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Feast to Wellness, Coming Soon

After one year of Wellness Wednesdays, our female founder has intuitively taken things to the next level. In response to the outpouring in our inbox, we plan to transition the brand to an even further ethical standpoint as we prepare to launch an organic non-toxic line of high fashion style and accessories into 2023. And our efforts do not stop there, but into the realm of food and health.

Our female founder Brit now lives symptom-free after a crippling battle to recover from a spinal autoimmune disease. We are proud to announce the launch of a cookbook containing all the recipes she and her husband created to reach a symptom-free life after numerous requests for the “diet” that she used to lose 40 pounds and keep the weight away for good. 

“The truth is all the weight I had slowly gained over the years was an accumulation of inflammation, and I learned this after I ate only anti-inflammatory foods for over 30 days. After learning about the toxicity of our food sources in America, I truly believe inflammation is what plagues us all…”

Healthy fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices.
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Each and every recipe in the book – from small plate tapas, to savory side dishes, to healing meals, soups, and sauces – will have you salivating your way to wellness, as you can feast as often as you like on these meals that heal. You'll never feel like you're missing out on tasty foods when following this colorful guide to wellness. 

Each recipe has an excerpt with the nutritional benefit of each dish so you can empower yourself with each bite to your best self. 

“I’ve researched all the anti-inflammatory cookbooks and did not find much that inspired my taste buds to turn non-toxic living into a lifestyle. In fact, once I stopped following the books and focused on the nutritional benefit of each food was when my body truly began to rejuvenate itself.”

How BeachCandy Got Its Start Over a Decade Ago…

Original BeachCandy Storefront in Corona Del Mar, CA

BeachCandy began as a local custom swim shop on the shores of Newport Beach, California. After a decade of making one-of-a-kind swimsuits for women from around the world, we began to speak up during the pandemic via our podcast Real Women Shine and from there, the rest is digital history as the brand exclusively moved to an online platform.

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