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Women can now shop for swimwear online in a way that’s never been this easy, painless, or effective. 

Everyone knows swimwear shopping can be such a pain. But California-based designer brand BeachCandy Swimwear has made it easy to stay up to date with the latest trends while finding the perfect fit. 

Gone are the days of frustrating purchases from online retailers. BeachCandy Swimwear strives to provide beautiful suits for all body types and cup sizes. Fall in love with finding the perfect suit for summer with BeachCandy Swimwear.

What Women Want... The Perfect Swimsuit.

Buying bathing suits online has never been easier. At BeachCandy, we recognize the struggles so many women face when searching for the right swimsuit. 

These struggles can be anything from a bad sales representative, bad lighting, an unflattering fit, or tops and bottoms that are disproportionately sized- you name it. Needless to say, so many women leave swimsuit shopping with feelings of disappointment and with their confidence shattered. 

However, here at BeachCandy we work to create elegant essentials that will make those unwanted feelings a thing of the past. Since 2011, our founder Brit B. has worked to create bikinis and one pieces that have a world famous fit with unmatched quality. 

You can find whatever you’re looking for in swim fashion, whether that be bikini tops, a polka dot design, board shorts, high leg bottoms, a suit with a rash guard, or a stunning vintage inspired suit with tummy control- BeachCandy has it all. 

Since starting as a local beachside boutique, each swimsuit has been inspired by over a decade of real fitting room feedback. We want women to look and feel beautiful, because confidence is oh so sexy. 

So, we start from the source. We take pride in being a company that works to adapt to our consumer. Not only do we listen, but we act. Our goal is to make you feel great and love your new suit. 

After all, our founder Brit B. says it best, “What we do is so personal; every day we ask women from all walks of life to tell us their biggest body concerns, all in the promise and expectation that we will have the ‘perfect swimsuit’. For women to cover what they want, feel supported, and still feel young and sexy, seems impossible to most. 

That’s why our business has transitioned to be able to reach women everywhere, to solve problems, and to create swimwear solutions that are timeless and addictive.”

Changing The Status Quo...

For years studies have shown that the average woman is often dissatisfied when it comes to swimwear shopping. In 1988 a $50,000 study was conducted to find out exactly what women are looking for when finding the perfect one piece swimsuit. 

After careful observation, the study concluded that almost 50% of women had given up on swimwear shopping altogether. This means that the trauma of shopping for a swimsuit due to prior experience greatly outweighed the positive feelings associated with finding the perfect size swimwear.  

The study further concluded that many women compare swimsuit shopping to “childbirth and root canals.” While this statement is disheartening, we know all too well that this is the sad reality for many women.

However, at BeachCandy we look forward to changing these negative associations to positive ones. Handcrafted in California, and made with beading guarantee, you can mix and match our favorite suits and find the swimsuit of your dreams.

An Empowering Experience - Shop our Famous Fit

BeachCandy has stepped up the game for swimwear shopping in 2021. Each of our ready-made pieces comes with a variety of personalized options, to ensure that every woman is experiencing swimwear in a whole new way. 

BeachCandy bottoms are available in multiple coverage options from thong to full modesty and have a choice to add the popular “scrunch butt.” Our tops also come with the option for added padding.

Not to mention, at BeachCandy Swimwear our goal is to make real women shine. To do that to the best of our ability, we have created a size range that is inclusive to all women. Our bikini bottoms are carried up to a size 14 and tops are made up to an E-Cup. In total, there are over 50 different styles of swimwear, so you will be sure to find the perfect suit for you.

“For us, the custom process is about letting each woman define for herself what’s ‘sexy’. And if BeachCandy frequently hears the same requests, like a bottom that covers a c-section scar, then they’ll introduce that style into their ready-made collection – and name it after the first client who custom ordered that suit. “It keeps us on the ball of what’s missing in the swimwear industry. 

We cater to real women with real body concerns, and it’s great to be able to hear exactly what women can’t find elsewhere.” In a world where social pressures to look a certain way still exist, it’s empowering to see a women’s swimwear company taking such a huge stand to inspire ALL women, to look their best and feel their best in their own skin.

Societal standards can foster negative emotions in relation to how we feel about ourselves and our bodies, especially as women. But we want to take back the power at BeachCandy and showcase how there's beauty in being different and loving who you are. We want real women to feel stunning and know that they always have a home here at BeachCandy. 

KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bikini Bottom

One of our personal new favorites at BeachCandy is the KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bikini Bottom. The KIMBERLY Bikini Bottom is perfect for anyone looking to have a little more coverage on the bottom while looking chic and sexy.  

This one of a kind suit was made to help you look fabulous and feel secure for those long days at the beach with friends and family or for days chilling by the pool. This stunning seamless design is a gorgeous look for the new swim season. Make the KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bikini Bottoms one of your new favorite pieces for the upcoming season. The KIMBERLY bottoms are a perfect option and we can’t wait to see you loving yours. 

ruffle tankini top

SOPHIA Ruffle Tankini

The SOPHIA Ruffle Halter Tankini Top has it all. This ruffle tankini was designed to be incredibly supportive and keep you feeling secure for a day at the beach. With its sophisticated ruffle tank top design and high fashion halter neckline, this suit will have you looking great and feeling amazing. 

At BeachCandy, we love the SOPHIA Ruffle Tankini because it screams timeless. It is so elegant and unique that you will be sure to make a statement this season. We can’t wait to see you looking and feeling your best in this stunning suit. 

reversible thong bikini

WEEKENDER Reversible Thong Bikini Set

Another new favorite of ours in the BeachCandy team is the WEEKENDER Reversible Thong Bikini Set. The WEEKENDER thong bikini set is a stunning option that is known for its stunning shape and high performance.

The WEEKENDER Reversible Thong bikini will help you feel confident and secure no matter what activity you want to participate in. Another amazing thing about this bikini is it is sold as a set and is made with our stunning Signature Swarovski Candy. 

This set is also reversible so you can shine with two bikinis for the price of one. Perfect for anyone who loves to switch things up. We believe every woman is born to shine, and you will most definitely make a statement in the WEEKENDER thong bikini set. Never before has such simple functional elegance been crafted when it comes to baring it all in a bikini.

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