Most Romantic Islands in the World 

Most Romantic Islands in the World 

Romance is alive and well in cities worldwide normally known for their romantic reputations, but do you know the most romantic islands? 

There are many amazing options to choose from when searching for the perfect romantic getaway for you and your significant other. If you want to avoid visiting busy high-touristy locations, visiting an island can be the perfect option. 

Spending intimate time with your partner on a beautiful island vacation is the one of the best ways to strengthen a romantic connection with one another. Simple activities from a sunset beach stroll to relaxing lagoon swims will complete the utopian dream. There are endless activities to enjoy as you rekindle the romance on an island getaway. 

Islands are the most romantic vacation destinations where the experience alone will completely reshape your life. The natural beauty of the white sand beaches and glowing blue waters will leave you and your partner feeling connected with nature and each other.

There will be no pressure to face in this type of vacation--just you, your partner, and the ocean. 

Here is our list of the most romantic islands in the world: 

Bora Bora

Bora Bora
Photo by Julius Silver

Bora Bora is a clean lagoon-like island located in French Polynesia. This island is the perfect romantic getaway as it does not receive massive crowds that fill up the island, making a very calm, relaxing, and quiet experience. While visiting the island, you can enjoy staying in an overwater bungalow where the bright light blues of the ocean glow right under your feet. You’ll feel like you have your own luxury villa on a private island for the duration of your trip. 

If you want to experience a fun little adventure while on this island, book a tour to visit Mount Otemanu, which is an ancient volcano with a very high peak of over 2,000 feet. Don’t miss out on the fun bonding experiences that you can have while on the island. This is a time for you and your partner to relax and connect on an island made to fit the romantic pleasures of the two of you. 


Photo by Jess Loiterton

Another island located in the South Pacific is the island of Hawaii. The Hawaiian islands offer many qualities that many other islands do not. It is a beautiful paradise mixed with the fun of a city. If you and your partner are not comfortable traveling away too far from home or are worried about experiencing the drawbacks of island fever, Hawaii is the best place for you. 

Hawaii is an island diverse in various activities that can be explored wherever you go. You can experience the beauty of the islands through Hawaiian native culture, food, adventures, music, surfing, and more. After landing on this heavenly island, it will be difficult to ever leave. 

If you and your partner bond over the adventure of exploring nature and are encouraged to see cascading waterfalls within the islands, visit the Na Pali Coast to fulfill those dreams. Hawaii is really made for a bit of everything filled with all of the special activities that you’ll want to experience. Pack up your suitcase to prepare for a romantic escape to paradise. 


Bungalows at the Maldives
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives

These islands in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives, is a beautifully romantic island destination to visit. The Maldives is a step up to romance as it offers several intimate activities to take part in. If you really want to focus on the beauty of your relationship with your partner, Maldives is an amazing place in which to do so. You’ll be doing exciting romantic activities that will bring you two even closer together. 

The activities are endless in the Maldives to truly make intimacy achievable on a daily basis. There are private outdoor movie screens to cuddle up with your partner and watch as you’re both surrounded by pristine blue water and soft white sand. Hammocks and swings are also available to lounge on while you hold hands and gaze at the unreal sights that circle you in all directions. 

Stay in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives to give you the ultimate experience of a heavenly romantic beach vacation. This is the best way to spend time with your partner as even staying all day long in your hotel room is fun in itself. 

St. Lucia

Interested in visiting the Caribbean islands? St. Lucia is one of many beautiful picks from the islands that are located in the Caribbean.

This island has a captivating natural beauty that is admired by tourists from all over the world. St. Lucia has many attributes to discover from its long history to its natural attractions. On this island, you will find it hard to run out of things to do. You and your partner will find the fun in taking volcanic mud baths and waterfall showers all day long. 

As you plan the details of your trip to this Caribbean island, make sure you look into staying at the Jade Mountain resort. There, you’ll experience the most tranquil romantic stay on the island with your partner. This resort offers romantic options that you can acquire to make your stay extra special. Go for their private dinner option for two at the ocean water’s edge or even dine under the stars on their celestial terrace. 

St. Barts

Who doesn’t like to feel like they’re in Europe while on a tropical vacation? 

St. Barts is an over-the-top gorgeous island also located in the Caribbean where your experience will feel the most exclusive. The island is composed of beautiful greenery and turquoise waters at every angle. St. Barts is an extremely romantic place to catch up with your loved one and simply enjoy the luxury of a high-end destination. You can enjoy the adventures of swimming in the coral reefs or just stroll down along the Parisian-style boutiques and restaurants that fill the island. 

Romantic Getaway

Each island listed above has its own special quality that makes it different from any other island. The most suitable or perfect destination for you depends on what you and your partner prefer. There are many things to consider when deciding on the best island that fits your definition of what is a romantic getaway. From adventurous excursions to relaxing and laid-back preferences, everyone has a different way of viewing the most perfect romantic vacation. 

As you plan the vacation, decide on what aspects each island has to offer and what makes you the most excited to visit. Remember to be open to new things that will make your island getaway worthwhile every second of the trip. 

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