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The Best Bikini Shop Online

The Best Bikini Shop Online

Shop with the best of the best when it comes to bikini shops online. There are thousands of swimwear brands and websites in the world but what differentiates one from the other?

If your swimsuits only last through one season, (if that) you have fallen victim to poorly executed swimwear. We are here to shine some light on why we are the best choice when swimsuit shopping.

At BEACHCANDY, we seek greatness through our designs, fit, and lasting power through the highest quality ingredients. And not only do we offer a gorgeous product for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.... but we pride ourselves on an experience that is comfortable, easy, and dare we say thrilling.

Our designer spends most of her time actually IN the fitting room with our clients all over the world to make sure our swimsuits are flawless from fit, to function, to ensuring women FEEL their very best.

There is nothing like the quality of BeachCandy Swimwear on the market today. Every single brand and driven by price and thus their swimwear is flimsy and un-researched when it comes to problem solving.

Here are the top ten reasons to do your swimsuit shopping online with BEACHCANDY Swimwear or of course with one of our retailers throughout the globe.


side tie monokini swimsuit

1. Our Engineered Fit

Each BEACHCANDY Swimsuit has been tested, tried on, and worn by women of all shapes and sizes. This ensures we offer styles that are not only chic, but offer solutions to the issues women face when swimwear shopping. We are world renown for our boutique swimwear for women.

With swimsuits available for all body types, we have made a reputation for our famous fit. If you are in the market for a DDD bikini top or full coverage one piece with just the right amount of coverage. Because we are for ALL women, we do not design within the confined world of fashion trends. We design for what women, YOU, want and need from a swimsuit.

no squeeze full bikini bottom

2. Choose Your Coverage

Our online boutique offers personalized options for each style. For example if you would like more coverage or less coverage on a single style of bottom. You may choose so! With most BEACHCANDY bikini bottoms you can choose your coverage to ensure comfort and confidence while enjoying your swimsuit.

Fall in love with our high waisted bikini and our mix and match bikinis. Shop our bikinis, one pieces swimsuits, and tankinis to find your version of the perfect swimsuit. *Looking for a little va-va-voom in the bust line? Add our exclusive push up padding to any top style.

monogram swimsuits

3. Personalize Your Swimsuit Order

Add our signature Swarovski Crystal Candy to any swimsuit or even add push-up pads to your top to give even more lift in the bust line. Our high quality swimsuits take fit to a supreme level so why not take it to the top. Personalize your BeachCandy and enjoy it forever.

This is a wonderful option for brides to take advantage of. Add your future last name to the booty of your VIP bikini and fly away to your honeymoon with your beloved in style. The options at BeachCandy are endless.

high quality womens swimsuits

4. Highest Quality Swimwear Ingredients

We use only the best in high performance fabrics, elastics, and Swarovski Crystal beading. Our top quality swimsuits are built to last. When cared for properly our unique swimsuits are able to last a lifetime. Each BeachCandy bathing suit is hand beaded at our headquarters in Orange County, California.

We have a beading guarantee on our swimsuits because they are absolutely beaded to last. Our Japanese knotted beading techniques ensure our hard work will not unravel. Even at the wildest of pool parties.

Swarovski bikini

5. We Can Fit Your Over the Phone

Have questions about which style to go with? Or deciding between sizes on bikini tops? You can speak with the design team directly to get an expert opinion. Feel free to give us a phone call, live chat, or phone call day or night with any questions you might have.

Our world class customer service team is ready and able to fit you right over the phone with a 100% success rate. No more need to search "swimsuits near me" again. Why not test it out? We have free shipping & returns so there is no risk for you.

Beaded Swimwear

6. Handcrafted in the USA

Due to our quality ingredients are suits are made to last a lifetime when cared for properly! We have many avid BEACHCANDY babes that cherish their suits they purchased 10+ years ago!

All elastics used in BeachCandy swimsuits are American made and built to last. Chlorine can kill any swimsuit, but our swimwear is double-lined and ready to take on the beach! Engineered for extreme lift and support, we can achieve our elevated bust line look due to our highest quality ingredients.

classic hipster bikini bottom

7. Unique Swimwear for Women

BEACHCANDY Swimwear boutique bathing suits are intentionally designed to be a knockout, from the FIT to the signature Swarovski candy. You are sure to smoke all the other babes poolside. Even our black swimsuits have an infinite amount of sizzle compared to other brands out there.

Our signature Swarovski Candy takes each style from basic to extraordinary and if bling isn't your thing we offer each swimsuit without as well.

8. Free Shipping

We offer FREE Shipping in the US on orders of $100 or more! Our bathing suits are worth the little extra cost and to make up for the difference we offer superior service, product, and perks like free shipping & returns. Feel free to contact us with any sizing or stylizing questions you may have. Our world class customer service team is available to assist day or night.

9. Free Returns & Exchanges

We offer FREE Returns & Exchanges in the US on orders of $100 or more! Need a different size or style? Let our team guide you as if you were in our fitting rooms. In a hurry for a vacation, feel free to give us a call anytime to be fit over the phone by our team of experts.

10. Over Ten Years in the Business

BeachCandy has worked with women around the globe for over ten years. We never turn away a customer hoping to find their perfect swimsuit. And lastly, we have built our famous fit reputation by working with women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Compromise NO more when shopping swimwear online & find the perfect swimsuit for you in the comfort of your own home.

The Best Online Designer Swimwear Shopping Destination

BEACHCANDY is a swimwear sanctuary where ALL women can fall in love with swimsuit shopping. Whether you choose to start with our Ready-To-Wear Collection, or opt to design your own custom-made swimsuit, BEACHCANDY creates a magical experience through exceptional fit and quality like you’ve never felt before. If you’re ready to end the compromise with your swimwear, then you’re ready for the BEACHCANDY experience.

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