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Bathing Suit Wraps for Beach Babes

We have talked a lot about triangle bikini tops, one piece swimsuits, and strapless tops. Today we are going to be highlighting a style that is just as great and fabulous as all of those!

We wanted to share with you that there are a variety of styles besides our triangle bikini tops, halter tops, and our padded push up bras. We also want to shine a light on all the variety of gorgeous beach covers that we have in the underrated wrap styles. We wanted to make everyone aware that wrap styles are just as sexy and modern and can make the perfect suit for everyone and anyone. 

Some of our trendiest and most supportive designed tops and cover ups are the wrap style bathing suits and the beautiful sarong wrap swimsuit cover ups. Here we are going to highlight our beautiful wrap style animal print swim suits and the sexy bottoms that they pair well with. We will also introduce our sarongs, stunning swimwear cover ups, as well as some additional bathing suit covers.

Let us start off with the underrated wrap style swim tops.

wrap around bikini top

TULUM Halter Wrap Bikini Top

The Tulum halter wrap bikini top is a must-have for all of our trendy and active babes out there! The wrap style not only gives you a trendy look, it's also supremely supportive and secure.

The seamless design of the top makes it super comfortable without having to be bothered or annoyed with underwires. Even without the underwires this top is still supportive and gives wearers great lift that every woman wants.

This top is also super versatile and can be used at the pool or for a night out with the girls. We wear our Tulum Halter Wrap Bikini Top for Pilates and cardio! If you are looking for something different from our collection and something that is versatile and comfortable, then you should definitely consider getting this wrap bikini top. We're certain you won't regret it.

modest bikini bottom

KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bikini Bottom

The Kimberly Full Coverage Bikini Bottoms would be the perfect pair to the Tulum halter wrap bikini top! Just like the tulum wrap top the kimberly bikini bottoms have a seamless design to make sure that the wearer is comfortable wearing them throughout the day. Unlike other bottoms with the uncomfortable waistbands that squeeze your hips, the seamless design hugs and fits you perfectly, providing you with the utmost comfort.

Not only that but this top was designed with a folded waistband!! The folded waistband design gives the wearer the option to have a lower or higher rise bikini bottom. Wearers can fold the waistband over for a cute seamless look or unfold the waistband and use the bikini bottom as the ultimate tummy coverage. 

This is the most comfortable bikini bottom you can wear just like how the TULUM halter wrap bikini top is the most comfortable top you can wear. These two pieces would not only make a trendy and gorgeous look but you will feel the utmost comfort at your next pool party.

Now let us introduce our beautiful bathing suit wraps and cover ups that can spice up any beachside outfit.

MARIA Long or Short Sarong Wrap

The Maria sarong wrap comes in either long or short cuts and is the perfect accessory to give you a little extra cover up for your day at the beach. The sarong is crafted with lightweight and quick-drying mesh so you can wear it anywhere you want without any worry.

A great thing about the Maria sarong wrap is the versatility that it has. With both the long and short sarong wrap you can adjust it to give you more or less coverage depending on your preference. Not only that but the long styles of sarong wrap can be used to form a long halter tie dress cover up! 

You don't have to just wear the sarong around your waist but you can style it however you like, either wrapped around your waist or converted into a full body cover up. The Maria sarong wrap was designed to be 100% versatile and adjustable for all of our Beach Babes. 

bathing suit cover up dress

FRIDA Cover Up Wrap Dress

This cover up wrap dress will elevate your beach outfit and make it elegant and sexy! The Frida Cover Up Wrap Around Dress is made of silky mesh material and is designed with ruffles at the bottom and an open back. This design will not just give you coverage but it will make a great addition to your look. 

The cover up wrap dress was designed so that our beach babes can have something that is simple and can be easily thrown on when they are going from beach to dinner. No need to over pack outfits or struggle to change in the beach bathrooms.

You can walk out of the ocean and throw on the cover wrap around dress and be ready for a nice walk around the town or a nice dinner up on the shore. A great thing about this cover up dress is that it looks good on everyone! Make sure to pick this number up when you are shopping for your next island getaway.

high neck bathing suit wrap

DHARMA Beach Cover Up Wrap Dress

This sweet and gorgeous wrap cover up dress is the must-have cover up you will need in your collection. It is made with a light mesh material that is also quick drying so you will not have to be worried when you bring it to the beach or the pool. The Dharma beach cover up dress is designed with a braided neckline the dress flows just right to give you a sweet and flirty look. 

