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The Best in Beach Accessories

When you go on a trip to the beach, you need a lot of accessories that can last you the entire day. Luckily, BeachCandy carries the best beach accessories!

The beach is an all day activity, filled with fun, water, and lots of sun. But, you’ll always need a little bit of shade, some beachy themed jewelry, lots of water in your water bottle, and the perfect beach bag.

The day at the beach is never complete without the help of a couple accessories. Luckily, we have a list of all the best beach accessories you need for your next beach trip.     

BORA BORA Straw Beach Hat

Our Straw Beach Hat was designed to go with any BeachCandy bathing suit. The straw material with a brown bow in the middle will give you an adorably chic look.

The hat is lightweight so it will feel comfortable on your head. Hold on tight if it’s a windy day, the hat could fly off into the ocean. Our straw hat is the perfect size to protect you from the sun. Overall, our BeachCandy Straw Beach Hat is perfect for any beach or pool day. 

BeachCandy created the perfect beach bag so you can take anywhere! BeachCandy wanted everyone to take this bag to the beach, so we designed it to be water resistant. So don't worry about getting splashed--it will not ruin the vegan leather.

You can use this bag for anything, whether you use it for holding your food and drinks, your beach towel, or other beach gear. The bag also has a clear body so you can easily see all of the items in the bag. Our water resistant bag comes in four colors: white, black, yellow, and goddess. Whatever color bag you choose, each comes with a matching wrist pouch. 


Original BeachCandy Bikini Organizer

One of our favorite creations is our Original BeachCandy Bikini Organizer. Every BeachCandy Babe has a lot of bikinis. We created an organizer that can eliminate sloppy travel suitcases and drawers. 

Our Beach Organizer has 6 pockets to hold and neatly place all of your BeachCandy bikinis. Our organizer has a loop in the center to neatly place your favorite pair of sunglasses.

The Original BeachCandy Bikini Organizer comes in 3 different colors: black, palm print, and leopard. It is a guarantee that the organizer will go with any outfit you wear.  

fringed beach umbrella

Must-Have Fringe Beach Brella

BeachCandy carries the best designer luxury beach umbrella. This umbrella is perfect for a hot day at the beach with the sun protection, since it can catch 100% UV Rays.

The material is also UPF 50 protected. The best thing about the Beach Brella is the sun shade, you can have a great beach read without the sun burning your eyes.  Just stick the pole in the sand and you're ready to go.

The Beach Brella weighs less than five pounds, so anyone can carry the umbrella across the beach. For easy transportation, the umbrella comes with a denim carrying bag with a canvas strap. The Must-Have Fringe Beach Brella comes in several different designs. You're sure to find one you love!

bling leather sandals

Genuine Crystal Leather Sandals

BeachCandy wants every Babe to have a glamorous look, on and off the beach. So we're offering two incredible styles of sandals -- Genuine Crystal Leather Sandals and Genuine Crystal Anklet Leather Sandals. 

These sandals are not only gorgeous, they're very comfortable, too! Limited sizing and quantity is available so be sure to pick up yours today.     

BeachCandy carries sunglasses for the most stylish BeachCandy Babes! Our Bonnie sunglasses are the best to complete your look. 

Bonnie sunglasses by IVI have a bold, stunning design that will stand out anywhere, not just at the beach! Protect your eyes from the sun with these fabulous knockouts.

beachy earrings

Acrylic and Rattan Earrings

Even though you’re going to the beach, it doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize with jewelry. Our Acrylic and Rattan Earrings can make your bikini outfit pop in an instant.

The quality of these earrings is incomparable with other earrings. These earrings will make your outfit come together perfectly! These earrings are beautifully designed to match any swimwear outfit you have on. Our earrings come in two different colors, Tan and White.

Red Tassel Earrings

If our Acrylic and Rattan Earring were too plain for you, our Red Tassel earrings are the perfect accessory for you.

Our bold, bright, red tassel earrings are simple, yet bold. These earrings are ready to take on the beach or pool. If you don’t like wearing accessories to the beach, these earrings are perfect for everyday wear as well.

beaded macaw earrings

Parrot Earrings

BeachCandy always thinks of the best earrings to go with any of our bikinis. Our Parrot Earrings are the hottest piece of jewelry you can wear with any bikini!

The Parrot Earrings are designed with mainly red and yellow beads that will go drape down towards your shoulders. These earrings will instantly make your outfit pop. It adds the perfect amount of red and yellow to any outfit. These earrings are perfect for your next exotic getaway. You will never feel basic with these earrings on. 

Our Rosé All Day Necklace is perfect for any vacay look. Our beautiful beaded necklace with a gold "evil eye" pendant will look perfect with any outfit. This necklace has gold chain links that will make you shine like a star. Everyone’s eyes will go towards this necklace. It’s a true eye-catcher. 

Fashionable and trendy, it’s the perfect look for any pool party or beach bonfire. Our Rosé All Day Necklace is the best way to add glamour to your outfit. 

long beaded necklace

Mauritius Long Boho Necklace

With our Long BoHo necklace, you will add a bit of sparkle into your look! BeachCandy personally designed this piece to complement any outfit you wear, whether it’s a bikini or a fall-style look. This BoHo necklace has black and grey beads along the neckline, with a large focal pendant. 

The necklace will fall right around your cleavage area, so it will enhance it and be perfectly framed. This necklace will be perfect for a day at the beach or a night out on the town.

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