Push Up Bikini

Push Up Bikini

ELLEN Push Up Bikini Top

The ELLEN is perfect bikini for lifted cleavage and a high-fashion supportive top. For any smaller chested babes (size small & medium only), there is a double-sided push-up pad for extreme lift and cleavage. And for sizes large and up a substantial thin foam liner is sewn into the cups. This is our bestseller to-date.

In fact, every woman who tries on this top absolutely loves the lift, support, and cleavage created from A cup to E cup. We promise you won’t be disappointed with this sexy bikini top with a corseted criss-cross back which enhances your cup size for even more lift and support. A perfect bikini top for all women of different shape and sizes.

High Cut Slimming Bikini Bottomsupportive bikini top

The ELLEN Push Up Bikini Top can also have our Signature Swarovski Crystal “CANDY” detail sliders at the top of the neckline. This signature beading is hand-beaded at our design studio headquarters in Costa Mesa, California and engineered for forever glamour.We guarantee all of our Swarovski Crystal beading, and promise it won’t chip, crack, or fade.

Pair our ELLEN Push Up Bikini Top with our SKYLER Slimming Bikini Bottoms. These two pieces together will definitely complete your swimsuit wardrobe! It is higher tummy rise to cover up stretch marks or c-section scars! This piece is more modest but will still leave you feeling sexy and confident at the beach or pool.


Best Push Up Bikini Top Ever 

"I absolutely love this top!! It’s the perfect style and fit for my big bust. It gives amazing support and comfort. The corset tie is pretty on the back and oh so functional in that there is no tie around the neck which can be so uncomfortable for large busts. Also, my back is very small/narrow so I can cinch it up for a perfect fit! I highly recommend this top!" - says client, Jill A. 

LAURA Padded Push Up Bikini Top

 padded push up bikini

The LAURA Padded Push Up Bikini Top is the ultimate bikini top for women of all sizes to elevate their cleavage by a cup size! This superb and polished quality top includes a light-weight push up pad that is directly sewn into seams, therefore, you won't have to worry about it slipping out! It is versatile especially when it comes to the adjustable straps.

You can tie it as tight or loose according to your comfortability. It is adjustable around the neck, back, and the center of your bust. This ensures that you'll have the support and security while still having a push-up lift that will have you feeling confident and sexy. We have a variety of colors such as Azteca, Goddess, Black, White, and more. We also offer genuine Swarovski Crystals to the neckline to add some uniqueness to this top.
The LAURA top would be complete without our signature VIP Swarovski Bikini. After being featured as Editor’s Pick in Sports Illustrated, our VIP is our claim to fame! Our world famous bestseller offers two distinct options: full coverage or cheeky coverage, as well as scrunch or no scrunch on the bum.
The Full VIP is hand-beaded at our design headquarters in California, complete with over 500 individually handwoven Swarovski Crystals. You'll absolutely look like a shining star out of everyone on the beach.
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ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top 

You can never go wrong with a classic triangle bikini top. The ALEXA is the the most assuring triangle bikini top in the market that will give you the support and comfortability. The quality and fabrication of this top is a must! It's perfect for all occasions such as swimming or chilling by the beach.
We offer a variety of colors and patterns which is perfect for mixing matching with your bikini bottoms. Feel sexy and confident everywhere you go! With the support of this top, it will lift and enhance your bust that will give it it's perfect shape.
This top is greatly designed for women that have D-E cup size. We guarantee that this top will hold everything place. No need to worry about your bikini top slipping and falling, the ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top will give you the support you need.
We also offer push-up padding or no padded, along with our  genuine Swarovski Crystal beading! It also come in plenty of colors like Besame, Azul, Black, Revolucion, Aqua Snake, and more! This will turn your classic bikini into a Swarovski bikini.
This is a top you should not overlook and have in your wardrobe!A timeless bikini top like the ALEXA never goes out of style and can be paired with any bottom! To create the perfect set, check out our ALEXA String Bikini Bottom.
This is a classic string bikini bottom that gives you the perfect fit and adjustability! With its double-lining fabric, these bottoms will assure you comfortability. These bottoms are also versatile with any bikini top! Here are a couple of thoughts from our lovely BeachCandy Babes that enjoyed this top.
"This top is my absolute favorite, I have it in 4 different colors and love it, it’s adjustable and extremely comfortable. The quality of craftsmanship and detail shows! I get so many compliments on the Alexa!" - Olivia "The Alexa provides comfortable, sexy support and is very flattering to my figure! For women with a larger cup size, this is so important!" - Colleen K.
halter bikini top

RACHEL Halter Top Bikini

This #1 best selling bikini top that has the best supportive fit is constructed with exceptional quality is designed to fit all sizes! Feminine and sexy, this is a must have halter top in your swimwear wardrobe! This top is definitely recommended for women with a bigger bust.
The adjustable strings in the back will help support under the bust while still giving you the coverage you need. With its adjustable Swarovski Crystal ‘”candy” sliders, it will flatter your neckline and make you look flawless than ever. You can adjust to how much cleavage you'd like to show. With its high quality construction and superior fit, the RACHEL Halter bikini top is something you can't pass on.

HALLE Corset Bikini Top

Another substantial piece to have in your swimwear wardrobe to have is the HALLE Corset Bikini Top! Named after Halle Berry, this top is also one of our bestsellers! This is a timeless piece that is suitable for women of all shapes and sizes! With two set of adjustable straps that lace in the front, you can cinch  it in to allow more push up or coverage.
We offer the top in black or palm print. You can even add paddings if you would like for an extra lift. It will give you the right about of lift and support! This top is extraordinarily sporty, yet functional, fun, and flirty. This top is perfect for active use, walk around the beach, or even a pool party.
Pair this top with our HALLE Lace Up Bikini Bottom! This will make a complete set that you can not go wrong with. You'll positively look sexy in those hot summer days, while still being modest and comfortable wearing them. The back is cut to give a little coverage, and the rise in front is designed to conceal the lower tummy.The lace up hips on this bikini bottom gives a unique twist to a conservative look.
"This was a brand new, never before made style that Brit suggested to me and from the moment I put it on, it fit like a glove. It’s very sexy yet so incredibly comfortable and supportive. I think my favorite part of this top is the control the tie front allows. However loose or tight you decide to make it, it stays put keeping everything in place. I love it this top." - from our client, Lola

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