Beach Clothes For Women

Beach Clothes For Women This Summer

Summer is just around the corner. Here at BeachCandy, however, summer is 365 days a year. Wherever you are around the world, it’s 80 degrees somewhere. We want you to look your absolute best this summer, and all year round.

We have got you covered from head to toe at BeachCandy--all the way from floppy hats to our luxury sandals. We even have cover ups to layer up underneath that swimsuit. The amazing thing about some of our beach clothes is that you can wear them as everyday wear, and not just when you hit the sand.


BORA BORA Straw Beach Hat

Let’s start from the top-- it is important to keep our faces out of the sun, so why not accessorize it with a cute floppy hat. At BeachCandy, our Straw Beach Hat will give you that extra sunblock that you need to keep that skin looking younger. The hat is extremely lightweight and matches with any of our swimsuits and resort wear. 

Just because our straw hat gives you ultimate sun protection, does not mean you should skip the sunscreen. In fact, that should be the first thing any beach babe should put on before wearing our gorgeous beach clothing.

Now we get to the exciting part, which is finding your perfect swimsuit. Luckily for you, we have so many styles for you to choose from. We have bikini tops ranging from triangle string bikinis, push ups, corsets, and bandeaus. 

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Just like our comfy bikini tops, our bottoms feel just as amazing on your skin.  We carry high waisted bottoms, high-leg, cheeky, thongs, and so many more. Match your desired bikini bottoms with your perfect top. If you feel amazing in our swimsuits, you will be the hottest babe on the beach.

Cute Beach Cover Ups for Women

We got you covered with our luxury cover ups and resort wear when you hit the beach.

MARIA Long Sarong Wrap

What is cuter than taking a stroll along the sand in your swimsuit with an adorable sarong. Our MARIA Sarong Wraps comes in a short version and in so many color choices. It’s subtle enough to pair perfectly with a sparkly Swarovski Crystal bedazzled swimsuit.

wrap around swimsuit cover up

FRIDA Cover Up Wrap Dress

Wrap yourself up entirely with our FRIDA Cover Up Wrap Dress. This dress’s breathable material will have your skin feel not so constricted on a warm summer day. This cover up would also look super amazing to wear for a summer cocktail party. Slip this on over your favorite BeachCandy swimsuit and be ready to look your absolute best.

ROLANA Tunic Cover Up

Tunics are an absolutely must have if you are trying to protect yourself after a long day in the sun. The ROLANA Tunic Cover Up is a cover up that will protect you from harmful UVs and keep you cool all day. The tunic will not constrict your body so you will be able to live comfortably in this adorable tunic. We also offer the cover up in a longer version that is floor length for an extreme angelic look. 

beach pants

MARTINA Beach Cover Up Pants

Our legs can get a little too much sun, too. Match the tunic with our MARTINA Beach Cover Up Pants. These breathable pants look just like yoga pants without the constriction around the legs. This pair of pants match perfectly with the ROLANA tunic, so get yourself one of each to protect your skin this summer.

swimsuit cover up skirt

LISA Swim Skirt

If you want to rock a little mini skirt with the look of bikini bottoms, we have our LISA Swim Skirt. You can pick any kind of print or color for these to match your one of a kind bikini top. These are extremely adorable on and off the beach, and they are the perfect length to avoid any unwanted exposure.

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skirted swim bottoms

KYLIE Swim Skort

If you are a little wary of unwanted exposure, we also have our KYLIE Swim Skort. It looks just like the LISA skirt, but has attached full coverage bottoms underneath for ultimate comfort. Love this look? Check out more high-end bikini styles for women here.>>

If you’re looking for a gorgeous resort-like dress to go to the beach with, our DONATELLA Wrap Cover Up Dress is absolutely perfect for that. This maxi dress is super lightweight and can be worn all day as a swimsuit cover, then wear it into the night as an amazing going-out look. The dress comes with a waist tie, so adjust it to your comfort.

yoga necklace

Long Boho Necklace

What is better than wearing our elegant beach wear than to add it with some beachy jewelry. Starting with our long necklaces, we have our one of a kind Long Boho Necklace. This gorgeous piece will go with absolutely any BeachCandy outfit. The gold and gunmetal pieces just go beautifully hand in hand and this is definitely a must have.

Seed Bead Earrings

We carry the most gorgeous seashell earrings you will ever see. Our Tassel Earrings are a must have. They are super lightweight, and made of nickel for the babes with sensitive ears. The subtle gold will have you shining on and off the beach.     

If you are looking for a designer purse with a beachy feel, BeachCandy is our one stop shop for just that. Our absolutely beautiful DEVESI Luxury Vegan Handbag is the perfect combination between beachy chic and designer. It is water resistant and can be used by hand or as a shoulder bag. Made with all vegan products, this bag is a must have on and off the sand.     

For more room to store necessities for a trip to the beach, The BEACHCANDY Tote is absolutely adorable and the perfect size to hold your beach towels, water bottles, and more. The black and white stripe pattern will go with all of our BeachCandy beach clothing.

bling sandals

Genuine Crystal Leather Sandals

We got your feet covered with our Genuine Crystal Leather Sandals. The soles will give you all day comfort, and bedazzled with genuine Swarovski Crystals. Choose a strappy sandal with our Genuine Crystal Leather Anklet Sandals. Similar in style, but with extra support around the ankle. Both styles go amazing with any swimsuit, dress, and so much more.

designer covid-19 face masks

Stylish Face Cover Masks

The COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet. Stay safe this summer and purchase one of our Stylish Face Cover Masks. They come in a variety of prints and colors to go with your favorite swimsuit. 

Its three layer protection will prevent any germs coming towards your way and prevents spreading any as well. The cotton inside will keep your face comfortable and breathable.

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Here at BeachCandy, we are not just a swimsuit line. We are here to keep you covered with some of the best material, head to toe. If you love what we have to offer, check us out on Instagram. Tag us in your BeachCandy gear. We would love to see you shine on the beach.

Written by Celeste Basich

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