Style Inspired by FRIDA KAHLO

Style Inspired by FRIDA KAHLO

Style Inspired by FRIDA KAHLO

FRIDA KAHLO, a famous Mexican Artist during the 20th century, is iconically known as a powerful woman, confident in who she was, and not afraid of self-expression. Through her artwork during the 20th century, she was able to express strong messages and symbols to further exemplify her way of life with Diego Rivera. 

Embrace your inner FRIDA and incorporate her attitude into your summer swimwear. KAHLO has always been known as a powerful woman, confident in who she was, and not afraid of self-expression. Embrace your inner FRIDA and incorporate her fearless attitude into outfits inspired by her style this summer. Below are some ways to create a fierce fearless swim look this summer.

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FRIDA Cover Up Wrap Dress

FRIDA Cover Up Wrap Dress


The following suggested cover ups are sheer and fragile, much like Frida once was. She was constantly transparent with the intense and powerful feelings held inside of her very soul. Juxtapose to her delicate and small appearance, which she so often depicted in many of her self-portraits. The following cover ups portray a sleek strength & power when worn.

Featuring a V shape neckline at the top, this dress is perfect for any occasion. This dress cover up wraps around the body and drapes to reveal an open back, creating the perfect coverage. At the hem of the fabric are ruffles for a feminine effect. The mesh fabric creates an outline of the body, which flirts with the balance of exposure and coverage. One-size-fits-all, this dress is a perfect evening cover up.

beach cover up

SABRINA Beach Cover Up

A versatile addition, like this dress, can be worn 4 different ways. Wear it as an off the shoulder dress, a skirt, a strapless dress, and a boat neck dress, pick one for any mood. The mesh creates great breathability and movement in the fabric, especially at a breezy location. One-size-fits-all, this dress is a quintuple threat. 

Handkerchief Tankini Top

JENNA Handkerchief Tankini Top


Frida was outspoken about any opinion or emotion of hers and demanded them to be heard. Expressing herself through colorful symbols and dramatic metaphors, she was graphically authentic with her art. This season we embrace her traditional Mexican style & love for life by designing a few exclusive FRIDA-inspired prints in the collection >>>

FLOR FUERTE, a bold and beautiful chevron-like pattern with a vibrant yellow pop scattered with the flowers in her hair FRIDA commonly adorned herself with.

A strapless top that hangs into a V shape, giving the appearance of a handkerchief. This creates an opportunity for tummy coverage and movement in the fabric. A built-in shelf bra provides support, which can be compounded if push up pads are chosen as well. This top is the perfect balance between a bikini and tankini.

Bandeau Bikini Top

MADDY Bandeau Bikini Top & High Leg High Waisted Bottoms

Another strapless option, the MADDY has a straight neckline and removable push up pads. The top, with wire lining, creates enough security so that it can be worn at the beach or pool. Because of the tight clasp at the back, this top isn’t even thinking of falling. The high waistline is a fantastic solution for any tummy concerns. While the high-leg elongates the thigh and creates the illusion of legs for days. The modest suit cinches the waist and emphasizes an hourglass shape. 

REVOLUCIÒN, strong passionate stripes aligned in uniformity & bright color. This print has a commanding FRIDA-like presence of power & beauty for 2019. 

Womens Swim Dress

HOLLY Womens Swim Dress

This dress is a swimsuit in disguise. The halter neckline has ruching at the front, detailing the bust. The dress then extends to an A-line cut, and the hemline is dressed up with flirty ruffles. Included are built-in shelf bra support and a full coverage one piece is sewn in underneath. 

supportive bikini tops for women

ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top & Bottom

A classic triangle bikini top, with sizes ranging from XS to XXL. Add push up pads for extra support and lift. Also, the option for SWAROVSKI crystals to jazz up the swimsuit is always a good idea. This top is an easy way to enhance the bust and feel confident. 

Pair the ALEXA Triangle Bikini Top with these bottoms. The ties on the side are a nice detail & make sure to add SWAROVSKI crystals to take it to the next level. Opt for the cheeky or full coverage fit, and choose between half, full, or no scrunch. Either way, this suit will fit fantastically. 

beach pants


Life is full of ups and downs, it’s never a smooth ride, and Frida’s life was certainly no exception. Shake up this summer and add some dimension & texture to your swim look!

EMILY Criss Cross Halter Bikini Top (photographed above)

The material criss crosses along the neckline, perfect for a chic look that also provides amazing coverage. The EMILY drapes to produce a keyhole cut out in the center, creating a sultry effect. The top is full coverage and supportive with adjustable strings in the back for a customizable fit. Fall in love with the rushing effect when the fabric crosses along the neck.

high waisted bikini

ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

A perfect match to the EMILY, these high rise bikini bottoms have ruching along the tummy. Created to smooth out any concerns or worries, the ASHLEY also cinches at the waistline to create an hourglass figure. Because the bottom is full coverage, this fit ensures the best security. 

scrunch bikini bottoms

ROCHELLE Ruffle Bikini Top

An exciting take on the classic triangle bikini, the ROCHELLE features a flirty design. The ruffles vary in color and emphasizes the bust in the best way possible. Perfect for those who want to be bold and draw attention.

Thank you for reading about our 2019 Style Inspired by FRIDA KAHLO. If you have any questions while shopping feel free to contact our expert team for assistance. It is our pleasure to help you find the perfect fit.

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