Best Tropical Locations

Best Tropical Locations for a Winter Getaway

If the winter blues have got you down, you’re not alone. The colder weather and cloudier days can definitely take a toll on our moods, leaving us feeling the need to get out of our everyday routines. Taking a tropical getaway can be the perfect solution! 

Yearning to walk on white sand beaches and to swim through gorgeous coral reefs? Looking to take things to the next level with a beautiful scuba diving session? We’ve got you covered. We made a list of some of the best tropical locations that you can check out below. 

With a destination for your winter vacation chosen, the next step is to begin curating your perfect getaway closet. Obviously BeachCandy has got you covered with swimming suits, but what about your accessories? We have a large selection of jewelry, sunglasses, bags, and shoes for you to choose from. While we think that you could wear any of our pieces to a listed destination, we’ve highlighted pieces that we think would look absolutely perfect when you’re vacationing at a certain spot. 

Our 10 Recommended Tropical Getaways for Winter 2021 

1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is world renowned for its gorgeous rainforests, beautiful beaches, and abundance of different animals. Oprah Daily says that during winter, weather in Costa Rica is dry, so you’ll be able to avoid the intense rainy season. There are so many fantastic activities that you can do while in this stunning country, like ziplining through the forest, horseback riding, and water activities.  

We think that our Parrot Earrings would be the perfect pieces of jewelry to bring on your vacation to Costa Rica. Not only will they match the colorful birds that surround you (you may even see their likeness in real life), but they’ll add an extra pop of color to any outfit that you wear, bathing suit or not! 

colorful macaw parrot earrings

Parrot Earrings

Our hand beaded Parrot Earrings are made of high quality materials that are practically guaranteed to be a great conversation starter. The bold colors complement each other beautifully while still letting other parts of your outfit shine. 

One BeachCandy Babe says - "Okay but these earrings are so much fun! I have gotten so many compliments and questions about where I bought them, every single time I wear them out."

2. Aruba 

Located in the Caribbean, Aruba is a picturesque island that will be the perfect place for you to recharge. Travel and Leisure says that the weather around wintertime tends to be in the eighties, which means that you can comfortably relax in warm weather without getting scorched. 

Full of amazing luxury resorts, you can have a stay-in vacation, lounging in the wonderful amenities that have been provided. The Marriott Bonvoy resort  has hammock-esque seating that hangs off the beach huts, allowing you to sit in the turquoise waters without worrying about dropping your belongings into the ocean. 

If you want to get out and explore, the island has a plethora of spectacular beaches and wondrous national parks. When you’re out adventuring in the gorgeous natural landscape, you may need an accessory to keep your hair back. We’d recommend the wonderful BARBADOS Head Scarf Wrap! 

toucan head wrap tropical floral head wrap

BARBADOS Head Scarf Wrap

BeachCandy’s BARBADOS Head Scarf Wrap is the go-to accessory for the Babes who are on the go. Built with a wire in seam, you can shape and knot this head wrap whichever way suits you best. This piece is available in three gorgeous patterns and solid colors, and is sure to add a pop of dimension to your ensemble. 

3. Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaii is arguably one of, if not the most, beautiful states in America. It also may be the most popular winter vacation destination for Americans. Full of hotels and also inclusive resorts, Hawaii is the perfect spot to warm up those cold winter bones. Kauai, one of the many beautiful Hawaiian islands, is full of natural beauty that is perfect for those who crave a bit more adventure.

The Napali coast may look familiar to some as it was featured in the iconic Jurassic Park film series. You can visit this majestic coast range via the air, or travel by boat. Either way, you’re going to need to bring a bag to hold your phone and sunscreen for when you experience this amazing sight. And we have just the bag! 

circular straw beach bag

BELIZE Round Straw Beach Bag

Made with straw materials that give the bag a raw and organic feel, the BELIZE is the perfect accessory to join you on your adventures in Kauai. The unique round shape makes the piece an eye-catcher without being too flashy, and creates a lot of room for your essentials. You’ll be able to have a laid back attitude while you vacation, thanks to the simple and integrated design that graces the front of this bag. 

4. Crete, Greece 

We’ve all read and seen the Instagram posts of people vacationing in Santorini or Mykonos with their iconic blue and white buildings, but we think other islands of Greece deserve some love too. Crete’s crystal clear waters and beautiful Mediterranean landscapes and climate make it the perfect location for a peaceful getaway. details the island’s rich collection of history artifacts and archaeological sites, so if you’re a history buff, Crete is an ideal location for you. There are many beaches that you can visit, along with hikes that will get your body moving, if that’s what you’re after. 

