Best Road Trips in America 

Best Road Trips in America 

Considering to get out of town for a mini or long, adventurous vacation? Take a few weeks off and do something different: an American road trip with your loved ones!

Road trips are the best way to make every moment count as you make the experience what you want it to be, from the journey to the destination. If you want that raw American experience, a road trip across the country is the way to go. Every route that there is has a certain quality that cannot be found anywhere else. 

From the salty-aired coasts to the dry desert cities of the south, you’ll find a wide variety of regions depending on the route that you take and the final destination that you decide on.

Road trip planning can certainly be a difficult to thing to do. There are several aspects that need to be considered to make a smooth and fun experience since there are different options of road trip routes to choose from in the United States. 

The decision to take a certain route all depends on the scenic drives that you are interested in taking and the things that you want to see or experience at that destination. All other aspects, like your estimated time of arrival, potential bathroom and hotel breaks, food arrangements, etc. are necessary to carefully plan and consider.  

Below is a detailed list of five of the best routes to take in America to make the best road trip possible. 

Route 66
Photo by Pixabay

Route 66

The star of the great American road trip is through the main street of America, Route 66. Route 66 earned its way to the top of the most iconic routes in United States history. You’ll really experience what it felt to be an American during the 50s. So, if you’re looking to experience the true essence of old Americana, route 66 will give you that authentic pleasure. 

Between the endpoints of Chicago and Santa Monica, you’ll feel a level of nostalgia of what life was as you come across bright antique neon signs and drive-in diners. The once heavily used path now carries a historical background identified as the route that paved its way through new America. 

If you want to live up the true feeling of living in an American-based culture, Route 66 is the core of America that you wouldn’t want to miss. If you’re seeking a road trip full of history, this path is marked perfect for your next big trip. 

You can finally visit sunny California in one of the most popular beach cities in the country, Santa Monica. Or you can sight-see beautiful old architecture and enjoy Chicago’s deep dish cheesy pizzas all while experiencing a journey through the heart of America. 

Classic police car in Seligman, AZ
Photo by Guy

To make it a truly unforgettable experience, stop by at the birthplace of route 66, Seligman, Arizona. Seligman is the historical town that inspired Disney’s Cars! You’ll definitely want to bring any Cars fans in your family here.

You’ll find this small town laced with fun signs, decorated cars, mannequins, and colorful buildings. It’s definitely worth it to check out the classic cars that they have on display, gift shops, cafes, and more. It’ll be your own first-hand experience of Radiator Springs–aside from the one at Disneyland. 

Pacific Coast Highway
Photo by Tom Briskey

Pacific Coast 

If you want something more coastal, cruising down the Pacific coast is the best way to experience it. The Pacific Coast Highway starts at Washington state and passes through several glorious cities to the south of the Golden State, California. 

The views of this road trip are strikingly beautiful at every angle and direction you take. You can almost lose yourself at the sight of the Pacific Ocean as you drive through the coastal mountains that soar over your head. Gorgeous oceanic blue views, clean soft sand, and the fresh ocean air make the drive more than worth it. 

Make any big city on the Pacific coast as your sought after destination to experience a culture foreign to home. Cities such as San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, and Los Angeles are amazing places to visit if you want to have a lively beach trip. These cities are rich in seafood, swim, and city lifestyle culture that are evident as soon as you arrive. 

Take a chance with this road trip and embed yourself into the casual laid-back culture. You can even take a detour to a historic national monument to get more insight on historic events in that area. As you pave your way either north or south on the Pacific Coast Highway, you’ll be stunned by the breathtaking beauty of the Pacific coast. 

The Great Northern 

Does this sound like you? You want to stay away from the heat and buzz of the city. Nature is where you feel more at peace and is an ideal vacation spot for you. If so, take the great northern route to hit all of the most beautiful spots of northern America’s natural landscapes. The route starts from Washington and ends in Maine where you can experience a long journey of fresh pine scents after driving across each northern state. 

Glacier National Park
Photo by Sergei A.

This route has amazing natural great plain views and attractions that you’ll want to take in while you peacefully harmonize with the nature around you. Glacier National Park is a great destination for your journey along the great northern route. Explore the national park and partake in activities such as glacier rafting, cycling on the going-to-the-sun road, take a fly fishing course, and more! There is an endless amount of things to do while vacationing here. 

