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Bandeau Bikini Tops for Large Breasts

It is hard and frustrating to find strapless bikini tops for large busts. When it comes to bandeau bikini tops, most women feel resigned about their fit & look. For instance, they are typically known to squish the bust line and never provide much support. Therefore, this has become our #1 focus when engineering each bandeau here at BeachCandy.

We have engineered several fabulous strapless bikini tops for large breasts. Each style provides the best support, cleavage, comfort, and strap free tan-line for your next vacation!

Many times many people hate purchasing bandeaus as they are often uncomfortable. Not only that, but many women hate feeling like their strapless bikini top is going to fall off. It is even more frustrating having to constantly be pulling it up. The struggle is real when trying to find a bandeau that will stay in place while providing comfort all day long.

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Here at BeachCandy, we make sure that everyone feels their most confident and sexy when wearing a swimsuit, even those with a large bust. That is why it is important that each one of our swimsuits provide the best support and comfort.

Our strapless bikini tops for large breasts get the job done and are perfect for those beach babes struggling to look for the perfect strapless bikini tops. We have a variety of different colors and styles that I am sure you will love.

Below you will find some of the most supportive bikini tops that we have to offer. We have even more colors and styles online. So you can finally choose the right bathing suit for you.

1. HEATHER Underwire Bandeau Top

First on the list for supportive swimwear we have the one and only HEATHER top. The HEATHER Underwire Bandeau Bikini Top is the best underwire bikini top in the world. It is a perfect swimsuit for big busts.

Not only that, this world-class bandeau offers amazing support, great lift, cleavage, and sophistication. In addition, the bust-flattering bandeau top is built like a strapless bra from the inside and creates an effortless swimsuit top from the outside.

Furthermore, our BeachCandy Babes also love that this bikini top has underwire cups, side boning, and an adjustable hook band in the back. Even more, with sides reinforced for stability, you’ll never have to worry about the HEATHER sliding down.

Above all, it's a must-have for women seeking a flawless fit & support. Not only that, but with the HEATHER you will not have to worry about your swimsuit top sliding down. This is the perfect strapless top for women of all cup sizes.The support and security that the HEATHER provides will have your top staying in place all day long.

Many times women with big boobs find it hard to find the perfect strapless swim top that will secure everything in place all day long. This top is perfect for those looking a larger cup swimwear. Finally, the HEATHER will give you both push-up and security while you’re enjoying life in the sun. Pair this with any swim bottoms for the prefect pool party look. 

simple strapless bikini top for large busts

2. MADDY Bandeau Bikini Top

Make a statement with the MADDY Bandeau Bikini Top! This is the perfect tan line free bikini top. The must-have basic bikini is offered in multiple colors and designs.

To start off with, the top features a stretch-knit material, a straight neckline, and removable pads. If you want more enhancement in the chest area slide in the pads. If not, you can also take off the pads and wear the bandeau alone. Both options are stunning

Don't let this simplistic design fool you. With added boning structure on either side seam of the bikini and a secure hook backing, it offers extra support and comfort. The boning on either side helps give the top substantial support. No wardrobe malfunctions with this bandeau. Even more, made with such soft and stretchable fabric that will have you feeling comfortable all day long.

The MADDY is perfect for any bust size, but it is especially perfect for those who are on the larger size. The MADDY really hugs the upper part of your body without making it feel too tight or restraining.

Even more, pair this top with any high waisted bottoms for the perfect beach day look. If you are having fun in the water or relaxing in the sun, you don’t have to worry about the top slipping. 

reversible bikini top and bottom

3. REVERSIBLE Ribbed Bikini Set

One of our few swimsuits offered as a set, this bandeau top and matching bottom are some of our most versatile yet because they're reversible! One side is neon yellow and the other side is black, giving you four style options from one set!

ruffle one piece bathing suit

4. LIZ Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit

Looking for a strapless one piece swimsuit? We got you! Our LIZ Ruffle One Piece serves a multitude of common wants and needs from a swimsuit. This swimsuit is perfect for those babes that want security all while being able to feel sexy in a swimsuit.

First of all, its slimming tummy coverage is gorgeous on any feminine figure. The ruffled neckline provides a fashion-forward flair and arm coverage by default. Believe it or not, a swimsuit that covers arms is a common request lately. The LIZ gets that exact job done.

Also, if you are insecure about any extra skin in the upper arm showing, this swimsuit covers the upper half of the arm. Allowing you to still be able to feel sexy and confident.

