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best bikini tops for women

Finding a bikini top for your day out to the pool is already a hassle in of itself. But, what is even more difficult than simply locating a top in your closet is buying it! Finding and buying the perfect bikini top that ticks all of the boxes may seem impossible but, with BeachCandy Swimwear, this is no problem at all.

At BeachCandy Swimwear, we believe every woman deserves to own a swimsuit they feel and look their absolute best in. We have listened and understood women's requests about what they wish to see in their dream swimsuit and have applied this feedback to our swim designs. We have specially designed and styled only the best bikini tops to tick all off the boxes of an ideal swimsuit top. Check out our top picks below and find your ideal bikini top today.

All of our BeachCandy Bikini Tops can be styled with your favorite bikini bottom or with any of our BeachCandy bikini bottoms - all available on our website.

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triangle bikini top

ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top

Our ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top is one of our best-selling BeachCandy triangle bikini tops. It has proven to be one of the best triangle bikini tops on the market by our customers and there's no question as to why. The ALEXA Triangle Top is one of our most supportive bikini tops due to its ingenious design and style.

Our ALEXA Triangle Top packages together optimum fit, ideal construction and design, and the best quality on the market. With its aesthetic triangle design, the ALEXA Bikini Top helps enhance cleavage while offering full and optimal support.

The ALEXA Triangle Top will ensure to keep everything in place so you can relax and be comfortable all day long. Our ALEXA Bikini Top is flattering on any cup size. Our designers especially recommend our ALEXA Bikini Top for women with slightly larger cup sizes.

The ALEXA Triangle Top is available in six different shades and prints so you can mix and match your bikini top any time! If you wish to add a bit extra glam to your ALEXA Bikini Top, add our BeachCandy Swarovski "candy"! All Swarovski "candy" is hand sewn and detailed so your bikini top is perfect down to the crystal.

To complete the look, pair with our most popular ALEXA Bikini Bottoms. Those classics can never go out of styles! Honestly, they can go with any swimsuits tops but those two ALEXAs are the perfect pair naturally. They are born to be the perfect pair.

So don't hesitate, bring those two together and give out that chic neat look! With the best adjustability, comfort, and the perfect fit, this classic bottom is our bestseller! It also comes in cheeky and full coverage, two different cuts which can fulfill two different wants from out BeachCandy Babes.

Scoop Bikini Top

JENN Scoop Bikini Top

The JENN Scoop Bikini Top is ideal for those women who lean on the sporty side of life. Our JENN Bikini Top has a classic sports bra-like design to offer optimum comfort and versatility. This simple yet elegant bikini top can be mixed and matched with a myriad of bikini bottoms.

So, pull out your favorite bikini bottom or even pick one out here at BeachCandy - no matter what you decide, you'll look put-together and classic with your JENN Scoop Bikini Top.

Our JENN Bikini Top has a gorgeous low scooped neckline that beautifully elongates the chest and torso. The scooped neck design also modestly flaunts the bust line while keeping everything in place and in line. The JENN Scoop Bikini Top also features x-strap bikini details in the back.

This slight yet elegant accessory helps spice up the simple bikini top while also ensuring extra comfort. The criss-cross straps in the back are also adjustable so you can adjust your JENN Bikini Top to your exact liking.

The JENN Scoop Bikini Top is available in four gorgeous prints and colors. Every color and design is specifically picked so you can style your JENN Bikini Top with your favorite bikini bottom. If you wish for slightly more support or push up, you can opt for extra padding at checkout.

criss cross halter bikini top

EMILY Criss Cross Halter Bikini Top

The EMILY Criss Cross Halter Bikini Top is a fun, flirty twist on a classic halter bikini top! We have redesigned the classic, much-loved halter bikini top in our EMILY Halter Bikini Top and our clients absolutely love it. Not only have we added a few more fun details and accents, but our EMILY Halter Bikini Top also encapsulates all of our clients' requests and necessities they want in their ideal bikini top.

Our EMILY Halter Bikini Top has proven to be one of our most versatile and comfortable bikini tops. Its classic halter style and flirty accents allow for its easy versatility and matching up with any bikini bottom. The EMILY Halter Top is hassle-free and extremely comfortable. It offers optimum coverage and support so you can truly enjoy your day poolside or at the beach.

Luxury Designer Swimwear for Women

Our EMILY Halter Top has a beautiful criss-cross design on the front of the bikini. The criss-cross design has proven to be extremely supported and covering, more so than classic bikini tops. The adorable peephole in the front also adds to the trendiness of the overall look! You will feel both sexy and covered when you show off your EMILY Halter Top on your next vacation.

The EMILY Halter Top also comes with adjustable straps in the back of the bikini. This will allow you to adjust your EMILY Top to your preferred liking, enhancing comfort and confidence.

Feeling way too shiny in a party and you want to step back? We are glad that you feel absolutely gorgeous in this top but we always got your back! Meet our SABRINA Beach Cover Up. You can use 4 ways to style this cover up top to style your beach or pool party look. With this top on, you may feel more comfortable to meet and talk to people.

Showing off your body is fun when you feel good, but if a modest and slightly conservative look is what you want, then SABRINA Beach Cover Up is your best option.

