How Should a Swimsuit Fit?


how should a swimsuit fit

How Should a Swimsuit Fit?

This is the question every woman asks as she heads into the summer season. It's the holy grail we all chase, finding the perfect swimsuit. But a perfect swimsuit seems like a joke, we know.That's why we're here today! To give you our thoughts on the ultimate summertime question: How should a swimsuit fit?!

From the industry experts (us!) on custom swimwear (which means we are truly the queens of fit), we give you:

4 Tips for the Perfect Fit with your Swimsuit!

#1: Comfort is KEY! Finding a comfortable swimsuit is more than just the material. You need a swimsuit you feel comfortable and confident swimming, walking AND sitting in. Your perfect swimsuit should feel strong without feeling tight, substantial in the way that your favorite yoga pants hug you just right!

#2: Your boobs! We all have them, and we all love 'em and we all hate 'em. So how should a swimsuit fit your boobs? In your perfect swimsuit, your bust line should feel lifted and supported, without feeling bulky or heavy. You should be able to hang out all day in your swimsuit and never feel the aching at your neck, pulling at your back, or feel like you're "hanging" a little too much.

#3: Say No to Muffins! (Tops that is.) The perfect swimsuit won't hug or squeeze your hips, but also isn't too loose. Too loose around the waist means saggy bottoms - which nobody on this planet would willingly choose. There are tricks of the trade that help with getting rid of muffin tops too! Keep an eye out for bottoms that are seamless - this technique gives a soft edge to the waist and legs that won't hug, squeeze, or dig. Plus, we're proud to offer a selection of coverages, because we get that not everyone wants low rise skimpy bottoms! (Although we do have some super cute ones if you're into that!)

#4: Last but not least, we think every woman, no matter your age, shape, or size, should be PROUD of what you're wearing! At BeachCandy we believe that women should feel their best in a swimsuit, and that the compromise needs to stop! If you have to tell yourself "this is good enough" then it's NOT! You should be able to find a swimsuit that you wouldn't change a thing about, because let's face it, swimwear isn't hidden under clothing like a bra and panty, it's the only thing you have on!

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xx, BeachCandy Swim Co.

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