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BeachCandy is obsessed with our High Waisted Bikini Bottoms. We can't get enough. Not only do they feel amazing on the body, but they are incredibly chic. Most of them even offer tummy coverage for those who feel more shy about their bodies. We even have a one piece suit to cover up anything you're nervous about showing.

However, for those who would prefer to show some skin, we have a high waisted thong. Our suits will always be comfortable to fit your body perfectly. As is our policy, every piece comes with customization. So you will never have to worry about tummy squeezing or uncomfortable cheeks. Plus, the best part about our suits is how they can go with anything.

Pair any of these beautiful bottoms with our custom made supportive BeachCandy tops! All of our tops are also comfortable and made for your needs. At BeachCandy we offer full support and comfort to make sure you feel secure in your suit. We have tops to also make sure you can cover whatever you need to and show off everything else. Our primary goal at BeachCandy is to stop the compromise.

We can give you a suit that will make you want to never take it off. Even if you're worried about not looking hot enough, just use accessories! We have cover ups, sunglasses, sandals, bags, and earrings to complete any look for you to have fun on vacation. And do not forget to add our signature Swarovski Candy to truly complete the look! BeachCandy is perfect for literally any fun in the sun needs. You want it, we can make it.

high waisted bikini bottomsSupportive Bra Bikini Top

ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms + NILO Underwire Bikini Top

At BeachCandy Swimwear, the ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom is the perfect solution for any and all tummy concerns. This fantastic bottom is cut to perfection with ruching in the waistline and extra tummy control in the lining. Making you look slimmer and feeling confident in a two piece.  The ASHLEY is our most modest bikini bottom in the back without being matronly. Letting you look sexy while hiding what you need to.

This BeachCandy design has the perfect high waist and creates a feminine hourglass shape. Now you don't have to hide your entire figure because of a little tummy embarrassment. The high waisted bikini bottom is made with an upper seamless edge, allowing for ultimate, no squeeze, comfort. Great for active use, the ASHLEY is a favorite for everything from paddle boarding, to surfing, to simply sunbathing.

Sexy doesn’t have to mean skimpy, and the ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom proves just that. We think every woman should feel comfortable and confident. Flaunt your curves even more by pairing these bottoms with NILO underwire bikini top. BeachCandy knows about troubling fits. We don't think you should suffer just because your bottoms are one size and your top is another.

As the ASHLEY gives you tummy coverage, the NILO will give your chest the full support it needs. You can even make your entire suit be fully customized to make sure everything fits perfectly. With these two paired together your suit will be a force to be reckoned with. Everyone will be jealous of your perfect fit, the flaunting of your best features, and the beauty of your suit. While showing off, you can prove a bikini suit really can have it all.

  High Leg High Waisted Bikini BottomSexy Push Up Bikini Top

MADDY High Leg High Waisted Bikini Bottoms + LAURA Padded Push Up Bikini Top + Mayan Feather Earrings

If our ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom isn't right for you, try our MADDY High Leg High Waisted Bikini Bottoms. These bottoms make for such a cute look with their French Cut waist. With its seamless design, the MADDY also gives the perfect tummy control for that perfect swimsuit look.

You also don't have to worry about any uncomfortable sitting in these bottoms. This modest backside gives complete coverage for your comfort. These bottoms will give you the perfect hourglass shape you're looking for in your swimsuit, so you can look beautiful effortlessly. Wear the MADDY while you relax on your towel or lounge chair without worrying about how you look.

To add to a flawless relaxing look, you can pair your MADDY with the LAURA Padded Push Up Bikini Top. This bikini top is perfect for small and large busted women, with sewn in pads so nothing moves out of place. The LAURA makes your chest sit and look just the way you want it while feeling comfortable.

With all straps being adjustable in the back, neck, and front center to sit just the way you need it to. With full support, your chest will stay in place and keep you feeling secure and comfortable. Plus, the added cup size bonus will make sure your chest looks flawless next to our guaranteed Swarovski Crystals. Now you can feel confident in every aspect of your body as you relax in the sun.

Adding the Mayan Feather Earrings to your look is the perfect way to complete it! These earrings are made for sensitive ears with their nickel plating and have a 3" drop. They're perfect for pool parties or some fun at the beach. They will make you look stunning no matter where you are. While your head swings left or right to catch a beautiful view, your ears will flash in the sunlight.

