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Welcome to Autoimmune Disease Awareness

Hello to all our BeachCandy babes and mates out there. We have noticed a lot of new faces in the crowd and we cannot thank you enough for all the messages, DM’s, reaching out to us regarding our Wellness Wednesday initiative. We could not be more thrilled that so many of you has had such positive effects from eliminating some of these daily toxins we are faced with.

11 years ago, BeachCandy was a humble custom bikini shop on PCH in Newport Beach CA, creating high quality suits for what later became an international, accomplished audience. Achieving “Editors Pick” in Sports illustrated our first year in business, gave us so much exposure in the industry and allowed us to work with women all over the world.

Health is not a universal or global language, much less so these days. Working with women and swimwear for over a decade in such an intimate way in our fitting rooms, we have heard complaints of every bodily issue known to the modern woman. From skin issues to digestive, distended tummy nightmares, paralysis to depression we have heard your cries. 

What many of our readers know, but to those who are just getting to know us, our female founder Brit B has struggled her whole life with a multitude of autoimmune signs and symptoms that led to spinal autoimmune disease, Ankylosing Spondylitis. Some days the symptoms were so severe Brit would find herself in & out of hospitals and seeing specialists just to be prescribed more pharmaceutical drugs.

Did you know 90% of Americans experience early signs and symptoms to autoimmunity and if ignored the slow building of inflammation will led to disease?

Over a decade has pasted and about 30 doctors later, Brit took her life and health into her own hands, with the help of years in trusted research, the right nutrition, and some serious self exploration. We are beyond excited to report that Brit has reached a symptom-free pharmaceutical existence through non-toxic lifestyle. 

The success of Brit rehabilitation has been a long journey, and one that has shed light on serious issues that are going on in today's world. 

We are proud to announce our BRAND NEW sister site . . . AUTOIMMUNEDISEASEAWARENESS.COM

A place where anyone can visit for the truth behind autoimmune disease. We invite you to join the mailing list, read the blog articles, browse the AIP approved products, or even book a non-toxic diet / detoxing session with Brit herself. If your symptoms have already led to autoimmune disease we are here to support you. We are proud to announce our partnership with Sophie Shepherd who launched She Talks Health over 4 years ago.

Sophie is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner able to run all the lab tests and translate them quickly to get to the root cause of your symptoms. Collecting this data is a mandatory piece to reclaiming your health and this will cut straight to the chase. We believe as a collective we are unbreakable, so here's to autoimmune disease awareness, non-toxic living, and wellness for all.

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