How To LOVE Swimsuit Shopping!


Are you asking yourself what is to LOVE when Swimsuit Shopping?!

At BeachCandy we know that swimsuit shopping has to be the WORST thing ever. Women rarely say to each other,

"You know what sounds fun?" ... "Trying on skin tight swimsuits under florescent lights!"

Right?! So that's why we're excited to introduce you to, how to love swimwear shopping! We have a new, interactive website, that lets women shop for swimsuits from the comfort of their own homes. With over 2000+ options for personalization on each swimsuit, this is an experience like you've never had before.

How To Love Swimsuit Shopping

Plus, if you still can't find what you're looking for in our Ready-To-Wear Collection, we also make completely custom swimsuits. Every stitch is placed where you want it, and every detail is yours to decide!

Still not convinced? Let me explain:

Let's start with our Ready-To-Wear Collection. We design each and every piece to solve a problem with swimwear.

Do you hate the pain of a tie around your neck all day? We have a top for that. What about feeling like your chest is hanging freely, unsupported? We can fix that too.

Have you ever looked for a bikini bottom with coverage somewhere in between a Brazilian bottom and a grandma bottom? Impossible, right? Not anymore.

Do you have a C-section scar you want your swimsuit to conceal?

We help women with that exact issue daily.

A sexy one-piece with a little extra tummy coverage?

We can do that too.

Cheeky backside, but covered front? Tons of cleavage, but no underwire? Done and done.

See, we specialize in custom swimwear, so for the last decade, we've heard requests for everything that real women want in a swimsuit. From that insight, we design every piece of our collection. We are constantly updating, tweaking, and redesigning our pieces to be classic, timeless, and effective in making you feel your best in your swimsuit.

How many times have you compromised with swimwear? Settled for a $20 department store suit that's fine, but only lasts one summer? Seen adorable suits hanging in a store, only to leave empty handed because nothing fits quite right? Or how many of you have put on a bra or panty and thought "if only I could have a swimsuit that fit like this"?

Ringing any bells? These are the questions we used to design our brand. We are tired of women having to compromise, especially with something so personal like swimwear.

So, we've created the best way to shop for swimwear, no matter what suit you're looking for!

And what's the best part, you ask?

Easy: if our Ready-To-Wear Collection doesn't work for you, we also offer 100% custom designed swimsuits. Like, literally whatever suit you dream up in your head, we make to fit you perfectly.

You can send us a bra, panty, picture, or even just an email with an idea you have in your head, and we'll make it happen. Because we know how difficult it is to feel confident wearing next to nothing - so take our advice, and begin to learn how to LOVE swimsuit shopping!

Take it from one of our custom swimsuit clients who found an amazing one-piece suit in our 2017 Ready-To-Wear Collection:

Shop our Ready-To-Wear and see for yourself the magic in our different styles and customizable options: Shop Here!

Or opt to take our Signature Custom Swimwear Quiz and begin the design process: Custom Quiz Here!

Check out our last blog on shopping for swimsuits online here!

Questions? Call us 24/7 at +1 855-519-9509

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