How to Make Bone Broth

How to Make Bone Broth and the Benefits

At BeachCandy, our top priority is the health of our BeachCandy community and every human that extends. And we are here to remind you, that your gut is the gateway to your wellbeing. Being conscious of what you eat is one of the best ways to maintain optimal health. There is no better way to be conscious of consumption than to practice cooking at home with healthy, clean ingredients.

What you eat plays an important role in your well being both mentally and physically. In order to radiate our most beautiful and confident self, we must first take care of our insides. What goes into our bodies directly reflects on life that we lead – whether it be spectacular or NOT.

Today we want to share with our BC babes a gut healing bone broth recipe. This beef bone broth recipe is this elixir to LIFE. With multiple health benefits that include anti-aging, good digestion, sleep and much more. This single added ingredient is the most savory dish you cook and will have rampant benefits to your health.

Top 10 Bone Broth Health Benefits 

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Aids in Digestion and Gut Health

One of the primary benefits of bone broth is the pure gelatine— a translucent, colorless, flavorless ingredient, derived from collagen. Gelatine works with water to help move food through the intestines, aiding in both your digestion and gut health. Bone broth is only effective when the bones used in bone broth are organic (poultry) or 100% grass fed. Otherwise you’re at risk of introducing additional toxins into your body rather than healing your gut or aiding your digestion.

Improves Sleep

Bone broth is high in glycine, an amino acid that is found in high protein meat and fish. To receive maximum benefits, drink bone broth right before going to sleep. Not only will a cup of warmed bone broth help you fall asleep easier at night. But it will improve the quality of your sleep and your overall health while providing natural detoxification.  

Promotes Weight Loss

If you’re looking for healthy ways to lose weight, bone broth is an essential element to the process. Because bone broth is so high in protein and low in calories, it satiates you for longer periods of time. Why is drinking bone broth a great alternative to other weight loss methods? It still provides the necessary nutrients and proteins your body needs while losing weight.

With each sip of bone broth you can feel your insides heal one cell at a time. We love using bone broth in many recipes from Thai curry dishes to our Swedish Meatballs on baking sheets. In fact, we incorporate bone broth wherever we can to ensure we get a good dose of it each day.

Relieves Arthritis Pain

Diet has everything to do with how we feel when we wake up in the morning and throughout the day. Any pain in our joints is our bodies telling us what we are consuming is NOT the Wd40 our joints need. 

What if you could move the same way you did from 35 to when you’re 60? As we get older, our bones do too. However, rather than succumb to age related challenges like arthritis – natural methods like bone broth can literally fuel our insides. Diet is everything as we age and the sooner we find discipline with this fact the fuller our lives will be.

“Without Food as Fuel We Live in Lack.”

Bone broth is rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, these compounds help reduce joint pain. Specifically arthritis conditions like Osteoarthritis, which is prevalent in the knees, hands and hips. Glucosamine is a supplement many people take to reduce their joint pain and repair any joint damage. 

Bone broth can help heal the root of any disease. Treating the root cause will always lead you to your most optimal state of wellbeing.

Bone Broth is Filled with Nutrition

Please keep in mind that bone broth is only effective and clean when the bones are organic / 100% grass fed. Otherwise you’re at risk of introducing more toxins into your body rather than healing your gut or aiding your digestion. 

Not only are 100% grass fed or organic bone broths rich in protein, but in minerals  too. That helps to build and maintain our bones with the help of nutrients like vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids. 

Here is a daily practice to keep in mind as you transition to a life of wellness. Choose each meal as if it was fuel for your dream life, because that’s precisely what it is.

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Bone Broth Has Anti-Aging Effects

Rather than praying on anti-aging serums or paying for anti-aging procedures. Use natural anti-aging methods like bone broth. it can be effective and easily incorporated into your daily lifestyle. Collagen is a key ingredient of bone broth – naturally found in skin, cartilage and bone. 

Increasing your collagen intake can help bring nutrients and proteins to parts of the body in need while maintaining plasma levels. Bone broth can also help smooth fine lines, plump your skin cells, boost moisture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Boosts Immunity

The best tactic to prevent or overcome sickness (cold, flu, etc.) is to keep your gut healthy and hydrated. Beyond aiding in hydration and gut health, bone broth is rich in bone marrow. A substance dense in nutrients that helps boost immunity and naturally seals openings in the gut and intestines. 

Drinking bone broth can also help your immune system fight off pathogens. An organism that causes disease to its host and reduces inflammation. In times of sickness, bone broth has been known to assist the body. Healing connective tissues and resisting bacteria or potential cancer cells.

