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Beautiful Blue Bathing Suit Styles

Blue is the perfect color to have on, whether you are at the Beach or just shopping around at the mall. Blue looks terrific on everyone, that’s why we have a wide collection of blue bathing suits/bikinis at BeachCandy Swimwear.

At BeachCandy Swimwear, it is our promise that every woman will walk out of our doors feeling satisfied and happy about how they look in their new bikini. We will make the accommodations for you to feel satisfied, whether it’s adding more padding or our Candy Swarovski Crystals.

The color blue signifies wisdom and inspiration, and we have the perfect color blue for you. Below, we have created a list of our favorite blue bathing suits that everyone can rock and feel great in. 

ALEXA Tie Bikini Bottom

Our classic ALEXA Tie Bikini Bottom will look perfect on anybody! BeachCandy made ALEXA and it is our timeless bikini bottom. This will never go out of style and will look great at any time.

In our Navy colorway, ALEXA is a terrific look. ALEXA features side ties and they look amazing dangling off your hips. With our Navy colorway, you can pick whatever bikini top you want. If you want to have a 4th of July colorway, you can choose a red top to match. When you buy ALEXA, you can choose to have either a full or cheeky coverage.

CATIE Keyhole Tie Bikini Bottoms

Our CATIE Keyhole Tie Bikini Bottoms are the best adjustable full coverage bikini bottoms. On CATIE, it features a keyhole right at your hips. You won’t have to worry about mishaps though, CATIE is perfectly secured. 

Although it has a cut along the hips, CATIE is completely modest, it will cover your rear perfectly as well. The front part of your bikini covers the lower part of your tummy area and your rear is covered as well. 

Our Azul colorway is the perfect fashionable color to match with anything. We also offer CATIE in our beautiful Tranquilo print as seen in the video above.

One of our sexiest bikini tops at BeachCandy is the JOANNE. JOANNE was designed to give a sexy, flirty feel to anyone who wears it. JOANNE is a completely seamless top that's super supportive and comfortable. You shouldn’t be afraid about any mishaps or constraints when you wear this top. 

Our Aqua Snake Colorway is the flirtiest colorway we have. This colorway is perfect for anyone, just find the perfect pair of bottoms to match with this amazing colorway top. 

scoop neck swim top

JENN Scoop Bikini Top

Our JENN Scoop Bikini Top is a BeachCandy favorite. JENN is super simple, yet sexy. The details on JENN are marvelous, you won’t find another one like it! JENN is completely adjustable with its criss-cross back ties. You can adjust the ties to however you feel, if you want a tighter or looser feel. 

Our Aqua Snake color way is perfect for our BeachCandy Babes who want to be noticed everywhere they go. This colorway is perfect for our flirty babes as well.    

LIZ Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit

Another BeachCandy favorite is featured in our One Piece Swimsuit collection. The LIZ Strapless Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit is perfect for any Babe who wants full tummy coverage and to show off their shoulders. The LIZ comes with attachable straps if you prefer the extra security, but you won’t have to worry about any mishaps with or without the straps--LIZ is completely accident proof.

LIZ features ruching at the waist, perfect for giving you a slimming, hourglass figure. The ruffle part of the swimsuit completely covers your cleavage area and your upper arms. This ruffle look will give anyone the perfect feminine look. 

Our Navy colorway is the perfect color. Our blue bathing suits have never looked better, especially with LIZ. You can match this one piece suit with one of our Sarong wraps or any of our other beach accessories. LIZ is perfect for any BeachCandy Babe!

The RACHEL Brazilian Boyshort bottoms are perfect for any BeachCandy Babe who wants a full coverage bottom. RACHEL also is seamless, so you won’t feel the constraints of having seams in your bikini bottoms. 

Because of the seamless look, RACHEL looks completely smooth all along the bottoms. Your waistline will look perfect because of it. Since it is a boyshort bottom, it looks a little bit different than all of our other bottoms. RACHEL is higher in the front so it will give your lower tummy area the perfect amount of coverage. In the back, it gives a cheeky look in the back. 

Our Navy colorway is the best colorway for RACHEL. You can match this color with any other color we offer, even if it’s our Palm Print colorway. Navy looks great on any BeachCandy Babe!

The sexiest bikini top at BeachCandy Swimwear is the VICTORIA Cut Out Bikini Top. VICTORIA isn’t like any of our other tops, it has cut outs along the cleavage area, but it still has a supportive feel. The material on VICTORIA was made to give you an extra lift, which will enhance your cleavage. VICTORIA is made with thick double lining for extra support and comfort. 

The flirty feel in this top is unbelievable. You will feel like the baddest Babe walking down the beach or at a random Pool party. VICTORIA was meant to be shown off to everyone around you, make everyone know you are the ultimate BeachCandy Babe in this swimsuit.

The Tranquilo Colorway is the best colorway for any Babe. Like the name, Tranquilo, it gives a subtle, calming style, while still looking very sexy and glamorous. VICTORIA in Tranquilo is the best colorway you can think of.

If this sexy style is right up your alley, our recent blog post on Sexy Skimpy Swimsuits is for you.

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Blue bathing suits are a must have in every closet, it doesn’t matter how many you have so far, trust us, you will need more. Blue is an amazing color that goes with anything. You can match any of our blue bathing suits with our sarong wraps or other beach accessories. Any of our blue bikinis will look amazing with our straw handbags or hats.


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