Handkerchief Tankini Top

JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top

To be completely honest, no one ever went wrong with a classic tankini top. However, when you wear the JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top, you get classic, comfort, and versatility all in one! With a new design and twist to the classic tankini top, the JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top will be your go-to bikini top every pool or beach day.

The JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top is the perfect option for those opting for a bit more tummy coverage in their ideal bikini top. The handkerchief design on the JENNA offers optimum tummy coverage in a fashion-forward manner. The delicate v-shape detail is a gorgeous aesthetic element while keeping the classic tankini style. Our JENNA Tankini Top offers a carefree look without you having to compromise comfort for style.

The JENNA Tankini Top features a built-in shelf on the inside of the bikini top. This built-in shelf helps offer additional bust support and comfort so you don't have to worry about a thing. This additional insert to the JENNA also ensures everything stays in place while keeping its shape. If you wish for slightly more accentuation or coverage, you can also opt to add in extra padding.

Our JENNA Tankini Top comes in four different shades and prints. Each one is a beautiful versatile shade that can be easily styled to match any bikini bottom or cover up.

Strapless Bikini Top

LILY Swarovski Strapless Bikini Top

Our LILY Strapless Bikini Top is great for women of all sizes with any cup size! The LILY Bikini Top is made with only the top material and fabric on the market. With this, the LILY Bikini Top offers full support and coverage while also being a strapless bandeau-style bikini. You will be completely comfortable with no irritable pinching or squeezing. You'll be assured that everything will stay in place and hold its shape no matter your size so you can enjoy your pool day all day long.

The LILY Strapless Bikini Top has a beautifully designed v-cut in the front of the bikini. The front v-cut is designed with wire in order to hold its shape all day long. The LILY's delicate front v-cut is not only a gorgeous fashion-forward statement but helps elegantly accentuate the bust line while keeping everything in place. You can also add extra padding if you wish. No matter your cup size, you will look and feel gorgeous in your v-cut LILY Bikini Top.

Luxurious Details Handcrafted with Care

The LILY Bikini Top also features an adjustable tie detail in the back of the bikini top. This additional detail will allow you to adjust your LILY Bikini Top to your measurements and liking for optimum comfort all day long.

We offer our LILY Bikini Top in four easy to style and match colors and prints. No matter which print you opt for, your LILY Strapless Bikini Top will match perfectly with your favorite bikini bottom. Don't forget to add a bit of glam with our BeachCandy Swarovski "candy"! This small addition truly pulls the entire look together.


To complete the look, try to style with our Fringe Skirt Cover Up. It's an amazing cover up skirt that will not hide the shine of your LILY Swarovski Strapless Bikini Top! It actually will flatter all body sizes and body shapes. The waistband is so flexible and fits your body comfortably. Such a sexy and sophisticated combination with the bikini top! Wear this, and you will be the center of attention!

flare tankini with shelf bra

LUCY Flared Tankini

Sometimes classic and simple is the best choice to go for and, to be honest, our BeachCandy LUCY Flared Tankini is the best choice for you. The LUCY Flared Tankini is one of our classic BeachCandy bikini tops. We have taken this classic swim piece and have adjusted and styled it to fit every woman's wants and needs in their ideal swimsuit.

The LUCY Tankini top is designed in a flared-out shape. This prevents the top from becoming too tight or falling too close to the body, allowing for a more flattering look in a tankini swimsuit. The flared-out style also helps to accentuate the waistline and enhance the feminine hourglass figure further.

The LUCY's classic yet simple design also provides for optimum tummy coverage for those women who are slightly more conscious about their tummy area. You'll be able to cover your tummy while also looking gorgeous and be completely comfortable.

Like our other tankini tops, the LUCY Flared Tankini has a built-in shelf. This shelf helps support the bust-line without unwanted pinching or squeezing. Not only is this one of our most comfortable bikini tops, the built-in shelf also provides extra lift and support.

The LUCY will ensure everything stays in place and keeps its shape so you can be comfortable and carefree all day long. Our LUCY is also another swim top that has extra padding available if you wish for a little extra oomph in your swim look.

The LUCY tankini features a low, rounded neckline to elongate the chest and torso. This flattering and unique neckline design is a simple way to add an extra flair to this classic swim look.

Find Your Favorite Bikini Top Ever...

We believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident in a swimsuit that is all their own. Our goal at BeachCandy Swimwear is to create and design swimsuits every woman feels and looks their absolute best. Learn more about our cute tankini swimsuits like the SOPHIA Ruffle Tankini in the video above...

Over the years, we have heard our clients' requests and what they specifically want in their ideal swimsuit. We have taken their feedback and applied it to all of our BeachCandy Swimwear designs. As a result, we have been able to successfully design and create swimsuits to fit every woman of every size, age, and shape.

If you didn't find exactly what you were looking for in our blog post above, no worries! Check out our other BeachCandy designs on our website!  If you had a specific design or image in mind, please reach out to us directly! We are more than happy to work with you to create the swim look of your dreams.

If you encounter any issues, please contact us and our customer service will most certainly help you. Don't forget to check us out on all of our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) so you can stay up to date on all things BeachCandy Swimwear. Gift Cards Available.

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