The architecture has a fantastic fusion of Greek and Venetian influence, says As you spend your well earned vacation time in Crete, you’ll need some accessories that will match perfectly with the activities you undertake there. Check out our recommendations! 

stacked beaded bracelets
tasseled seashell earrings

CHARMED Stacking Bracelets and Tassel Earrings 

We love these pieces for their subtlety and ability to add a bit of glam to an outfit without overwhelming the rest of your ensemble. The neutral whites and beiges coupled with the gorgeous gold is eye catching, not to mention that these tones will match the buildings and nature that surrounds you.

The CHARMED Stacking Bracelets aren’t sewn together, so you can wear them in whatever combination that you wish. The Tassel Earrings’ shell detailing will emulate the sea that surrounds you, and the pearl bead gives the pieces a little something extra. 

See what BeachCandy client Amanda said about the CHARMED Stacking Bracelets -  "Super impressed with the quality and durability of these bracelets! They have just about every color you can think of, so they seem to pair well with any outfit I chose to wear that day. The bracelets feature a stretchy band, so they fit around my wrist perfectly."

5. Koh Lanta, Thailand 

We all know about the beautiful islands of Thailand, with their majestic landscapes and picturesque blue waters. Travel and Leisure says that the winter time is ideal for visiting the islands of Thailand, thanks to the eighty degree weather and the absence of rain. Even though it’s not one of the most popular islands, Koh Lanta has so many incredible qualities and things to offer. 

Tripadvisor recommends that you take advantage of the remarkable reefs that surround this island and to take a dive. There are many romantic and luxurious resorts and hotels that you can stay in, and make sure to take full advantage of the plethora of fresh seafood available. The aspect of Koh Lanta that really makes it shine is its natural beauty, so make sure to check out its wondrous beaches and one of a kind environment. 

Swarovski crystal sandals

Genuine Crystal Leather Anklet Sandals

These striking sandals feature genuine Swarovski crystals and are made, as the name states, with real genuine leather. Our commitment to high quality doesn’t extend just to our swimsuits, we put in 100% to every single item in our closet. 

The gorgeous red crystals add a pop of color to the shoes, and would look perfect in the lush landscapes of Koh Lanta. Our anklet strap is adjustable, so it can work to accommodate your favored fit of a sandal. We can already see you walking along the white sand beaches with these elegant shoes on! 

6. Oaxaca, Mexico 

VisitMé says that Oaxaca is one of the most significant tourist destinations in Mexico, due to its rich culture of Mexican history, and artistic and culinary flair. It’s weather is also best during the winter, says the site. Oaxaca is more a destination for those who want to get out and immerse themselves in the culture, because there is so much that you can do and learn about. 

Tripadvisor has a list of day trips, tours that provide cultural experiences and knowledge, and must-see ruins named the Monte Albán. The city’s architecture is a terrific mixture of traditional and vibrant, with its churches and cathedrals being go-to attractions. In order to fully immerse yourself in this wonderful city, you have to be ready to be on the go, and of course look fabulous while doing so. BeachCandy has some great accessories that’ll make your visit to Oaxaca feel complete. 

maroon beaded clutch purse
yellow beaded clutch purse

Beaded Clutch Purse

The vibrant colors that adorn this clutch are absolutely perfect for your time in Oaxaca. The quality fabric and threads give a fantastic pop of color to any outfit, and will fit perfectly with the colorful buildings that surround you.

Intricate embroidery makes this purse a conversation starter, and the little mirrors that accent the entire piece adds some great dimension. Note the shell flower too! Whether you’re walking the ruins of Monte Albán or trying some delicious foods, this clutch purse will be the ultimate companion with room to store your essentials. 

beaded boho bangle bracelet

Beaded Bangle Bracelet

Keeping with the colorful theme, the Beaded Bangle Bracelet is another great accessory to bring with you on your vacation to Oaxaca. The extremely intricate beading and embroidery patterns make this accessory a fascinating addition to your outfit. The interior has a quality fabric strip to avoid unnecessary chafing. 

One BeachCandy Babe says - "I absolutely love this bracelet! Super trendy and easy to wear. I love that I can wear it to the pool to add a little glamour to my swimsuit, without any concern of not getting it wet."

7. Negril, Jamaica  

Travel and Leisure says that Negril in January is a time when there is no threat of hurricanes, and also has warm weather. Sounds like the ideal combination to us! One popular destination in Negril is the Seven Mile Beach, which TripAdvisor says is absolutely stunning with its white sand beaches. 