This cover up was designed so wearers can feel comfortable and free instead of restricted in the garment. The design was made so that wearers look effortlessly beautiful while lounging at the beach or poolside. This design is perfect for anyone and everyone and can fit all body types! It is the perfect piece for a relaxing and effortless look.

leopard print swimsuit cover up

DONATELLA Wrap Cover Up Dress

If you are looking for a beautiful and sexy maxi cover up dress you have come to the right place! The DONATELLA Wrap Cover Up Dress is the most comfortable maxi dress you will ever put on. Not only that but the design and print of the cover up dress is so stunning and elegant you would have everyone at the beach turning their heads. 

This dress was made with lightweight material and comes with an adjustable belt strap so that it can be adjusted to your figure and highlight your body. It was designed to have an open leg slit so that wearers can still feel sexy and not feel restricted. It is a beautiful cover up that doubles as a glamorous and sexy dress.

You don't even have to wear this as a cover up. You can wear this as a dress to a morning brunch with the girls enjoying mimosas or even wear it to check out the island and its tourist destinations!

peekaboo bathing suit cover up

MICHAELA Knit Tie Front Fringe Cover Up

This is one of our most uniquely designed cover ups by far! If you are looking for something different and elegant to throw over your swimsuit and make a statement, the Michaela Tie Front Fringe Knit Cover Up is the cover up you are looking for. 

This floor length cover up was designed using knit material and was made so to be sheer so you can still show off your swimsuit while wearing it. Not only does the design look beautiful and sexy, it was designed to give wearers a soft high waisted look using the tie front under the bust. This cover up will help you stay covered and modest but at the same time add elegance and sophistication to your overall look.

ruffled swimsuit cover up

ANGELICA Sheer Cover Up

This cover up is not only sexy and lightweight but will make your swim outfit look sweet and sassy. The Angelica beach cover is a maxi length cover up with wide and long sleeves with ruffles all around. 

The lightweight material allows you to feel less restricted and the fabric is super breathable so you can freely be active. The design of this cover up was to be sheer so that you can show off your swimsuit and look sexy but the added ruffles ensure that you are also getting great coverage in all the right areas. 

Not only can you use this as a swimsuit cover up but you can also wear it out on the town as a cute outwear to your outfit. If you want to spice up your style throw on a pair of jeans with a plain tube top along with some layered necklaces and throw on the angelica sheer cover up. This would elevate your outfit and take it from plain to flirty and sweet!

White cover ups like this one are perfect for beach weddings over your white bridal bikini.  Check out our post on white swimsuit cover ups here!

convertible swimsuit cover up

SABRINA Beach Cover Up

One of our most versatile designs we have to offer is the Sabrina Beach Cover Up. The Sabrina Beach Cover Up is the perfect piece for you to wear on your day out at the beach. Just like many of our other cover ups, the Sabrina beach cover up was made with a lightweight and quick drying mesh so no need to worry about ruining your cover up. 

This cover up can be worn in 4 different ways! This way your outfit can stand out and it would give your beach side outfit variety. You will have people stunned by all the different outfits and looks you create in one day using this one cover up. The cover up can be worn as a one shoulder cover up dress, an off the shoulder cover up, or even as a strapless cover up. 

Depending on your outfit and mood, you can style this cover up in many different ways. The last way you can style is as a skirt. If you are looking to cover up just your legs and want to let your upper body breathe, you can convert this cover up into a skirt to give you leg coverage. This is the perfect cover up for all women who want variety in their poolside outfits.

Now that we have shown you all the endless styles of wrap swimsuits and swimsuit cover ups that we have in our collection, make sure to come to our website and check out the endless styles we have to offer.

The great thing about our cover ups is that not only can you wear them at the beach, you can wear them anywhere! Our cover up dresses create a great look worn on their own and are great pieces to layer on with your outfits. Learn more about our white swimsuit cover up styles >

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