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Modern Vintage Swimsuits for Her

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Modern Vintage Swimsuits for Her

A trend that has made a huge comeback in the past years is the vintage inspired fashion trend, clothing but most importantly swimsuits are being designed with a vintage flair that everyone loves. From the cinched high waisted bikinis to classic cut swimsuits with cute prints, vintage style swimwear are an absolute must have for any bikini lover out there. 

At BeachCandy we make sure to adhere to trends that our babes love, that's why we have created swimsuits with a vintage inspired style that never compromise style for comfort so that you look and feel your absolute best while being on trend.

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strapless vintage style one piece swimsuit

OLIVIA Strapless One Piece Swimsuit

It was mandatory to include this piece in our list of vintage style swimsuits. The OLIVIA has a chic retro style that take us back to the 60’s. 

The cinched waist created by the tie at the front is reminiscent of swimsuits that women used to wear back in the days. The high cut leg was also a design taken from vintage style bathing suits that offers the ultimate elongated leg look that suits anyone. This one piece was made with a foam shelf bra for the best support and the high quality fabric, as always doesn’t squeeze uncomfortably. 

Look and feel your best in this trendy one piece.

ELLE Simple One Piece

A classic one piece is a staple swimsuit that any woman needs in her closet, and it's been that way for years. One pieces were must haves when hitting the beach back in the days. Our ELLE one piece is the perfect swimsuit to add to your collection for an easy vintage inspired beach day.

This classic piece will hold you perfectly while the the high cut leg design will give you the perfect elongated leg style. 

Available in our Aqua Snake print, this suit combines two trends that never go out of style, the animal print and retro swimwear trend. In this piece you will look amazingly stylish wherever you go. 

ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom

We had to include a high waisted bottom to this list as it was a staple of vintage swimwear fashion. BeachCandy has created the ultimate high waisted bottoms that are super trendy and that make us travel back in time. 

These bottoms are not only super cute, they also offer the best tummy coverage for any babe who is tummy conscious. It holds every inch of your curves without squeezing you so that you can be comfortable all day long. These fashionable bottoms can look flattering on all kinds of body types and will give you the ultimate hourglass shape that will make you feel like a goddess. 

BRIDGET Tie Front Bikini Top

This gorgeous top was also something you could see on the beaches back in the days. 

The tie front is a super cute design that makes it easier to put the top on. The underwire gives great support and won’t make you uncomfortable. The BRIDGET top is supportive and secure for any woman from cups A through E. 

Pair this top with the ASHLEY bottoms mentioned just before fro the ultimate vintage style swimwear that will make you stand out anywhere you go. 


Both top and bottom of this bikini style is reminiscent of 90’s swimsuit fashion. It has the glam factor that many love and reminds me of Claudia Schiffer’s swimsuit from the Chanel runway back in 1994.

This over the top bikini is a must have and will have all eyes on you this summer. The top is super supportive and will lift your cleavage perfectly. The bottoms will hug your curves comfortably while you enjoy the sun.

What makes the BILLIONAIRE BIKINI stand out with is its hand-sewn Swarovski crystals. They add the ultimate glamor to a classic two piece to give it a 90’s supermodel vintage look that you need ASAP.

retro swimsuit dress

HOLLY Womens Swim Dress

Swim dresses were some of the original swimsuits that were rocked by women back in the day. That’s why I had to include our HOLLY swim dress to this list, it has the ultimate vintage look that is to die for.

This piece offers you the coverage you need in all the right places. The halter top attached to the skirt of this piece is loose so that you feel comfortable while looking your best. This dress is super feminine and can be worn in or out of the water for a retro inspired look. 

retro strapless bandeau bikini top

HEATHER Underwire Bandeau Bikini

I’m sure that this top could have been seen on the beaches back in the 60’s. 

The HEATHER top is simple yet sexy, it offers great support with its built-in underwire and the perfect lifted cleavage. This top is perfect for a sunny day when all you plan to do is tan, it will help you avoid any tan lines so that you are left with the perfect after sun glow. 

Pair this top with our high waisted bottoms for a cute and simple vintage inspired summer look. 

vintage retro style swim skirt

LISA Swim Skirt

The swim skirt was very present in the early years of the swimsuit, when women were into a more modest and feminine look. 

This piece is designed with a foldable waistband for more or less tummy coverage as well as a no squeeze feel to keep you comfortable. Wear the LISA in or out of the water for the ultimate coverage that remains trendy. 

Pair this swim skirt with the BRIDGET bikini top for a fun and flirty vintage inspired beach look. 

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Thanks for reading about some of our top non polka dot vintage swimsuit picks. Be sure to browse the rest of our website for more styles and while doing so, if you feel like you have any questions, make sure to reach out to our expert staff and they will be happy to help. Learn more about our long torso swimsuits >

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