You can engage in your favorite water activities while taking in the gorgeous clear blue waters. The site also recommends ziplining and ATVing for those vacationers looking for a bit more adventure. What we recommend for your Jamaican adventure is: 

beaded tassel tote bag

ST BARTS Beach Bag Tote

Available in two colors, almond (pictured above) and black, the ST BARTS Beach Bag Tote is an incredible bag that will house all of your beach essentials that you’ll need for your vacation to Negril. Tuck away your sunscreen, phone, sunnies, and snacks that you’ll bring to the gorgeous white sand beaches of the Seven Mile Beach. The boho-chic beading and organic-looking fibers will look perfectly at home in the natural beauty that is Negril, Jamaica. 

8. Bora Bora 

The Four Seasons Resort in Bora Bora is a world famous island in the South Pacific. Known for its romantic getaway amenities, it has become a popular destination for honeymooners and anniversary celebrators alike. But it’s not just for those romantics! Bora Bora is also an ideal location for a relaxed beach vacation for those who need a break from work or general everyday life. 

U.S. Travel News specifies that the beautiful jungle and volcano in Bora bora make for a stunning landscape to vacation by. The site also says that November is a fabulous time to visit, but December and January are also great. The average temperature during wintertime in Bora Bora tends to be in the mid to upper eighties. 

cute straw hat

BORA BORA Straw Beach Hat 

With the harsh and constant sun rays that’ll shine down on you during your winter stay in Bora Bora, you’ll definitely need a hat to protect yourself. Named after the striking vacation destination, this straw hat has a fantastic detailing and a natural vibe that’ll match the straw thatched roofs that tend to populate the island. 

9. St. Lucia 

St. Lucia is an enchanting island in the Caribbean whose natural beauty is its main attraction. St. recommends that visitors take advantage of the striking underwater life that resides in the waters of the island and go snorkeling or scuba diving. 

The site also says that the cultural and nightlife must be experienced, with a special jazz and arts festival that is a must-see. Just like the other tropical destinations mentioned, St. Lucia has fantastic hiking and beaches that you can visit to soak in all of nature around you. The gorgeous vibrant colors will be a refreshing sight, and we have the perfect pair of earrings for you to wear that’ll complement the environment.  

red flower tassel earrings

Red Tassel Earrings 

Made out of quality beads and thread, the Red Tassel Earrings’ vibrant colors will blend in perfectly with the natural environment of St. Lucia. You can wear these lightweight earrings to the pool at your resort, to the beach where you’ll soak in all of the sun, or to a fancy seaside dinner. The gold details on these earrings will match any of your golden jewelry you wear, making them a versatile piece.   

10. The Canary Islands 

The Canary Islands are known for being the perfect sunny vacation spot for European travelers, and we think Americans should join in on the fun too. The official Spain tourism website mentions the UNESCO World Heritage site in Tenerife, and the annual Carnival that occurs in the month of February as must-dos when visiting. 

The website also mentions the islands’ extraordinary hiking, caving activities, and cycling tours. Like some of the other destinations listed, the Canary Islands are the perfect destination for the vacationers that love a mix of both relaxation and activity. 

Swarovski crystal beach sandals

seashell necklace

Genuine Crystal Leather Sandals and ATHENA Gold Shell Necklace 

Described as "jewelry for your feet," BeachCandy’s Genuine Crystal Leather Sandals are the perfect walking companion for you during your vacation in the Canary Islands. Accented with genuine Swarovski crystals, these sandals are sure to sparkle, and their neutral tones ensure that they will complement whatever outfit you decide to pair them with. 

Embracing the concept of natural beauty, the ATHENA Gold Shell Necklace is a simple staple for any tropical getaway ensemble. You can casually wear this piece with your swimming suit or day outfit, and then elevate it by adding other gold jewelry pieces for your dinners out in town. 

One BeachCandy Babe had this to say about the ATHENA - "This necklace is so unique! I love the hints of gold and feel so tropical when I have it on. It's super cute to wear with a suit or my evening dresses. Totally recommend." 

This sandal and necklace combo would look especially striking worn with one of our emerald green swimsuits!

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BeachCandy Swimwear offers a fantastic selection of beachy accessories perfect for your tropical winter vacation or any time of the year. If swimsuit-wearing is in your future, one of our gorgeous cover ups is a must. Each are designed to perfectly complement any of our swimsuits. Collect a few to change up your look so you can be fabulous wherever you go on your vacation.

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Written by Bridget McIver

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