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SKYLER Slimming Bikini Bottoms

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ELLEN Padded Corset Back Swim Top

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Swimsuits for Women over 50

Swimsuits for Women over 50

Finding a perfect swimsuit that ticks every single box is hard enough. As we get older, our needs and preferences in a swimsuit change which is perfectly fine! Short and simple - we have higher standards in swimwear which is never a bad thing. The matter at hand is finding a swimsuit that matches up and fulfills all of our swimsuit needs.

Here at BeachCandy Swimwear, we are known for designing extraordinary bathing suits. Our famous fit and swim pieces are meant to flatter women of every size, age, and shape. Our goal is to design swim pieces that every woman feels confident and beautiful in. So, no matter your age, you feel 100% yourself.

Below are our top choices of swimwear for women of 50. Because at the end of the day, every woman deserves to feel absolutely fabulous in a swimsuit all of their own.

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Slimming One Piece Swimsuit

ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit

The ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit is one of BeachCandy's best sellers among our clientele. The ELYSIA offers elegant and clean lines for a simple yet classy swim look.

Due to its intentional design and style, the ELYSIA helps elongate the torso, allowing for the slimming effect. The ELYSIA helps accentuate the hourglass shape of a woman, creating elegant lines and dimensions.

The ELYSIA features an elegant, feminine backside while also supporting the bust line. This go-to one piece swimsuit offers complete coverage and support. Both back and front, while also giving an overall slimming effect to one's figure. Women instantly fall in love with the ELYSIA for its classy, minimalistic look and its overall flattering effect.   

best bikini

ELLEN Padded Corset Back Swim Top

The ELLEN Best Bikini Top is not only one of our top-selling bikini tops. But also one of our most versatile. Our ELLEN Bikini Top fits every woman with any bust size.

The ELLEN beautifully lifts and accentuates the cleavage in a classy, elegant manner. Meanwhile, also offering complete and full support. Our ELLEN Bikini Top also comes with extra padding if you have a smaller bust size or wish for a fuller, more accentuated bikini look.

Not only does the ELLEN have an extremely flattering front look, but the ELLEN also features a beautifully designed back. With several straps and peepholes, the ELLEN also flatters one's back. The flirty straps and holes offer a classy and fun aspect to the simple bikini top.

If you wish for slightly more glitz and glam, you can add our signature Swarovski Candy to the shoulder straps. Our Swarovski beading is hand-sewn at our California headquarters so your bikini look is perfect right down to the crystal. Find the Perfect Bikini Top for You.

seamless full coverage swim bottom

MADDY High Leg High Waisted Bikini Bottom

The MADDY High Leg High Waisted Bikini Bottoms are the perfect solution to all of your tummy control problems. Our MADDY bikini bottoms rise higher up than regular bikini bottoms to ensure complete and full coverage to your problem tummy areas. The MADDY is one of our seamless bikini bottom options. Offering optimal comfort and support with a high cut leg.

We have designed and crafted the MADDY high waisted bikini bottom with only the best materials and fabrics. Our BeachCandy swim fabrics offer optimal stretch and support to hold everything together and in place. You'll be ensured complete comfort and support when you wear our MADDY bikini bottoms.

Due to its high-waisted style, the MADDY bikini bottom helps accentuate the classic, feminine hourglass shape. The MADDY offers optimal coverage with a flattering, accentuating effect. Available in three separate colors, you can purchase even just one pair of our MADDY bikini bottoms and mix and match them with any of your own bikini tops. No matter your body type this bikini bottom was born to flatter.

Handkerchief Tankini Swimsuit

JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top

The JENNA handkerchief tankini top is a completely new twist on the classic tankini swimsuit. The JENNA tankini top features a beautiful v-shape front that is aesthetically pleasing to both the wearer and the beholder. Don't be thrown off by the v-shape front of this tankini top. Like a classic tankini swimsuit, the JENNA tankini top offers complete tummy coverage.

The handkerchief design on the JENNA offers a clean yet careless feel and look to the tankini swimsuit. The JENNA tankini top also features a built-in shelf bra. This intuitive design and addition in part of our designers offers optimal support. This ensures complete comfort all day long.

Our beautiful JENNA tankini top is available in four separate colors and prints. Not only can you style your JENNA Tankini top with the matching JENNA bottom, but with your favorite bikini bottom as well! No matter how you decide to wear your JENNA Tankini top, you'll be comfortable, covered, supported, and look absolutely gorgeous.

foldover waistband bikini bottoms

KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bikini Bottom

The KIMBERLY Full Coverage Bikini Bottom is rightfully named! Our KIMBERLY bikini bottom ticks all of the boxes for those with a little tummy problem. The KIMBERLY offers complete tummy control, full coverage, and does not squeeze at the hips. So, not only does it cover any problem areas, but you will be completely comfortable while wearing your KIMBERLY Bikini Bottoms.

