Are Bikini Bottoms Supposed to Be Tight?

Are Bikini Bottoms Supposed to Be Tight?

In order to answer this question, first let us begin by telling you more about how the BeachCandy brand got started. In 2011, BeachCandy opened its doors as a one-of-a-kind quality custom swimwear shop in Newport Beach, California. Our female founder, a master pattern-maker, believed that all women deserve to feel extraordinary in a swimsuit. And for over a decade, the BeachCandy brand did just that. 

BeachCandy old storefront, Newport Beach.

Women would come from far and wide to design their idea of the perfect swimsuit. And for years, one-at-a-time swimsuits were our business. Now after thousands of orders, Brit and her team noticed several common threads between all the requests women had made over the years. And the tight swimsuit bottom was one of the common complaint contenders. 

In truth, a swimsuit should not be too loose or too tight, but we are often forced to make a choice between the bigger or smaller size

Most swimwear brands are mass produced, made of cheap fabrics, and don't last more than one season. And in order to keep costs down, parts of the design process might be rushed and skipped altogether. Therefore, we have racks and racks of swimwear ill-fitting to the true magnificence of the female body. And what’s worse, most women blame their bodies for the wonky way they feel in most swim they try on. 

What To Do About Too Tight Swimwear?

Keep searching. Much of what has to do with the perfect fit in a swimsuit lies in the fit and feel. At BeachCandy Swimwear, our suits are cut true to the real sizes of women we have studied over the past 11 years. And not always in swim, but certainly with BeachCandy, you get what you pay for and our suits are famously worth every penny, a.k.a., priceless. 

What Bathing Suit Bottom is Most Flattering?

Most women today are wearing the wrong bathing suits for their bodies. Not only do we have an array of cuts for all women but our high quality feel provides you with the support and security to enjoy your day poolside. From high waisted to a thong tie side, bottoms should fit in a way that is comfortable and empowering.

classic bikini bottom
ALEXA String Bikini Bottom in Besamé.

The key is to accept nothing less than the feeling of “unstoppable” in a swimsuit, anything less than is sadly a missed experience of total freedom. We are here to remind you that swimwear, and any garment for that matter, should not feel like prison for your body, but rather a deep sense of creative expression and freedom. So the next time you are wiggling into a swimsuit, observe how it makes you feel.

Shop Famous Bikini Tops, Bikini Bottoms, & One Piece Swimsuit Styles for Women 

At BeachCandy Swimwear, every piece in the collection has been inspired by past customer requests. In fact, each and every style is named after the first woman to inspire them in the first place. Truthfully, in all our years as a leader in the American luxury swimwear industry, we have never seen swimwear made with such care suited perfectly to support the sexy curves of the female body. We encourage you to give BeachCandy a try. After one, you’ll be hooked. Check out our full collection of bikini bottoms with incredible fit, style, and comfort.

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