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NEW Organic Collection of Lifestyle Clothing

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting forBeachCandy Swimwear is proud to announce our newest product line: our Be the Change Organics Collection!

After 12 years in business, BeachCandy has decided to take a turn for the better of the fashion industry. During the growth of our brand, we had goals of discovering superior ways in giving back to our planet. By utilizing our ability to shift toward more sustainable techniques. We researched, developed, and curated ways to contribute sustainable and ethical efforts to the environment. 

Preserving the environment is important to us. We are encouraged to hopefully change the fashion industry every step of the way. Our planet has suffered enough from human interference in situations like fast fashion pollution. Therefore, our brand has chosen the right way by handcrafting our pieces with organic, natural, and sustainable materials. 


Organic Be the Change Collection Pieces 

The organic collection presents a line of products with ancient Indian block printing techniques. You can choose different organic colors from a range of natural, indigo, pale pomegranate, and turmeric.

Long sleeve organic linen shirt

Organic Linen Button-Down Shirt 

 The perfect throw-on top awaits you. Our linen button down shirt is a beautifully stitched piece with light and non-sheer qualities. 

The linen-button down is a versatile piece that can be worn and styled in multiple ways. You can pair it as an addition or main attraction to any outfit. It can be worn on its own as a top or a cover-up for a swimsuit. Or wear it open and layered over a t-shirt, tank top, or cami for extra warmth and style.

The button-down comes in four different colors/patterns. Depending on your preferences, you can choose any color that you prefer that matches your vibe. There are four colors/patterns that come in the linen button-down shirt. Organic mud, indigo, and pomegranate block print are timeless in the BTC collection.

Tuck in the front part of your linen button-down to your Khadi wrap skirt for an unmatched summer look.

Organic Cotton Wrap Skirt

Organic Cotton Khadi Wrap Skirt 

 Level up your bottoms collection with the Khadi wrap skirt. Skirts are a must-have for your wardrobe. You can never go wrong with switching up your jean rotation for a flowy skirt. 

Our khadi wrap skirt has a soft and smooth 100% organic cotton material. To give you the high fashion look you’ve been searching for. It’s always fun to implement a little change in the way we dress up every day. The khadi wrap skirt is the perfect base to build on an outfit in any direction that you see fit.

You can pair this wrap skirt with a white tank top, straw hat, and comfy sandals. The ultimate mid-summer outfit. Pair this skirt with our Khadi crop top to make this skirt even more complete. 

Organic Cotton Crop Top

Organic Khadi Cotton Crop Top

Here we have the Khadi wrap skirt’s sister, the Khadi crop top. Crop tops are the ultimate comforting piece that you can rely on for any occasion. 

This cute top has a halter, crop top feature with a high v-neck look. Thickly lined for a braless concealing fit to let the girls breathe. Available in four different prints: organic mud, organic indigo mud dye, organic pomegranate, and organic turmeric. Each pattern can be worn alone or as a set depending on your direction toward a simple or complex outfit. 

Organic Cotton Block Print Tunic

Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Tunic 

From the cut to the colors, our short tunic will have you comfortable, fashionable, and unique. 

This top features a low-cut v-neck with bell sleeves and a long flowy finish. You can pair this piece as a top or even as a swimsuit cover-up.


Organic Cotton Silk Handkerchief Dress

Dresses are an embedded part of the spring and summer. It is without a doubt that they are the most comfortable pieces of clothing to slip on whenever they’re worn. Our handkerchief dress is a gorgeous and comforting piece to wear at any time of the day. 

It is carried in three different colors: our natural clover 8-star block print, indigo mud dye, and pale pomegranate third eye. The dress has a triangle handkerchief look near the bottom of the dress and a halter detail around the neck. 

Organic Eye Mask

Organic Cotton / Silk Eye Mask 

Surprise, our new organic essentials collection carries more than just apparel. Our eye mask is another amazing piece that we’re carrying for those sleepless nights. This product is available in one size in two different organic block prints. Shop our eye mask in either organic indigo mud dye or organic pomegranate.

Feel more luxurious when you’re preparing for bed with our new organic eye mask. You can even pack this piece with you for your awaited long-haul airplane travels. 

Cotton Wrap Dress

Organic Cotton Wrap Dress 

Our second dress is something you won’t want to miss. Our wrap dress is a charming piece that can be worn at any upcoming event. Our wrap dress is a timeless entire look that can be wrapped and secured to the side with a bow. 

The sleeves have a bell shape feature and are offered in three different colors. This dress comes in the indigo third eye, pale pomegranate block print, and natural clover 8-star block print.

Organic Cotton Wrap Robe

Organic Cotton Robe 

Do you need something to lounge in at home? This handcrafted organic cotton robe is the perfect asset for your at-home self care style. Wear this for extreme comfort when relaxing, getting ready to go out, or with your cup of coffee in the morning. Our kimono-style robe is perfect for anything that requires lounging around while at home. 

Organic Cotton Tote Bag

Organic Cotton Tote With Pockets

We’ve got another essential accessory in our organic collection. Our BC Tote is the perfect on-the-go tote bag for all of your necessities. It has plenty of room for your everyday items like your wallet, phone, sunglasses, keys, and more. 

Versatile Organic Cotton Caftan

Organic Cotton Caftan Dress (Multi-Ways to Wear) 

Our organic cotton caftan dress is the ultimate guide to a once-in-a-lifetime, extraordinary piece. 

This piece is truly versatile. You can style it in ways unimaginable to fit that fun and comfortable vacation vibe you so desire. If you’re looking for ways to style it, think of wrapping a belt around your waist for a more defined and structured look. Or if you like the flow and flexibility that it offers, leave it loose for an oversized look. 

Organic Cotton Button Down Shirt Dress

Organic Cotton Belted Shirt Dress

This organic belted shirt dress is our most celebrated dress of the organic collection. This dress features a front-line buttoned look with a belt that comes with the dress to tighten around the waist area giving you that hour-glass shape. This organic icon comes in two plant-dyed block print patterns: our organic mud dye & organic turmeric. 

Organic Block Printed Cotton Flare Pants

Organic Cotton Flare Pants

Don’t underestimate the power of these pants. They are long and breathable pieces that can give you the look of a skirt but the comfort of oversized pants. 

For a full boho-looking set, you can pair these pants with the Khadi crop top. Or short tunic for a more modest look. The opportunities are endless with this piece, just open your mind to the different possibilities.

Organic Cotton Sarong

Full/Short Organic Cotton Sarong Wrap / Scarf

Handcrafted with 100% organic cotton and dyed with natural vegetable dyes in our making process. Our sarong piece comes in full size with four different colors to match the rest of the line. You can wear it as a set with our other pieces or alone with a swimsuit top and bottom. 

The sarong is extremely versatile as it can be worn in any way you see fit. Pair the sarong as a skirt or alongside your bathing suit as the perfect organic cover-up.

Organic Cotton Head Wrap Scarf

Organic Cotton Head Scarf

Next up, a timeless trend--the head scarf. Block printed with natural plant dyes and handmade in India with premium organic Indian cotton. Our head scarf can be paired with any piece in the BTC organics collection.

Written by Hannah Eltounsy.

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