The waistband is elastic-free, so you'll be pinch and squeeze-free. The KIMBERLY's moderate rise also helps create a seamless, hourglass shape and look. The KIMBERLEY bikini bottom also features a high back, offering complete coverage and support. All of these different aspects of the KIMBERLY ensure you'll be completely comfortable and supported when lying out poolside or at the beach.     

swimwear for women over 50

LUCY Flared Tankini

Another BeachCandy tankini option that will not fail to please. The LUCY Flared Tankini is your simple, classic tankini look. This tankini features clean, simple lines to complete your modern and elegant swim look. The LUCY tankini has a flared out design to create a tankini top that is not too fitted but still accentuates a woman's figure.

We designed the LUCY Tankini with a slightly lower cut neckline. The neckline features a rounded cut to flatter and accentuate the neck and top portion of the body. The neckline also helps accentuate and elongate one's overall look.

The LUCY Tankini also features our distinct BeachCandy built-in shelf. Our built-in shelf offers optimal support so you are comfortable and supported all day long. You also have the option of adding additional padding so you can get your ideal swim look.

Supportive Swimwear for Mature Women

TARA Halter One Piece Swimsuit

The TARA Halter One Piece Swimsuit is a fun twist on the classic one piece swimsuit look. Like our ELYSIA one piece swimsuit, the TARA offers clean lines to elongate the torso.

This then adds an overall slimming effect to the swim look. The perfectly fitting torso helps accentuate and draw attention to one's waistline, achieving a beautiful hourglass shape. The TARA one piece suit also contains a supportive bust line to accentuate and support.

The back of the TARA One Piece Swimsuit is just as flattering as the front. The TARA features a criss-cross back cut that helps accentuate the back while adding a flirty peephole. There is also a self-tie detail in the back in addition to the halter neck tie.

This small detail adds a little fun twist and design to this flirty one piece bathing suit. The TARA one piece bathing suit is available in both a solid black and exciting prints for whatever mood you're in. Hand sewn Swarovski Candy beading is also available for extra glitz and glam to your swim look.     

cute tankini for older women

SOPHIA Ruffle Tankini

The SOPHIA Ruffle Tankini takes a festive turn on the classic tankini. The SOPHIA contains a classic tankini design with the addition of beautifully crafted ruffles on the front. The ruffles add a flirty twist to the simple tankini look while never looking overwhelming.

The SOPHIA Ruffle Tankini is one of our most supportive swim top pieces. With the addition of wings on both sides of the tankini top, the SOPHIA Tankini holds everything in while also keeping its shape. The SOPHIA tankini has a classic tankini design so you can avoid a tight tankini top and be comfortable in your swimsuit all day long.

Along with the classic tankini design, the SOPHIA Tankini offers optimal tummy coverage to cover any of your trouble tummy areas. We have also designed the SOPHIA with adjustable straps in the back so you can fit your SOPHIA tankini top to your liking.     

sexy swimsuits for older women

KYLIE Swim Skort

If regular swim bottoms aren't exactly your cup of tea, why don't you opt for a swim skort? The KYLIE Swim Skort is the perfect alternative for a classic bikini bottom.

Year after year, the KYLIE Swim Skort has proven to be one of our top best-selling bikini bottoms and for good reason. The KYLIE Swim Skort provides optimal coverage.

Even more than a regular bikini bottom. So you can feel comfortable and confident in your swimsuit no matter where you go. The KYLIE Swim Skort is also designed with a hold-in waistband. This ensures your swim skort will stay right in place without any unwanted squeezing or pinching.

The KYLIE Swim Skort is available in six different colors and prints so you can find your ideal swim bottom. Between a classic black or a boho Native print, there is a KYLIE Skort to fit every personality and woman. Not only will you be able to mix and match your KYLIE with your favorite swim top, but you'll also look and feel your very best.


At BeachCandy Swimwear, our ultimate goal is to design swimwear and pieces that every woman can look and feel confident in. Over the years, we have listened and understood our clients' requests.

From our priceless fitting room feedback we have learned how they want to feel when they wear a bikini. Taking this feedback into account, we have designed and styled swim pieces and swimwear that tick all of the boxes of an ideal swim piece.

Didn't find your ideal swim piece? Check out more of our world-class BeachCandy swimsuits that flatter for all women on our website! If you have an ideal swimsuit design and style in mind but can seem to find it on our website, feel free to reach out directly.

We can help you design and create the swimsuit of your dreams. Don't forget to follow us on all of our social media platforms so you can stay up-to-date on everything BeachCandy. 

Did you know BeachCandy makes the perfect gift for the woman you care for most? Swimsuit shopping can be a dreaded chore for most women so the gift of the perfect swimsuit is priceless. There is nothing like the substantial high quality of a BeachCandy swimsuit for women. When women try on a BeachCandy for the first time it is a love affair that lasts a lifetime. 

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