As you make your way to your destination, look out for some things that you might find while on you are the road. Wildlife can be spotted to make your road trip experience even better. You might be lucky enough to spot animals like the bison, ferrets, pronghorn, and fox. Wildlife viewing in any state along this route will be a phenomenal experience that you’ll never forget. 

Throughout this route you’ll also find the best local coffee shops, diners, inns, and resorts to give you a short rest on this long journey. Take a hold of some fresh cherry pie and a delicious cup of coffee on your stop at a local diner while on this trip. 

Atlantic Coast 

The second coastal route to take in America is along the Atlantic coast. If you want to experience a road trip on the east coast, this route will take you exactly where you want to go. From Maine to the southern tips of Florida, this route will allow you to come across gorgeous sightings of the Atlantic. 

Although this route is not as popular as Route 66 and the Pacific Coast Highway, the Atlantic coast deserves the love that it doesn’t receive. As you drive along the Atlantic, you’ll find charming little towns, historical attractions, quirky roadside activities, and heavenly beaches. You’ll even notice the drastic difference between the northern and southern areas of the Atlantic coast. From quiet and clam northern coastal towns of Connecticut to the lively party cities of Florida, you’ll find something to do in any city along the Atlantic coast.

Pick your destination to venture out into the Florida keys where you can experience a once in a lifetime overseas highway along the cool colors of turquoise waters that surround you. On the cusp of the Florida keys, stay at a beautiful resort in Miami to give you the ultimate Florida vacation experience. This will be an unforgettable road trip for you and your loved ones. 

If you prefer the nature side of the route, you can even take a detour while on the Atlantic coast to drive through a gorgeous scenic route on the Blue Ridge Parkway Road while you travel through Virginia to Northern Carolina after you’ve visited the Shenandoah National Parks. This curvy route will make you feel at peace with only nature and the road by your side.  

The Atlantic coast has a variety of ways to approach it, it just depends on what side of the route you’re aiming to visit.  

The Oregon Trail 

From the east to the west, the Oregon Trail is a great way to have a cross country road trip to see a little bit of everything in America. This is another route to take if you’re more interested in an educational trip for you and your loved ones. You’ll be able to experience the wonders of natural America that you don’t get to see at home. 

This route has a more prominent natural route where one can experience sightings of raging waterfalls, fossils, wildlife, stops in museums, small towns, etc. As you take the Oregon Trail, make your destination to visit the natural historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. This destination will offer a storytelling experience about the pioneers and explorers of the Oregon Trail. 

Yellowstone National Park
Photo by Kerry

The Oregon Trail has two routes to take for a taste of the east and the south west so that you can visit some of the most historical cities. This route can also be taken to see amazing natural attractions such as Yellowstone National Park. 

Prepare yourself for the events at Yellowstone that are family-friendly activities where everyone can be involved. You can visit the Grand Prismatic Spring, search for wildlife, see geysers, go ziplining, horseback riding, and more. You’ll find and endless amount of things to do as you begin your road trip adventure across the Oregon trail. 

Road Trips Galore

As you decide on where to road trip to, consider what you’re most excited about seeing in terms of the scenic journey and the destination. A road trip mostly consists of the journey, so it is necessary to really determine what you would find pleasure in seeing while on the road. 

Are you looking for calm oceanic views of the water with mountains lying alongside you? Or do you prefer to be surrounded by tall greenery and rivers? Even a desert with donkeys grazing weeds could be the most fun thing to see. It all depends on what you want to take away from the trip. 

A road trip is a great way to connect with your loved ones. You’ll be spending your road days together traveling to places you wouldn’t have imagined otherwise to visit. It is meant to be as a fun experience that you can remember and appreciate in the future. So, take time to plan out the details of the trip to make the process enjoyable. 

A road trip does not have to be a really long journey if you’re looking for something a closer to home. If you’re from California, take a fun road trip down to Palm Springs for a relaxing resort getaway or to Las Vegas if you’re ready for more excitement. Make that trip that you’ve been wanting to to the place that you’ve been wanting to visit and don’t look back!

Written by Hannah Eltounsy.

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