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World Renown Bridal Swimwear Fashion

Your swimwear doesn’t have to have one ounce compromise especially for this very special time in your life. Here at BeachCandy, we have the perfect swim styles for every wedding under the sun. We create each unique style for the ultimate look at bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and the exotic honeymoon.

Take a look at our bridal collection. We have the most elegant bridal bathing suits for you and your entire bridal squad. Always feel free to alter your swimsuits as you wish to your comfort. Because we have so many options, you can start by taking a look at Your Expert Fit Guide on the website.

Shop our World Famous Swarovski Swimsuits that Shine...

What we recommend and our universal go to bride swimsuit is by starting with Our Signature Swarovski Candy collection. It is the perfect amount of elegance. Our touch of Swarovski crystals is the ultimate must have bride bathing suit for any of your wedding events.

Our Swarovski halter top bikini tops are made for our small busted brides, and our very busty babes, too. Some of our favorites are the ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top or the RACHEL Halter Top Bikini. Customize them to be in all white by reaching out to one of our BeachCandy representatives. We will be more than happy to execute that order for you.

There are so many good options for a pair of bikini bottoms to match your bridal top. Our Swarovski Candy collection pairs well with any kind of bottoms, but we obviously think the more crystals, the shinier. 


The Swimsuit for our Jetset Babes...

THE BILLIONAIRE Bikini are a must have if you are looking for an excess amount of bedazzle. Customize these babies to have a high cut leg, or a high waist bikini.  Regardless, the crystals on your bottoms are going to make you glow before your wedding day.

If you’re looking for an extremely subtle crystal look, the ALEXA String Bikini Bottoms are an absolute go to. The Swarovski candy sits just at the strings, giving you the perfect amount of bling, but in the right areas. Customize these to be as cheeky or as modest to your liking.

Not only do we have our two piece swimsuits, but we also carry Our Signature Swarovski Candy one piece swimsuits. These are made for our future brides looking for full coverage. 

Don’t Miss Our Sexy Slimming One Piece Styles...

The ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit has candy sitting just at the front of the straps for a shiny touch. What is amazing about this bride one piece is its slimming features, so you can look absolutely amazing in photos. This piece is also perfect for brides who are expecting mothers, too.

Whatever style you decide to choose, you can order mix and match for you and your entire bridesmaid party. They can customize their swimsuits to their liking and even get the color that matches their bridesmaid dresses.

The party isn’t over after your warm Summer wedding. We want you to look your absolute best every single day that you are on your honeymoon. We have the perfect luxury swimsuits to match your luxury destination.

There’s no such thing as too many honeymoon bikinis when you plan on hitting the water everyday. This swimsuit will have you absolutely shining on the beaches of St. Tropez, along with your newly wed glow. Match this honeymoon bikini top with THE BILLIONAIRE BIKINI Honeymoon Bikini Bottom.

Do you want the glow of the BILLIONAIRE BIKINI Top without the amount of cleavage showing? The SWAROVSKI St. Regis High Neck Halter Bikini is the perfect match. This glamorous piece is the ultimate match for your luxury getaway with your new spouse and will have heads turn.

Match the sands of Laucala Island in Fiji with our limited edition GOLD Bikini Triangle Top in our Swarovski Candy collection. This metallic bikini will have you glowing without the overwhelming amounts of Swarovski. Match this triangle bikini top with our GOLD Metallic Bikini Bottoms. Not to mention, this swimsuit pair would look absolutely amazing with your golden tan.

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Accessorize Your BeachCandy Shine...

Not only do we have Swarovski Candy on our swimsuits, we have them in our sandals, as well. These can be matched with your bridal swimsuit, honeymoon swimsuit, or even with your wedding gown. 

Our Genuine Crystal Leather Sandals will make your tanned white polished toes pretty. These will also give you all day comfort when you’re walking around. These sandals won’t just be a one time wear. These sandals are absolutely perfect for Summer back at home after all of your wedding festivities. 

For a strappier look, we have our Genuine Crystal Leather Anklet Sandal. Similar in style like our leather sandals, this pair will give you the ultimate bedazzled look on your feet. Our sandals can be dressed up as elegant, or just slip on a pair of skinny jeans for a casual look.

The light brown leather is a universal color that would look amazing in whatever color you wear. These would especially look gorgeous in your white dress.

BeachCandy wants you to have the most memorable Summer wedding of your lifetime. Your swimsuit outfits will play a big part of this. If your Swarovski Candy happens to fall out, send them back. We will be sure to fix this problem as quickly as possible.

Any body type will look absolutely beautiful in our BeachCandy bridal swimsuits and we’re here to expedite that. For more of your perfect wedding bikinis, check out our Bride Bathing Suit Collection. Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram through the link below & tag us in your luxury bridal look!

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