Who said one piece swimsuits aren't as sexy as two piece swimsuits? It has a very sexy cut in the back that allows you to show some cleavage and look sexy. Even more, it comes in many different colors and patterns in which you can choose from.

Last but certainly not least, this swimsuit also covers your back which can be nice feel held in all the way around. Perfect swimsuit to flaunt a sleek hourglass figure and bare neckline. 

strapless handkerchief tankini tops

5. JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top

The JENNA has gone down in history as our bestselling tankini top. Who says a tankini can't be as sexy as a regular swimsuit top. The JENNA tankini is just as sexy as a bikini top and provides coverage to the belly. The shape of this tankini looks great on just about any body type. This is a must have in just about anyone's closet.

Pair this top with any other independently selected bottom or be unique and mix and match. This semi bikini top is glorious for a bit of flirty tummy coverage while offering a strapless tan. This strapless tankini top offers support with a built-in shelf bra and excels with larger bust sizes. Even more, this top offers superior comfort as it is on the looser side but still supports the top area.

The back has an adjustable hook back closure and if you want a bit more oomph, add our optional push-up pads! This allows you to have control over the support that you want. There is not doubt that you will not feel your most sexy in this tankini top. Feel carefree and extraordinary in this one of a kind trendy tankini top. 

best strapless one piece swimsuit for women

6. OLIVIA Strapless One Piece Swimsuit

Another one of our swimwear for large busts is our OLIVIA Strapless One Piece. This swimsuit is perfect if you are looking for something that is simple and minimalistic. The OLIVIA is a simple strapless swimsuit that that has a high cut leg and great bottom coverage. Even more, beautiful added rose embroidery adds the simplicity of the design all while bringing a feminine touch.

This beautiful one piece is perfect for all body sizes but it is especially a perfect swimsuit for large busts. Also, it hugs your whole body so that everything can be secure all day long. The top area is well-fitted and really hugs the chest area making sure that nothing ever slips down.

Even more, this one piece really enhances your legs and makes them look long and sexy. To sum it up, the OLIVIA has just about everything that women look for in a one piece. Be able to relax without feeling self conscious with the OLIVIA Strapless One Piece.

strapless swimsuit cover up

7. SABRINA Beach Cover Up

Complete your chic strapless look with SABRINA! This cover up is a multi-use knockout & a must-have for all women! This beautiful unique cover up can be worn 4+ ways. As a strapless dress, skirt, boat neck, or one shoulder dress.

It is soft, lightweight, and packable for any weekend getaway. Even more, this cover up is able to offer superior style to just about any bikini. And the light mesh is quick to dry and drapes beautifully when worn.

Not only that, but this cover up can be easily packed to just about any suitcase as it does not take up much space. Pack this in any suitcase or beach bag to quickly through on top of any swimwear. After a long day at the beach, the last thing you want to do is change back into regular clothes. Well you don't have to ! You can quickly take this cover up on the go anywhere and anytime.

This cover up enhances any look especially a strapless swimsuit and add more style to it. Take your swim game to the next level wearing this gorgeous piece of resort wear.

Complete Your Strapless Bathing Suit Look with a Matching Beach Cover Up

Shop our bestselling bottoms with a wide variety of cut & fit to suit any and every woman's needs. If you are looking for a no squeeze bottom our SKYLER or JENN styles are superb. Seeking a full coverage bottom with tummy control?

Try our ASHLEY or MADDY bottom, if you would like a fold over waistband like your favorite pair of yoga pants... Meet KIMBERLY. If adjustable is your style, the ALEXA or CATIE have been staples in our collection for almost 10 years.

At BeachCandy Swimwear, we believe all women deserve to feel extraordinary in a swimsuit. After all, we were not coined as a swimwear sanctuary for nothing. We pride ourselves on having swimsuits for all women to suit all wants & needs.

push up pads

Bra Pad Inserts

If you want an extra boost to your bustline, our amazing push up pads are here for you! Once only available as add-ons to some of our bikini tops and one pieces, we now offer them separately as well so you can add them to any top or bra that you like.

Find Your Perfect Strapless Bikini Top with BeachCandy

Each and every one of our strapless swimsuit options is based on the real wants and needs of our clients over the years. For example, the HEATHER Bandeau was directly based off a client's favorite strapless bra. These helpful tips given directly by our consumer helps us align our product to suit your needs.

This is the magic behind our famous fit at BeachCandy Swimwear. Happy Shopping Babes! Feel free to reach out to our incredible customer service team via chat, email, or phone call with any questions you may have.


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