Top 10 of the Best Tropical Outfits 

Top 10 of the Best Tropical Outfits 

What’s better than listening to your favorite reggae playlist on a dedicated beach day? Listening to your favorite reggae playlist on your next tropical vacation. 

A tropical vacation is the perfect way to spend your summer–from laying out under large palm leaves to swimming in the warm waters of the Caribbean. You’ll take pleasure in reading on the sand with a cold coconut drink to cool you down from the warm weather. A tropical environment is the perfect place you want to be when you want to disappear from the bustling headache of the city. 

After a long winter, we are ready for the heat. You need to prepare for ice cream on Coronado Island in San Diego and snorkeling in Cancún, Mexico. So, make room in your wardrobe for those upcoming summer days. If you’re thinking of starting a new summer wardrobe for your tropical excursions, it’s never too early to start now!

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Enjoy the heat in your dream tropical destination with outfits that will make the experience even more special. Here are some of the top 10 best tropical pieces to choose from while preparing  your perfect islandly beach vacation outfits.

1. HALLE Lace Up Bikini Bottom

The HALLE Lace Up Bikini Bottom is an amazing option to choose from. This bikini bottom has a beautiful corset-style detail to give it more of a feminine touch and can be paired with its matching top, the HALLE Corset Bikini Top

These bottoms are comfortable to wear to the beach when you’re ready to jump in the pristine waters of Oahu. We offer several colors and prints to choose from. Our palm print shown above is a convenient print for a tropical beach occasion.

long cover up dress

2. CARNAVAL Maxi Cover Up

If you’re looking for a light, soft, and airy cover up that can be easily thrown on, our CARNAVAL Maxi Cover Up is the perfect maxi dress option for a hot tropical vacation. Within a tropical environment, it is bound to be humid and sticky. So what better way to accommodate for this than with a silky smooth cotton material dress that can be versatile and styled in so many ways.

Lace Bikini Top & Bottom

3. LA QUINTA Lace Bikini Set

Any vacation is made better with a little bit of lace in it. Our LA QUINTA Lace Bikini Set has intricate lace details for a spicy look to a tropical vacation.This two piece set is made in black or white and can be worn for a morning or night time swim if you want to have more swimwear variety throughout each vacation day. Pair this set with our electric pink ATHENA Turquoise Pendant Necklace to give this bikini outfit a pop of color.

Floral Tankini

4. JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top

Change up your swimwear beach style and try out our JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top. This swimsuit top is a fun way to switch up your style and offers incredible coverage for the tummy area. We offer six different styles and colors to match the aesthetic of your vacation location. 

You can even style this tankini as a top to wear out with a skirt or some cute shorts. The possibilities are endless with this cute top.

Swimsuit cover up skirt.

5. MARRAKESH Boho Maxi Skirt

Twin with the color of the beach to get beautiful and aesthetically pleasing photos with our MARRAKESH Boho Maxi Skirt in our turquoise or azul color. This maxi skirt will make for a cute beach outfit paired with a sun hat after a long day of sun bathing and swimming in the ocean. Your summer outfit with this skirt will be perfect for a stroll along the beach taking photos until the sun goes down. 

You can pair this detailed skirt with our NATIVE Seed Bead Earrings in turquoise to complete the look. We offer these earrings in five different colors that are versatile in any tropical outfit you wear during your tropical getaway. 

Tropical one piece swimsuit.

6. ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit

If you don’t prefer swimming in a two piece but want the palm print design in a swimsuit, our ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit will fit the occasion all while giving you comfortability and style. You’ll be looking and feeling good in this slimming one piece swimsuit on your tropical experience. This swimsuit comes in a range of colors and designs to give you options that accommodate your taste and what you like to wear. 

If you simply want variety in swimsuit styles, a one piece swimsuit is a must in your collection and what’s better than getting it in a palm print to match the theme for your tropical island escape?

Long denim dress

7. LORETTA Button Down Denim Dress

Sunburn is no joke, you’ll definitely want to have something in your collection that will offer you sun protection whenever you feel like you need it. Our LORETTA Button Down Denim Dress is great for those tropical days where you feel like covering up from the sun, but not feeling too restricted in a long sleeved piece. This dress offers the right amount of flow to make you feel good on the go with options to either dress it as a cover up or a night-out outfit.

Scoop bikini top

8. JULI Tie Front Bandeau Top

Our JULI Tie Front Bandeau Top in almond is giving tropical vacation vibes. You’ll look stunning in this bikini top that can be styled in multiple ways that it’s just hard to choose from. This bikini top can be worn as a bandeau, tie neck halter or criss cross for some extra vibrancy. Make this your versatile bikini top as a part of your tropical wardrobe with either the black or almond color.  

You can even pair this top with our gorgeous almond LILY Swarovski Hipster Bikini Bottom to complete the set if you want this bikini top to have the perfect match with some extra pizazz. It will make the stunning bikini set of your tropical dreams!

Reversible skirt cover up

9. VIDA Reversible Wrap Skirt

If you’re looking for a beach wrap skirt with a flirty design, go for our VIDA Reversible Wrap Skirt. This skirt can be worn with two designs on each side to elevate your effortless beach look. This skirt can be worn in multiple ways to give you that tropical vibe in any way you choose to wear it. Pair this skirt with our NAMASTE Bamboo Handle Handbag when you’re on the way to the local beach market for some snacks.

sexy monokini swimsuit

10. SANTORINI Side Tie Monokini

Last, but certainly not least, our SANTORINI Side Tie Monokini is an amazing pick to a tropical outfit. This swimsuit has a luxurious feel to this unique fit. The SANTORINI Side Tie Monokini has the perfect amount of coverage for the tummy and pairs well with any beach cover or extra large sun hat you choose to style it with (check out our TIFFANY Oversized Floppy Beach Hat!) You’ll truly feel like a tropical queen on the beach with this one-of-a-kind swimsuit on.

See more cover ups and accessories in our Resortwear Collection

Tropic Ease 

These 10 outfit ideas are meant to be a fun guideline of what will look and feel good when in a tropical place. You'll want to be as unrestrained as possible when on this stress-free summer getaway. BeachCandy Swimwear has several options to make you feel like you’re all about the chilled vibes on this much-deserved vacation. 

If you want to get ready for a tropical summer, you'll want to be packing all of the right outfits with you. Plan out and decide on the theme of your tropical paradise to make you live up to the moment as much as possible.

Your summer getaway is getting close, so be prepared to throw on your denim shorts and bikini top all summer long. 

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Written by Hannah Eltounsy

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