Cheeky Bikini Bottoms

Cheeky Bikini Bottoms for Women

Every woman has a different coverage preference for bikini bottoms. Since our mission is to promote inclusivity, we offer so many coverage options for BeachCandy babes! Whether you want a revealing Brazilian cut or slightly less than full coverage bottoms, we've got it.

Not many women venture to skimpy bikinis because less fabric means less coverage and comfortability, but that's not the case here. Our company is built on the slogan "#StopTheCompromise" because women shouldn't have to sacrifice anything to feel beautiful.

Cheeky, high-rise bottoms are very popular this season, especially for Kardashian fans. Don't be late to the fashion trend simply because you can't find bottoms that fit you right. The compromise stops here.

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classic cheeky string bikini bottoms

ALEXA String Bikini Bottom

To start things off, let's talk about our ALEXA swim bottoms. This is the perfect transition piece if you're switching from full coverage to more skimpy. These will help you work on your tan line by showing a little skin without being too revealing.

For some bling with your sexy bottoms, we include our lifetime guaranteed 'CANDY' Swarovski Crystals. Our beading is handwoven onto the ends of the adjustable strings to add decoration.

high waisted ruched bikini bottoms

ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom

Similar to the coveted ALEXA Bottoms, our ASHLEY Bottoms have moderate booty coverage for a perfect in-between. What sets this unique swimsuit apart is the tummy control it offers. The high waist line will give needed front coverage while still showing off your curves.

Our high waisted bottoms differ from the rest because we added seamless ruching in the waistline to make your waist appear smaller. Most high waisted bottoms squeeze the tummy with tight seams, which causes bulging. Our bottoms have a seamless waist so you can fit into it no matter what you ate that morning.

To compliment these ruched bottoms perfectly, try the flattering ELLEN Padded Corset Back Swim Top with it. This top is especially perfect for breast cancer survivors or moms because of its side boob coverage.

It also comes with either supreme push-up pads or soft foam liner to give you your preferred cleavage lift. This top doubles in sexiness and coverage. Includes our Signature Swarovski Candy for some added sparkle in your life. 

Swarovski bikini

'BRITB' VIP Swarovski Bikini

Our Signature VIP Bikini in cheeky coverage is the perfect mix of sexy and modest. We made sure to make the back not too skimpy and not too matronly. Even better, it comes with our lifetime guaranteed Swarovski Crystals. In fact, each bead is hand picked and hand woven with care.

Our full VIP straps come with over 500 Swarovski Crystals, all hand beaded with utmost care. For more personalization, we also offer these bottoms in full coverage.

Our limited edition GOLD Bikini Triangle Top is the ultimate addition to this OOTD. Your sparkle will never fade in this stretchy yet soft fabric. It's our glamorous take on the timeless triangle design that everybody loves.

designer swimwear for women

HEATHER Ruched Hipster Bikini Bottom

Heading a little further down the cheeky scale, these sexy bikini bottoms are perfect for women of all ages. Whether you're a college undergraduate getting your tan on, or a new mom wanting to show off your booty again, this is the suit for you.

For example, it's hard to find the right balance between a modest and a Brazilian cut. The Heather washes all your worries away by creating a comfortable mix between the two. The Hipster cut is a new fan-favorite among all bathing suit shoppers. We took the liberty of adding side ruching for a feminine flair and seamless fit.


skimpy scrunch bikini bottom

LEYLA Scrunch Bikini Bottom

With slightly more booty coverage than the HEATHER, the LEYLA never disappoints any booty. The seamless edges prove to be the most comfortable and lightweight bottoms you have ever worn. Even so, our fabric is never sheer or thin enough to rip.

This bikini is complete with a full scrunch booty to make it appear full and perky. If this bottom wasn't cute enough, we added adorable tassels with Swarovski Crystals on the adjustable strings for a swanky feminine touch.

We made our LEYLA Embellished Bikini Top to go along with the skimpy and sexy vibe. With a small triangle design and double hemline for extra bust support, you'll look vacation-ready. This is a perfect swimsuit for women with smaller curves that want more. It only makes sense to add more adorable fringe tassels to the playful bikini top!

The Swarovski beading on this top differs from the rest because it lines the ruffled edges. It makes all the difference adding Swarovski Crystals to transform it from youthful to elegant. 

Cheeky Boy short Bikini Bottom

RACHEL Cheeky Boyshort Bikini Bottom

If you're one of many BeachCandy babes asking for a moderately cheeky bottom with full frontal coverage, we created this just for you. That's the beauty of our 'Boyshort' design; it shows off your booty without the fear of unwanted slips. Unlike most cheeky bottoms, we cut the waistline higher for a slight tummy tuck.

To top it off, we took away uncomfortable seams to make this an active-friendly bottom. These bottoms include a touch of our Swarovski Crystals, placed in tiny keyholes connecting the 'Boyshort' front to the cheeky back. The RACHEL cheeky bikini bottoms, like most BeachCandy styles, are recommended for all shapes and sizes. 

cheeky scrunch bikini bottoms

JENN Slimming Scrunch Bikini Bottom

This style bottom is very popular in our younger demographic wanting to show off their sun-kissed skin. Moreover, the seamless triple straps are a popular style for any beach babe. JENN differs from the rest of the Brazilian cut bottoms online because it has no tight hug or seams.

To make it even more sexy, we've added a scrunch to make your booty pop. It will flatter you like no other bottom has before. Coming in different colors and sizes, you're guaranteed to find one that excites you.

Because these fall on the skimpier side of cheeky bikini bottoms... We recommend shopping the versatile MARIA Beach Sarong Wrap. It'll be your go-to cover up for every cheeky swimsuit. It's made with nylon spandex blend so you can style it a million different ways. We made some suggestions on How To Wear A Sarong for your next vacay.


skimpy fringe bikini bottom

JOANNE Brazilian Cut Bikini Bottoms

Our newest addition to the cheeky bikini bottoms collection is the JOANNE. This is our most revealing bottom to date with a high leg cut. Moreover, Brazilian cuts are made for women who want to show some skin for the ultimate tan line. Not to mention the rounded edges create the illusion of a fuller and rounder backside, so any booty size will look good in it.

The lace up hips and fringe tassels further create a sexy addition to your wardrobe. These will make you look like the ultimate beach babe, but don't forget to wear sunscreen!

The DHARMA Beach Cover Up Wrap Dress will be these bottom's best friend. It's high-low style is perfect for those skimpy bottoms. It creates coverage in the back without having to wear a maxi dress. The mesh material will keep things light and airy so you don't get too hot in the summer heat.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to read all about our exceptionally made swimwear. We want every woman to feel beautiful & confident in a bikini. In fact, together, we can change the swimwear industry for the better & #StopTheCompromise.

If you didn't find the cheeky bottoms you were looking for, please let us know. We are here for any & all of your swimwear needs. Feel free to reach out to our expert team via phone, email, or live chat for any questions or concerns.

We post daily on our Instagram about upcoming products, sales, & events! Don't forget to follow us to stay updated. Learn more about our full coverage bathing suit bottoms and our amazing famous bra pad inserts.

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