How to Organize Bikinis

How to Organize Bikinis

Best Bikini Organizer for Women

How to Organize Bikinis

How to organize bikinis? Have you ever gone on a vacation and felt like you can’t find the top to the correlating bottom? And overall, felt on organized with all your precious swimsuits. 

Each BeachCandy swimsuit is so special we we decided they needed a proper home while in transit. There is nothing like having all your sparkling BeachCandy bikinis all in one place while on vacation.

Therefore, we have designed the Original BeachCandy Bikini Organizer. Finally, you can have all your BeachCandies in one beautiful place. This item is essential for any traveling woman who carries with her more than one swimsuit. And this is just about every woman we know.

bikini organizer for women


More about the Original BEACHCANDY Bikini Organizer…

When developing this incredible organizing tote, we truly thought about all the needs beyond just having your swimsuits in one place. First and foremost, each pocket is sewn in place with a power mesh lining to ensure stable secure storage while in transit. There are six complete pockets in every Original BeachCandy Bikini Organizer so that you can have one swimsuit for each day!

Another fabulous feature is our designer sunglasses loop. Store a pair of your favorite sunnies in this tote for secure travel to your tropical destinations. Last but certainly not least, this tote is waterproof so you can travel carefree without a soggy suitcase.

bikini clutch

How many times if you wanted to take a dip in the pool before your evening flight, but worry about your wet swimsuit in your suitcase?

Not only is this bikini organizer highly functional, but it comes in three high fashion colors. With a color option for everyone, the Original BeachCandy Bikini Organizer is the best thing to hit the swimwear market in 2020. Available in a classic black, a tropical palm print, and a wild cheetah. Shop this bikini organizer for you and all the women you love most!

travel tote for bikinis

Traveling with multiple swimsuits has never felt so seamless, secure, and sexy!


What’s a bikini organizer without a few fabulous BeachCandy swimsuits to go in it… Here are a few of our favorites!

best bikini for women


This classic string bikini is the ultimate must-have for any woman who loves a two-piece swimsuit. This triangle top is second-to-none when it comes to supportive swimsuits in the industry. Sure to lift any cup size A through E cup, every BeachCandy Babe falls madly in love with his suit. 

Furthermore, our classic string bikini bottom does not disappoint any body! Available in a cheeky or full coverage this bottom provides the perfect fit no matter your preference. Don’t forget to add our Signature Swarovski Candy to both top and bottom when you place your order. It is our belief, all women were born to shine in a swimsuit!


The bikini that made BeachCandy Swimwear famous via Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in 2012. Since the brands inception, this bikini bottom has been every BeachCandy Bikini lover’s must-have. Complete with hundreds of hand woven Swarovski Crystals this swimsuit truly shines the brightest. 

In fact, our BeachCandy Babes of all sizes adore this exquisite swimsuit bottom. It is slimming on all sizes for somehow the magical allure of the beading at the hips elongates and slims the waistline.

The difference between the light VIP option and full VIP is merely in the amount of crystals and time taken to create. The light VIP has five strands of Swarovski Crystals across the hip and the full VIP is one completely woven piece. The full VIP is truly a spectacular work of art and both styles are covered under our Swarovski beading guarantee.

Priceless in every color, this bikini is the ultimate swimsuit for any avid bikini lover… Shop our Bestselling Swimwear for Women Online Now >


No bikini organizer is complete without a pair of IVI designer sunglasses. Made with Italian acetate in Italy and Carl Zeiss optical lenses these sunglasses are the ultimate in fashion and function. Our favorites are the BLAKE Aviators and the Classic DAGGERWING Sunglasses paired with any of our BeachCandy swimsuits.

The loop in the center of the bikini organizer is meant for a pair of your favorite shades when traveling. Once the bikini organizer is packed and cinched closed, all will be secure in transit. Once you arrive at your tropical destination merely grab and enjoy. Having all your precious swimsuits in one place is the only way to travel. 

How to Organize Bikinis in an Extraordinary Way...

We hope you enjoyed this article on our favorite new product at BeachCandy Swimwear. While shopping if you have any questions feel free to reach out to our expert team and we would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect fit. There is nothing like the fit and feel of a BeachCandy swimsuit and we cannot wait for you to enjoy one of your very own.

Did you know BeachCandy makes the perfect gift for any woman in your life? Most women struggle with finding the perfect swimsuit throughout their lifetime. This is precisely why BeachCandy makes the perfect gift for any woman. 

We truly have something for everyone and if by chance we don’t have precisely what they are looking for we can create it for them through our World Class Custom Swimwear Service. From moms to wives, BeachCandy makes the perfect gift. Shop our Holiday Gift Guide for Her >


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