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Find the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Birthstone

Find the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Birthstone

Find the perfect swimsuit for your birthstone! In honor of this holiday, we’ve compiled a list of the perfect BeachCandy swimsuits based on your birthstone.  We designed each Beach Candy Swimsuit uniquely with priceless jewels. Simply find your birth month and its corresponding swimsuit!

January - Garnet 

The Garnet gemstone is best know for its dark red color. Garnet symbolizes peace, prosperity, and good health and was a favorite amongst Egyptian Pharaohs and Roman nobles. If you’re a fan of this jewel, then our beautiful burgundy bikini is for you!

Garnetgarnet swimsuit

February - Amethyst 

Amethyst is a mesmerizing blend of violet and red and represents courage, clarity, and balance. Therefore, Amethyst was highly valued by the ancient Greeks. It is associated with the wine god, Bacchus. If you’re a February girl, our ASHLEY demi-underwire top in this regal hue are perfect for you!

amethyst amethyst swimsuit

March - Aquamarine 

This vibrant birthstone reflects the clear water of the ocean (hence its name). Just like how March is the beginning of spring, aquamarine is a symbol for youth, hope, and new beginning. The JOANNE fringe triangle top and matching bottom in Aqua Snake are in the perfect shade of Aquamarine!  For fact, the cheeky cut and fun fringes will also keep you forever young!


aquamarine swimsuit

April - Diamond

No doubt, Diamond is a girl’s best friend. April babies are definitely lucky gals because this exquisite gemstone is one of the most prized ones out there. Diamond signifies eternal love, strength (it’s one of the hardest substance on Earth), and prosperity. Our shiny silver bikini is basically a replica of this jewel!

diamondshimmery white swimsuit

May - Emerald 

Fall right in the heart of spring, May’s birthstone Emerald demonstrates rebirth and love. It’s the ideal jewel for those born in May because of its vivid and lush shade. Just from looking at Emerald, our mind goes straight to the pristine sandy beaches and abundant palm trees of Tahiti.

green swimsuitemerald

June - Pearl

Pearls the only gemstone made by living creatures. Natural ones made in the wild are also extremely rare and expensive. Our SANTORINI Classic Triangle Monokini With VIP Candy in White reflects that priceless quality of the finest pearls. Unique in style just like the pearl, this swimsuit is perfect for our classy and sexy beach babes.

The SANTORINI Classic Triangle Monokini is perfect in comfort, fit, and style. The soft straps lift and enhance your natural breast shape. The center material slims your waist and enhances your beautiful curves. So, add Genuine Swarovski Crystals to this swimsuit to give it that extra sparkle and shine! 


July - Ruby

One of the most popular gemstones, Ruby symbolizes passion and energy. There’s nothing better than rocking a red hot bikini on those sunny summer days. July babes, our ALEXA triangle top and classic side tie bottom in Lipstick Red are calling your name!

Rubyruby red swimsuit

August - Peridot

Peridot is for our August Beauties. This is a soft, light green jewel Peridot represents growth, harmony, and loyalty. Peridot was a favorite by Queen Cleopatra. Our palmy VICTORIA cut out triangle top and bottom is a fun and modern twist on this classic birthstone.

VICTORIA cut out kini bottom

peridot gem

September - Sapphire

Historically, Sapphire represents spiritual enlightenment, divinity, and guidance. Moreover, its deep oceanic hue reflects the the wisdom and loyalty it represents. Just like the Sapphire, our charming navy bikini will definitely “guide” you to the most beautiful blue topaz destinations.

sapphire blue swimsuit



October - Pink Tourmaline

The properties of Tourmaline accurately reflects its feminine color - this birthstone relieves stress and anxiety while promotes self-love. With hues ranging from pastel pink to magenta, Tourmaline is considered rare and quite expensive. As a result, our RACHEL seamless Swarovski halter top & matching Brazilian boyshort in hot pink are the swimsuit for October babes.

pink swimsuit

pink gemstone

November - Topaz

As bright as the sun, the Topaz gemstone has healing powers that protect and provide security. It's warm radiance also represents anything organic. Our ELLEN push-up and SKYLER hipster bottom are a blend of all the earthy tones with hints of Topaz.

topaz colored swimsuit

topaz swimsuit

December - Turquoise

If you’re secretly a mermaid and basically live at the beach, then this gemstone is meant for you. Turquoise is both a symbol for a success as well as relaxation and peace. Its hypnotizing shade of blue/green makes it seems like the stone is fished straight out of the ocean. So what are you waiting for? Channel your inner mermaid in our dazzling turquoise MAGGIE monokini!

turquoise swimsuit

turquoise gemstone

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