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The Real Icon Swimwear for Women

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The Real Icon Swimwear for Women

The word Icon means a person who is respected and idolized. When the word “icon” comes to mind we tend to think of the celebrities we see in movies and on social media. Here at BeachCandy we believe all women are icons and that is how we want them to feel about themselves when putting on our timeless swimwear. We create collectable iconic styles for all women to feel beautiful, confident, and sexy.

ELYSIA One Piece Swimsuit

This is the ELYSIA one piece in a beautiful and fun palm print. This one piece has great bust support and half back coverage. This is the perfect swimsuit if you want to show a modest amount of cleavage, but want to show a little sexy back. New meaning to business in the front and party in the back.

It is a great one piece to wear to the beach especially in the tropical palm print. This beautiful palm print one piece will have you standing out in the beach crowds. 

HALLE Corset Bikini Top

Without further ado, we would like to highlight our best-selling icon swimsuit. The suit that we have picked out for our iconic women is the HALLE corset bikini top. A lot of sexy bikini tops are not popular for their comfort, however the HALLE top gives you support, but also that sexy feeling. 

It provides you with an amazing lift and comfort that no other sexy swimsuit can. With the laced front, you can customize how much you want to show or how much lift you want for the top.

This is the perfect poolside bikini to show off your amazing beautiful bods or just a gorgeous bikini to lounge in while tanning up at the beach. The HALLE bikini top is perfect for women who want bask in their own confidence.

MARIA Long Sarong Wrap

We have also picked out the MARIA Long Sarong Wrap. In a classic color, this would pair beautifully. Either with the HALLE top to make a fabulous beach day outfit and give you a sexy sheer cover up. This gorgeous combo gives women that extra sexy feel even when they are feeling a bit self conscious. 

GINGER High Back One Piece Swimsuit

The GINGER High Back one piece swimsuit is a simple yet sexy piece. It is a high back one piece which gives your back full coverage but also has a sexy element with the underboob hole. Learn more about our bathing suit sale for women >

This is perfect for the beach when you are trying to avoid getting your back burned by the sun but want to show off some sexy beach vibes. This is the perfect swimsuit for when you feel like covering up but have the confidence to show the world a little bit of sizzle.

Swimwear Designed in Partnership with Susan G. Komen

In this article we would like to highlight our breast cancer survivors. Because they are people who also deserve to be respected and idolized. We want to support and empower them to feel like the super confident and sexy women as they are. That is why we created our #strongertogether swimwear line. Because we believe breast cancer survivors should be celebrated like the iconic warriors they are.

We created the #strongertogether collection to focus on the concerns and problems survivors have when shopping for swimwear, to make sure that they feel nothing, but beautiful when wearing our swimsuits. 

This is the Komen #strongertogether Breast Cancer Bikini Top. This was created in collaboration with local breast cancer survivors to help address problems these beautiful survivors have when looking for bikini tops. We have created this top with pad pocket inserts to give these women the flexibility to customize their bust. There is also extra support added to the top for great scar coverage.

This beautiful and comfortable bikini top is pictured with the sexy Komen #strongertogether bikini bottoms. These bottoms were created to be easily adjustable and hugs your tummy in all the right places so that you can feel good while rocking this amazing look.

Shop Iconic Timeless Swimsuits for Women Online Now

Here at BeachCandy we want to empower and support women by helping them feel confident and sexy in their swimsuits but also comfortable as well. We are here to make beautiful swimsuits that address all the concerns of all women, to make sure they are comfortable but also feeling gorgeous. 

It is amazing that we are able to collaborate and make swimsuits for breast cancer survivors that provide pocket inserts for prosthesis to give each individual the symmetry they want so that they can start strutting on the beach feeling like icons. If you are looking to feel more like an icon make sure to add our iconic Signature Swarovski Candy to your swimsuits for an extra touch of sparkle.

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