsuit isn’t what some of our ladies are looking for. We gathered the best one piece tummy control swimsuits perfect for our BeachCandy babes that prefer a gorgeous one piece. These swimsuits are guaranteed to have you looking and feeling good!

More coverage is not equal to less sexy, sexy is how you feel. When you feel good, it shows. We know the struggle of finding the perfect fit when it comes to swimwear but the struggle is over when you’re in BeachCandy’s hands. 

Our one piece swimsuits will bring you comfort and flatter your body in all the right places. Ready to radiate confidence on your next day out? 

sexy cutout bathing suit

BRANDI Cut Out One Piece Swimsuit

The BRANDI one piece is perfect for our babes that want that tummy coverage while still showing lots of skin. BRANDI is not your average one piece, the perfect design enhances your body in all the right places. The sexy cut outs on the side of this one piece highlights your curves and takes the attention away from that tummy. 

Wearing our BRANDI one piece will have you looking like a total babe on your next day out. The perfect combination of sexy and comfortable while providing tummy control. If you’re more of a bold babe, BRANDI is available in neon yellow--a guaranteed eye catcher. If you’re more of a sleek babe, BRANDI is available in a classic jaw dropping black.

ruffled bathing suit

LIZ Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit

For our ladies looking for more coverage while still looking jaw droppingly beautiful, our LIZ ruffle one piece is perfect for you. The enchanting ruffled neckline takes away all attention from that tummy you want to hide and puts the focus on your beauty. The strapless swim top in our LIZ one piece creates a beautiful off the shoulder look that will be a guaranteed attention grabber. 

The most perfect feature of our LIZ one piece is the slimming ruched waistline that is essential when wanting tummy control. The ruching hides away your tummy creating the perfect comfortable control. Not only is our LIZ one piece beautiful but it comes full coverage in bottoms and arms. When going for a full coverage look, other swimsuits can be very unflattering but with the ruching and off the shoulder feature in LIZ, you will look feminine and flattering.

This is the perfect one piece for our ladies looking for an effortlessly beautiful look. Our one of a kind LIZ one piece is available in a gorgeous classic white, a sleek black, or a bold animal print. If you’re looking for tummy control while still looking for style in a swimsuit then the LIZ ruffle one piece swimsuit is the one for you.

high back cutout bathing suit

GINGER High Back One Piece Swimsuit

Our GINGER one piece is the perfect one piece for someone that wants tummy control, coverage while also looking sexy, and desires a two piece without the exposure it brings. The GINGER one piece has a sexy cut out above your tummy creating the perfect tummy control and giving a high waist swim bottom illusion. 

GINGER comes with full back coverage, great shelf bra support, and full booty coverage. If your ideal look is coverage with a splash of sexy, GINGER is the one for you. The sexy cut out gives the look of a separate top and bottom but GINGER has the perfect coverage that comes with a one piece. 

GINGER is definitely an eye catcher and the cherry on top is how comfortable and supportive this swimsuit is. We offer GINGER in sleek black creating a gorgeous chic look. The GINGER was designed to have your coverage and your cleavage too.

ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit

When looking for tummy control, ELYSIA is your gal. Slimming is in the name for this beauty, the ruching on the waist line creates the perfect tummy control for all our babes looking to hide those concerns. The ruching creates a beautiful elongated look for any woman wearing this gorgeous swimsuit. 

The back of our ELYSIA one piece offers a modest coverage perfect for our ladies looking for coverage while still looking flattering. Not only does this bathing suit have amazing coverage but it has extreme support in the bust line. Perfection is met with ELYSIA, it’s no surprise that this one piece is one of your bestsellers. 

We offer the gorgeous ELYSIA one piece in a beautiful white, a jaw dropping sleek black, a unique eye catching palm print, and our one of a kind pattern tranquilo. Not only is this swimsuit offered in multiple gorgeous patterns but you can add our signature swarovski crystal Candy to give it that touch of elegance. 

At BeachCandy Swimwear, we believe in creating timeless collectable styles. Swimsuit pieces that flaunt a woman’s assets and finesse her curves. Every single swimsuit top is engineered for the ultimate support & lift in the bust line. There is not a swim style we create that does not celebrate the female form in every way.

one piece bathing suit dress

HOLLY Women's Swim Dress

Don’t be afraid to stand out with our unique HOLLY swim dress. It’s not like your average women’s swimwear--our holly dress is a full coverage swimwear option for our ladies that prefer that look. The HOLLY swim dress has built in bra support so you don’t have to worry about not being supported. It features adjustable shoulder straps to achieve your perfect comfort level and has a flirty ruffled hem. 

For our ladies looking for the ultimate coverage HOLLY is the one for you. Not only does it provide ample full body coverage but its also a favorite with our mamas-to-be. You'll be effortlessly gorgeous wearing our swim dress and you will definitely be an eye catcher. Don’t wait too long and feel your best self with our HOLLY swim dress now.


When looking for your next go-to swimwear, don’t forget that the key is finding something that will make you feel like the best version of yourself. Find the perfect swimsuits that flatter your body and help you feel confident. When wearing swimwear, it’s completely normal and okay to have concerns. 

At BeachCandy our goal is to find you the perfect swimsuit that is comfortable, stylish, and most importantly fulfills all your concerns to have you feeling good. From our sexy two pieces, gorgeous one pieces, our unique tankini tops, swim dresses, and beautiful cover ups. We got you covered with any concern you may have.  We also offer gift cards!

It is our promise to you that you will feel beautiful when wearing one of our one of a kind pieces. Once you wear BeachCandy swimwear, you’ll wonder why you didn’t join the family sooner. We have everything you need to have you looking flawless at your next vacation. On times like this don’t forget to also check out one of stylish face masks perfect to keep you safe on your next trip! 

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone on our customer service team. We are more than happy to help your experience at BeachCandy be an amazing one. 

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