Plus, the bold red color will make your single colored suit pop. Not only are they gorgeous to look at, they're also soft to the touch. The feathers that dangle at the end of the earring will brush against your neck softly. You'll never have to worry about getting slapped by metal while looking away from a splash! These earrings are definitely the best way to look cute in your suit.

  High Waisted One Piece SwimsuitShort Tunic Cover up

SHANNON High Waisted One Piece Swimsuit + CHARLIE Tunic Beach Cover Up

If you still don't feel comfortable in a bikini or two piece try our beautiful SHANNON High Waisted One Piece Swimsuit. This suit is by far BeachCandy's cutest one piece! While covering the tummy, the SHANNON has side cut outs and an open top back. This way you can show some skin and get a tan with full tummy coverage.

Offering more coverage in the front, the SHANNON has a high neck and open criss-cross back. Now your chest won't get burned, and will still look great in this sleek, sexy, and very comfortable one piece. This high waisted one piece is perfect for people who are self conscious about their tummies. Plus, the SHANNON still lets you have fun in the sun.

While hiding your tummy, you can complete your look with BeachCandy's CHARLIE Tunic Beach Cover up. With a drop "V" plunge front, this cover up lets you showcase your the high neck of the suit. Making your covered chest stand out even more in the frame.

The mesh fabric all throughout the CHARLIE is perfect for any suit really. Though, when paired with the SHANNON, you can show off the criss-cross tie back and side cut out. You don't even have to smell of sunblock with the great coverage and protection from this cover up. The way the billowy fabric comfortably sits on your body, you will never want to take off this cover up.

And if you're worried about not getting enough attention, just add our guaranteed Swarovski Crystals. Our handcrafted Candy will make everyone notice you, whether you're in the sun or around your resort. All you have to do is strut, and your ensemble will do the rest.


sexy thong bikiniUnderwire Bandeau Bikini TopLuxury Brand Designer Sunglasses

SAINT TROPEZ VIP High Waisted Thong Bikini + HEATHER Underwire Bandeau Bikini + BLAKE Sunglasses by IVI

Of course, for a little less coverage, BeachCandy has the SAINT TROPEZ VIP High Waisted Thong Bikini. The high waisted thong design lets those buns shine in the sun and look perfectly shaped. With an added sculpting scrunch to offer the perfect lift. You can also add our guaranteed Swarovski Crystals to the hips adding some extra shine.

The rust-free gold metal hardware will gleam in the sun and make everyone give a double take. This daring bottom is made to fit your needs with our customization, letting you decide on light or full crystal addition. We will also customize the fit to make sure it fits exactly right in every proportion. Don't let modesty hold you back. Wear these bottoms on the beach and let those cheeks tan.

Pair the shiny ST TROPEZ VIP with BeachCandy's HEATHER Underwire Bandeau Bikini Top for the perfect bikini. The HEATHER Bandeau is perfect to keep those pesky tan lines off your body and to have full support. While your cheeks are soaking up the sun, the HEATHER will give your chest full support with its underwire.

Your chest will have great lift and the perfect cleavage so you can show off ALL of your body! The inside of the HEATHER even has fully foamed lined cups. As its built like a built-in-bra on the inside for your comfort. This way you can feel fully supported in your bikini while you're out having fun in the sun. The adjustable band in the back of the HEATHER is the real secret to this top. You can make it as tight as you need so it won't fall off.

It also won't dig into your skin with its reinforced sides, giving you extra stability. In short, the HEATHER Underwire Bandeau Bikini is the perfect match for the SAINT TROPEZ VIP High Waisted Thong Bikini. Your cheeks and chest will look amazing on display in this bikini. Plus, you won't have to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions!

Further complete this already daring look with BeachCandy's BLAKE by IVI designer brand sunglasses! These sunglasses can make any woman look sun ready with their classic aviator design. They are guaranteed to fit perfectly on any head with their frame technology. Along with having good balance and premium comfort.

With durable sunglasses like the BLAKE, you can bring them to the beach without them getting scratched by sand! How many sunglasses brands can promise such amazing durability?! With such great sunglasses, you'll want to wear them everywhere.

And they will go with any outfit you throw at them. These stylish designer sunglasses are just perfect in general for all of your outing needs. Whether you're driving or tanning, the BLAKE will make sure to keep the sun out of your beautiful eyes. Plus, the aviator look will add to the VIP look to match your ST TROPEZ VIP suit! What else can you ask for in a pair of sunglasses?

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