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Chic Tummy Control Bathing Suits

At BeachCandy Swimwear, we strive to create swimsuits that you’ll love for a lifetime to come. We have a wide product range that we have designed to give you just what you’re looking for for any circumstance or occasion. Whatever your needs are, we work with you to create an experience that will have you feeling like your best self. 

We know that a common issue many women have when going to the pool. Is finding a stylish suit that covers just enough without showing too much or too little. There doesn’t have to be a caveat when shopping for a new swimsuit. 

We have worked side-by-side with many women. In order to address their top concerns when it comes to swimsuit shopping. The common issue that we have found is most women want to find the perfect swimsuit that also provides tummy control. The problem however is, so many swimsuits and swimwear companies in the market may be stylish, but lack functionality. Or vice versa.

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At BeachCandy, we pride ourselves on our unique designs that also allow for amazing support, functionality, and tummy control. We have created many different pieces that will show off your curves and help you feel secure in your day-to-day swimwear activities. 

Our pieces are made of the most high quality materials. Thus creating the most slimming swimsuits on the market. And we simply can’t wait to see you loving yours. Look your best and make it look easy in a BeachCandy swimsuit.

Feel slim and tucked in without feeling uncomfortable. Balance is everything when it comes to feeling amazing in a swimsuit and we feel as though we have created the perfect balance of all your needs and wants.

tummy control bikini bottoms

ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottom

One of our favorite pieces that provides excellent tummy control for a slimming look are the ASHLEY High Waist Bikini Bottoms. If you’re looking for a classic and stylish bikini bottom with tummy control these are the right choice for you. 

These are the perfect bottoms for a slimming effect around the waist. Because they provide the right amount of coverage while still staying high class and chic. The ASHLEY High Waist Bikini Bottoms come in many different colors, patterns, and sizes. To assure you will find the suit that matches your unique style beautifully.

Fashion forward and flattering on every body shape and size. The ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms are an amazing alternative to the classic bikini fit. This stunning bikini bottom is cut to perfection with figure slimming ruching at the waistline. And our famously thick lining for extra tummy control and added slimming effect. 

The ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms have a modest back without being too old school. It’s the perfect balance of coverage, comfortability, and sexiness. Not to mention, the ASHLEY bottoms look absolutely amazing paired with any of our bikini tops.

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MADDY High Leg High Waisted Bikini Bottom

Another one of our stunning and sexy tummy control swimsuits is the MADDY High Leg High Waisted Bikini Bottom. This is another beautiful suit if you’re looking for a bikini style piece swimsuit. As we know, sexy really doesn’t have to mean revealing. And the MADDY swim bottoms prove just that. 

The MADDY High Leg High Waisted Bikini Bottom is a beautiful solution for hiding problem areas and tummy concerns. The fit is slimming, high waisted and functional with its seamless and cutting edge design. The MADDY creates a feminine hourglass shape beautiful on any body type.

High leg and high waisted bottoms are perfect for active use as well as relaxing by the beach or pool. Constructed with seamless edges so that nothing bulges or squeezes too tight. These bottoms slim and shape and very well might just be the most comfortable pair you will own. Easily paired with a variety of bikini tops.

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TINA One Shoulder Tankini Top (sold out)

If you have a preference for womens swimwear other than the classic bikini style, try out some of our tankinis. One of our best selling tankinis is the TINA One Shoulder Tankini Top.

The TINA is one of our best selling pieces due to its comfortable tummy support and classy design. Our babes rave about how timeless and stunning the one shoulder top is, and just how confident they feel while wearing it. 

With its unique design and beautiful Swarovski Candy shoulder detailing. The TINA One Shoulder Tankini Top takes tankinis to the next level. Another amazing thing about the TINA One Shoulder Tankini is the supportive shelf bra. The built-in shelf bra brings added support and redefines the curves of your body like a dream.

The TINA One Shoulder Tankini Top is a beautiful spin on the classic tankini swimsuit style. Our TINA brings an essence of elegance as opposed to the classic and modern two piece.The one shoulder design of the TINA creates a gorgeous neckline and a seamless finish to the body.

The TINA One Shoulder Tankini Top comes complete with our Swarovski Crystal Candy detail on each and every piece. This gives a flare of glamour that is durable and long lasting over time. You simply can’t beat the elegance and sophistication that this suit embodies.

Not to mention, this chic suit is a classic tankini in a fresh and beautiful cut. For any woman who is looking to feel sexy and confident while staying secure and comfortable. The TINA One Shoulder Tankini Top is an excellent choice for you. 

This is also another one of our suits that looks beautiful when paired with any number of bikini bottoms. It can be mixed and matched with your choice of full coverage, cheeky, or thong bikini bottoms. This top is versatile and will be sure to make you feel like the knockout you are.

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LUCY Simple Flare Tankini (sold out)

Another stunning tankini option that provides outstanding tummy control is our LUCY Simple Flare Tankini. The LUCY is functional and sexy for any woman on the go. The LUCY Flare Tankini also has a built-in shelf bra like many of our other suits. So no need to worry about lack of support in the bust area.

This suit in particular is fantastic for active women with its low and rounded neckline, that keeps you staying in place all day long. The flared design of this tankini top is also not only beautiful but has a breezy and fresh feel that won’t make you feel confined. 

The LUCY Simple Flare Tankini is loose fitting, but yet oh so stylish. The LUCY looks amazing on any body type and has excellent full coverage if that is something you are looking for.                

The flared cut of the bottom hemline makes the LUCY fit loose and comfortable with a tank top feel.  The LUCY Tankini will give you the best comfort and support you need, no matter how active you are. 

The LUCY Flare Tankini has many stunning details that make it so unique but our favorite thing about the LUCY is the unmatched tummy control. Be sure and say goodbye to all your tummy control concerns. Because the LUCY has you covered. This suit is flirty, fun, and functional for summer fun. 

LIZ Ruffle Strapless One Piece

One amazing tummy slimming one piece is the LIZ Ruffle Strapless One Piece Swimsuit. The LIZ One Piece comes with detachable straps along with a ruched waistline. And off-the-shoulder ruffle neckline for a slimming effect. 

We know you will fall in love with the way the LIZ One Piece falls off the shoulders so beautifully while simultaneously distracting from any problem areas. This one piece is the ultimate contender when it comes to a strapless swimsuit.

The LIZ is a flirty and fresh take on the classic one piece swimsuit. This strapless swimsuit will stand out on any beach and flatter all body types. One pieces are a great option for our babes’  who are looking for extra coverage and control without losing style. This suit is beautifully slimming and we can’t wait to see you try it out.

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