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The Best Skirted Swimsuit Styles

"A Chic Solution Swimwear for Thigh Coverage"

At BeachCandy, we believe all women deserve to feel their best in a skirted swimsuit. Throughout the years, we have heard repetitive thigh conscience comments all too often from our clientele. Therefore, we wanted to create several solutions to the problem that tears women away from confidence in their swimsuit.

Our goal as a high-fashion, designer swimwear company is to make sure ALL swimwear-related issues are addressed for ALL women. If you are a BeachCandy Babe that's looking for a way to feel sexy with a little more coverage, then look no further.

Swim skirts and cover up skirts are a fabulous way to gain more coverage all while looking sexy. Tons of our customers rave about how comfortable and carefree they feel in our skirted swimsuit.

They are designed with comfort and security being top on the list. In addition, the material hugs your curves in all the best ways and has zero squeeze. They are also great for our adventurous and active babes out there.

You will feel confident and carefree enough to play around at the beach or even go for a beach side jog. Once you slip one of these babies on, you will understand what we are talking about. Read on to see the several options of skirt swim styles for women that we carry and find the best skirted swimsuit for you.

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Best Swim Skirts


LISA Swim Skirt

First and foremost, the LISA Swim Skirt is going to blow you away. This designer favorite gives you an edge of feminine grace with just the right amount of coverage.

The LISA was designed to be able to pull over any existing bikini bottom. It is is lightweight, comfortable and a perfect addition for the more modest look poolside. With a fold-over waistband for tummy control this is a perfect piece for the thigh conscious woman.

This bikini skirt was designed with the needs and wants of every one of our customers. Here at BeachCandy, we have first hand experience with understanding what a woman wants in a swimsuit. After listening to thousands of our customers, we have understood that it comes down to comfort, support, security, and style.

The LISA Swim Skirt is the epitome of that. So sexy and fashion forward on the outside and incredibly comfortable and supportive on the inside. We could not be more proud of this design. Our BeachCandy pieces will forever make you feel confident and sexy.

Pair this fantastic pull over skirt with any BeachCandy top & bottom. Our personal recommendations would be as follows. The STACIA Scrunch Boyshort Bottoms for full coverage & even a bit of tummy control or the SKYLER Slimming Bikini Bottoms for a sleek second-skin-like feel. As for tops, you cannot go wrong with any BeachCandy bikini or tankini Top. 

skirted bikini bottom

KYLIE Swim Skort

The KYLIE skort swim bottoms are one of our most popular bikini bottom alternatives year after year. We have designed the KYLIE Swim Skort Bikini Bottoms with full coverage bottoms attached underneath along with a chic hold-in waistband to eliminate any unwanted squeezing at the hips.

This is the perfect all-inclusive swimsuit skirt style. Similar in style as the LISA, yet this one comes with a built-in BeachCandy swimsuit bottom. It truly is a must have for your closet this summer. The KYLIE Swim Skort is perfect to mix and match with any bikini top or even a cute tank top!

Like all our skirted bathing suits, the KYLIE Swim Skort has been carefully crafted inch by inch to feel good on your body. Let us rephrase that--feel INCREDIBLE on your body.

The KYLIE Swim Skort is one of our most comfortable alternative bottoms. You will never want to take this off. You should never feel like you can't be sexy just because you want a little more coverage. 


beach pareo wrap


MARIA Short Sarong Wrap

If you are looking for something different than a swim skirt, a Sarong is a great choice! Sarongs are beautiful lightweight pieces of material that look beyond glamorous wrapped around your body.

A sarong provides more coverage and is extremely adjustable. The MARIA Short Sarong is our designer’s must-have recommended cover up.

Our swim sarongs are made of a lightweight stretch nylon/spandex blend mesh that is comfortable, soft, and quick-drying. Perfect for wrapping over any bikini bottom for quick coverage poolside or on the beach.

The material is cut with longer tie-ready ends that can be gathered for a shorter, sexier sarong, or left a little longer for more coverage.

The MARIA Short Sarong creates a beautiful draping on your waist which ultimately slims your waist line. Additionally, Sarongs are small and easy to transport. Toss it in every beach bag and you are good to go for every summer day. 

long sarong swimsuit cover up

MARIA Long Sarong Wrap

The MARIA long sarong wrap is our designer’s must-have recommended cover up. In addition, the MARIA is great worn multiple ways.

It can be tied at the hip in the classic swim sarong look, or wrapped around the body and tied at the neck for a quick dress coverup. So easy to throw on over any BeachCandy while you are still able to show off your unique designer swimsuit.

The MARIA Long Sarong is the perfect example of how more coverage can leave you looking even sexier. Just looking at the photo above, you can imagine how glamorous and flawless you will feel when you put this one.

Thus, the long sarong is perfect for our sophisticated goddesses out there. In fact, we are so excited for you to feel as beautiful as you look.

versatile cover up

SABRINA Beach Cover Up

Meet our SABRINA Beach Cover Up, the wonderfully versatile swimsuit cover up.  Wear this great cover up 4 different ways for a new look every time you step out of the water! One-shoulder dress, strapless dress, as a boat neck, or a skirt.

In fact, it's an absolute fan favorite at BeachCandy! Order it to match your BeachCandy swimsuit and complete the look like never before. 

reversible layered skirt

VIDA Reversible Skirt Wrap

This is a skirt for our fun and adventurous BeachCandy Babes out there! This fabulous skirt is a perfect way to have a little more coverage all while feeling fashionable.

The flowy skirt will distract from any upper thigh insecurities you may have. The beautiful movement and detailing will make you feel like an absolute goddess. This cover up skirt will definitely make the heads turn.


Thank you for reading all about our incredible swimsuits for the thigh conscience woman. Please let us know if you have any questions while shopping our swimsuits. Whether you seek a traditional one piece, high waisted bikini, or swim dress bathing suit, we've got you covered.

If you would like to contact our customer service team directly, we can be reached by email, live chat during business hours, or phone. Learn more about our sexy beach cover ups and our famous bra pad inserts, now available so you can have boosted cleavage in most tops or bras.

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