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Women Can Now Shop for Swimwear Online in a Way That’s Never Been this Easy, Painless, or Effective

Women HATE swimwear shopping. However, thanks to California-based designer brand, BeachCandy Swimwear, women can now do the impossible – fall in love with shopping for swimsuits.

What Women Want : The Perfect Swimsuit.

Since launching their new integrated online shopping experience just one week ago, the company has already seen over 100 Custom Swimwear Quiz submissions come in from women looking to stop settling in swimwear. “The industry has been terminally flawed for years. From bad sales associates, to bad lighting, to bad fit, women have been left with shattered self-confidence for too long.” States BeachCandy owner/designer Brit B. “What we do is so personal; every day we ask women from all walks of life to tell us their biggest body concerns, all in the promise and expectation that we will have the ‘perfect swimsuit’. For women to cover what they want, feel supported, and still feel young and sexy, seems impossible to most. That’s why our business has transitioned to be able to reach women everywhere, to solve problems, and to create swimwear solutions that are timeless and addictive.”

Changing The Status Quo

Back in 1988 Lycra manufacturer Du Pont was recorded as having spent a whopping (for the time) $50,000 on a study to find out exactly what swimsuits women wanted. What they found was that nearly 50% of women had given up on swimwear shopping altogether, and opted to stay in last seasons’ suit, simply to avoid the shopping trauma.

Things haven’t changed much in the last thirty years; a Huffington Post article in 2013 compared swimwear shopping to “root canals and childbirth”. For BeachCandy their intention from the beginning has been to create a safe space, a comfortable experience, and swimsuits that are made for real women, by real women.

“We saw the success with allowing local clients to change things in our Ready-To-Wear Collection, and we knew that women everywhere would love to be able to shop this way, especially for something so personal, like swimwear.” Brit B. explains. “Offering custom options with our ready-made suits seemed like an obvious answer.”

How It Works

First, BeachCandy has upped the ante for swimwear shopping “off the rack”. Each of their ready-made pieces comes with a variety of personalized options, to ensure that every woman is experiencing swimwear in a whole new way. Bottoms are available in coverage options from thong to full modesty and have a choice to add the popular “scrunch butt”, and tops have options for things like added padding.

Their size range is impressive too: ALL bottoms are carried up to a size 14 and tops are made up to an E-Cup. In total, there are over 50 different styles of swimwear, with an incredible 2000+ variations for personalization.

If clients don’t see exactly what they want in BeachCandy’s ready-made pieces, they can opt to take the brand’s signature Custom Swimwear Quiz. This simple survey guides women through a series of questions about style, color, and silhouette preferences, followed by an honesty section where clients can mark body issues they struggle with.

“For us, the custom process is about letting each woman define for herself what’s ‘sexy’. We often copy old favorite suits, bras, panties, and pictures, all with special tweaks and touches for that particular client.” And if BeachCandy frequently hears the same requests, like a bottom that covers a c-section scar, then they’ll introduce that style into their ready-made collection – and name it after the first client who custom ordered that suit. “It keeps us on the ball of what’s missing in the swimwear industry. We cater to real women with real body concerns, and it’s great to be able to hear exactly what women can’t find elsewhere.”

In a world where social pressures to look a certain way still exist, it’s empowering to see a women’s swimwear company taking such a huge stand to inspire ALL women, to look their best and feel their best in their own skin.

Get the BeachCandy Experience for yourself and take their Custom Swimwear Quiz.

Check out our last blog on festival swimwear. 

And hear from real women, with their impressions of this ground breaking new way of shopping for swimwear online.

To learn more about BeachCandy Swimwear, book a showroom appointment, or find them at upcoming events in your area, please contact:

3176 Pullman Street, Suite 118 Costa Mesa, CA 92626 855-519-9509

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