The Ultimate in Hydration

On average, 75% of U.S. citizens claim to drink only 2.5 cups of water a day. When in reality the amount of fluid needed for humans is at least 11.5 cups. Incorporating bone broth into your daily meals or soups can help you to increase your hydration and overall health. 

Bone broth is high in electrolytes and carbohydrates -– especially when adding vegetables. It can help with hydration, so much that it can even replace the consumption of water itself. What more information do you need to incorporate this fountain of youth into your life. And we guarantee you there is NO REPLACEMENT for homemade bone broth – anything processed has a shelf life aka preservatives

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Prevents / Reverses Hair Loss

The main nutrient for hair, skin and nails is collagen. Because bone broth is heavily rich in collagen, it can help recover any loss of collagen, minerals, amino acids and gelatin. What many of us fail to realize is how important amino acids are when it comes to hair loss. 

Amino acids are found in gelatin, a key ingredient of bone broth. With the help of collagen it can strengthen your hair, nails and skin.

Remember, trust your instincts, every symptom is a signal to tell you something is wrong. But it’s up to you to tune in and heal yourself - listen to your body, what does it need? Rest, nutrition, hydration, detoxification, or all of the above? The average human is overwhelmed with each and every one of these culprits. Healthy Glowing Hydrated Skin

The nutrients in bone broth, such as hyaluronic acid can also be found in bone cartilage. Paired with your naturally produced collagen – it will maintain moisture in your skin, even out your complexion, including dark spots. As bone broth reduces inflammation it can rid your body of any skin irritations and minimize your pores. 

Gut Healing Bone Broth Recipe by Dr Amy Myers : 

  • 1 organic chicken carcass 
  • 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 2 garlic cloves, peeled and smashed with the flat side of a knife
  • 8-12 cups of filtered water
  • Organic chopped carrots, celery, onions, and bay leaves (optional for taste)

Cooking Instructions:

In a big pot or pressure cooker, roast the bones along with the vinegar, garlic, salt, vegetables, and water. You can always add more water depending on the size of your bones to completely cover the bones in the broth. 

Simmer this bone mixture on low for at least 24 hours before allowing it to cool. This broth is ready to eat after 8 hours of cooking but 24 hours is recommended. Allow the broth to cool at a maximum of 30 minutes so the flavor can simmer throughout the pot. 

When the broth is ready, use a slotted spoon to take out the bones. Pour the broth through a fine mesh strainer and cheese cloth to remove the fat.

There may be some leftover grease. When you refrigerate the leftovers the fat will rise to the top making it easy to skim off. 

You can heat individual portions of the broth and enjoy! After 4-5 days, make sure to store in mason jars and freeze the remaining broth for future meals. In the wintertime, a strong dose of bone broth in soups and stews is simply delicious.  

Other than being extremely delicious, bone broth is very rich in minerals meaning it’s good for building stronger bones. Along with rich minerals it also contains vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids. This broth is incredibly simple to make but has amazing health benefits. It’s a good substitute for when you’re craving a broth rich in flavor without using too much sodium.

Drinking this broth daily can give you a wide range of health benefits. Like we mentioned, drinking this broth can help support joint, skin and gut health. Staying healthy on the inside will bring health and beauty on the outside. Because this soup is so versatile, you can easily incorporate this broth into so many different recipes for your daily meals. 

Recipes that require bone broth include pasta by boiling it in the broth rather than water for a richer flavor. You can also add it to casseroles to add moisture and flavor. You can’t go wrong with drinking this life-giving broth as an end of day tradition for sleep as well. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this amazing bone broth recipe.

A well made organic bone broth packs a punch when it comes to positive health benefits. 

Bones used for this recipe can vary, but it’s important to remember to keep them 100% grass fed / organic. Marrow bones, chicken bones, knuckle bones, etc. can all be found at your local grocery store. Some would even use organic chicken feet for an upgrade in collagen and (believed) additional health benefits. 

This recipe is seriously one of the most accessible and simple recipes to make. It’s great for meal prepping for the week and sharing with your loved ones. It can take any meal from flavorless to sumptuous – an added perk is the savory flavor boost it brings.

Our 2022 Initiative : Wellness for Women

It all starts with how we take care of our diet, bodies, and mind. Here at BeachCandy, we have always believed in empowering the women we swim(suit). So here we are arming you with an essential staple to your health. May you make this recipe your weekly routine and may health be yours for a lifetime to come. 

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