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JETSETTING with BeachCandy Swim!

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Jetsetter Swimwear

JETSETTER SWIMWEAR with Jessica R Bunevacz

LOVE starting our morning off with an international BeachCandyBabe! ✈️
Ni Hao!! Greetings from Hong Kong. Have missed this place. Lived in and out of this beautiful country for two years. Swimsuit by BeachCandy Swimwear. 
Thank you @beachcandyswimwear! Obsessed with this swimsuit… Got so many compliments!!!

The MAGGIE Monokini is the BEST when it comes to monokinis. This piece has our bestselling supportive triangle top along with it. If you’re on the lookout for cute one piece swimsuits, then this monokini is a great choice. If you are concerned about the fit due to the nature of several precise measurements needed on the monokini style: torso length, waist, bust size, coverage, etc… just give us a call to customize the fit perfect to you!

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