Swimsuits for All Body Types

Swimsuits for All Body Types

Best Designer Luxury Swimwear for Women. All Women.

BEACHCANDY is a swimwear sanctuary where ALL women can fall in love with swimsuit shopping. Whether you choose to start with our Ready-To-Wear Collection, or opt to design your own custom-made swimsuit, BEACHCANDY creates a magical experience through exceptional fit and quality like you’ve never felt before. BeachCandy Swimwear designs every bathing suit with you in mind.

Whether you want a swimsuit with triangle tops, an empire waist, or a high cut, we will make it for you! Whether you have a curvy figure, larger bra size, or even have different cup sizes, nothing is going to stop us from finding you a swimsuit that fits you perfectly! If you’re ready to end the compromise with your swimwear, then you’re ready for the BEACHCANDY experience.

BeachCandy Swimwear, The French Riviera, & Beyond

Swimwear for Scars

As women (and new moms), we are taught to be both proud of our bodies and conscious of what we look like. It’s a tough balance. Over the past 10+ years making perfectly fit swimwear, what have we found? That there are a whole bunch of you mamas out there who would prefer to cover up your c-section scars, but still want to feel sexy and sophisticated in a suit! We hear you loud and clear ladies.

Your Scars = Your Business. Just because you birthed your fabulous children, doesn’t mean you should be relegated to your grandma’s full coverage swimsuit! Our answer?

An almost endless variety of bottoms, ALL of which can be custom cut higher in the tummy. And the best news? If we do not have what you are looking for, we can custom make it for you. Here is an example of one of our favorite swimsuit styles that works perfect for hiding your c-section scars.

high waist bikini bottom

ASHLEY High Waist Bikini Bottom

The ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms are our best seller for moms wanting tummy coverage. This adorable and stylish swimsuit bottoms pairs well with every top. These bottoms are cut to perfection. Although these are modest, the ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms make you look hourglass shaped and sexy. This swimsuit is designed to create the illusion of a slimming waist because of the ruching.

Every woman that tries these babies on can not stop raving about how comfortable they feel in them.  These Bikini Bottoms will give you that fresh sense of confidence you have been looking for post child birth. We no longer want you compromising and feeling insecure!

Engineered Support.

All our tops at BeachCandy Swimwear are engineered for lift, support, and beautifully lifted cleavage. From an A-Cup to an E-Cup, we believe lift and strength in a top serves all women all sizes alike. Strength in a swimsuit is our primary focus, feel the difference for yourself. Many of our customers come to BeachCandy because they are tired of purchasing swimsuits that give them zero support and security. 

Having a larger breast size and bust line can make shopping for swimwear feel like such a struggle.  We want to change that and make you fall in love with swimsuits again! All of our swimsuit tops are designed for women who have larger breasts in mind. No matter the top, we guarantee that our suits will lift and enhance your cleavage. We are going to show you one of our favorite styles that works wonders for support!

best bikini top

ELLEN Padded Corset Back Swim Top

The ELLEN Padded Corset Back Swim Top is a Push-Up Halter Top created for ANY SIZE bust line. For women of larger bust sizes, this top lifts and supports like no other. Sewn into the top is a think foam liner that will enhance your cleavage. The halter is what does all the support and lifting.

However, the thick and soft straps criss-cross in back to make sure you have zero neck and back pain. This top is extremely secure and perfect to feel carefree at the beach, maybe even play a game of beach volleyball or two?

Iconic Timeless Style. 

Each and every piece at BeachCandy is the highest quality to stand the test of time and has a classic second-to-none elegance. Women don't just buy BeachCandy; they crave, collect, and covet our swimsuits. Our swimsuits never go out of style because they are designed to last. The quality is unbeatable and you will forever be attached to your BeachCandy babies.

Unparalleled Beauty. 

There is nothing like a BeachCandy Bikini so if you do not own one yet, prepare to become a collector. Just try one on and elevate your experience with swimwear forever. We can explain for days what makes BeachCandy Swimsuits so special but the moment you try one on, you will forever understand.

And the result?


Your Dream Vacay Awaits You.


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