Women’s Beach Cover Ups

Womens Beach Cover Ups

Womens Beach Cover Ups

Womens Beach Cover Ups... not quite a dress, and not a bathing suit, cover ups are the in between. They include a touch of security when either relaxing by the pool or unwinding at the shoreline. When leaving the ocean side to grab a churro, a cover up is the go-to. In the event that sensitive skin is a worry, and need protection from the sun, a cover up is the principal thought.

Likewise, if shoreline time is followed up by a night of dancing, your cover up has got you covered. Swimsuits and cover ups compliment each other. There are a time and place for both. Look no longer for women's beach cover ups. Just like swimsuits, there is a cover up for every type of customer. Perhaps an A-line dress is an ideal fit. Perhaps something more dramatic, something that feels wild.

Assuming furthermore, something coquettish is wanted, a short dress with certain ruffles is an awesome alternative. There are cover ups that accentuate certain features of the body, and some that play up to the bathing suit. Also, others are meant to be more conservative, and some are best for sun protection. 

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 SABRINA Beach Cover Up

It is difficult to find that cover up that fits perfectly. Something you can trust will look good. We have a dress that will fit everybody and every whim. Should that be something long, short, playful, or sexy, BeachCandy Swimwear is here to help.

Additionally, below are some recommendations to get started. At any rate, it ought to make you consider what will fit best and what will bring the most happiness this summer for women's beach cover ups.

long high neck beach cover up

ANIMALE High Neck Maxi Cover Up

This is a high neck maxi cover up that will be perfect for sensitive skin. Lay out for forever, armed with sunscreen, a fashionable pair of sunglasses, and this dress; a sunburn will be a thing of the past. An excellent transition dress, as well, should the occasion be something poolside, or a summer party. The animal print gives a feeling of someone flirty and wild, while the cut creates security. A great option for women's beach cover ups.

BALI Crochet Beach Cover Up Tunic

This is a shorter dress but has a similar high neck as the ANIMALE dress, so that it will protect most of the body, but especially the décolletage, from too much sun exposure. This one gives off a sweet vibe, with a high low cut, and frills accenting the bottom hem. Also, the neckline is a halter, with blue, yellow, and red flowers crocheted, accented by white tassels. The back has a keyhole cut out, also embellished with crochet flowers and multicolored tassels. The dress is white with little pops of pastel flowers and tassels, which compliment a summer tan, and the season.

festival fringe coverup

Festival Fringe Tunic

A tan body con dress with fringe sleeves and a boat-neck neckline will serve well as resistance to the sun. Also, the perfect blend of sexy and flirty, this dress will have you feeling confident and covered. It hits mid-thigh, so there is security for most of the body.

Feel the full effect of the dress and twirl around, the fringe will dance have a mind of its own. Also, the fabric is full coverage, which makes it more difficult for the sun to burn the skin. For extra protection, pair with a cute wide brim sun hat.

sexy fringe coverup

Sexy Fringe Cover Up

Step out of the comfort zone and go for something slinky with movement. Definitely a fun option for women's beach cover ups. This dress has it all. Wear this little number poolside and it'll create a sexy mood. Also, this cover up has a v-neck neckline with fringe that drapes and cascades, connecting to seams and moving like a dream.

Also, move around as much as possible in this dress to have more fun. Jump, twirl, dance, this dress will add to every dance move. There are two colors to choose from, pewter and black. Each is dramatic. A fun addition for women's beach cover ups.

sexy fringe beachwear

MICHAELA Knit Tie Front Fringe Cover Up

A more toned-down version than the former, this little number is still just as flirty. In fact, this is a short sleeve tunic that hits at the ankle, and ties to create a cinched waist. It has great coverage, which makes you feel covered and secured while also slinky and sexy.

For example, the dress swishes and sways while, making the wearer feel extra sassy. Fall in love with the fringe with every step. Choose pewter or black; either color will suit the perfect summer tan.

fringe beach skirt

Fringe Skirt Cover Up

If a dress isn’t quite what is desired, then a skirt is a great option. This is a one size fits all little number, that comes in a single color, black. Just like a hula skirt, this dress starts with a two-inch waistband, off which strands hang, creating movement and intrigue.

Sway the hips and catch a glimpse of the swimsuit and some skin, give it a twirl, and the fringe is spinning. In fact, perfect for poolside lounging, pair this with a swimsuit that stands out, as this skirt will be an amazing accent.


HARUKO Short Kimono Beach Cover Up

This kimono is an extremely versatile option. No need to keep looking for women's beach cover ups. The lace gives a peek-a-boo of some skin and the swimsuit when tied at the waist. Or, flaunt the body and the suit by leaving it open. The choice is endless.

Black or white lace, both colors compliment a gorgeous bronze tan, which will be sure to peek through. Also, give this look some extra attitude and pair it with the cutest set of sunglasses. Wear it on only one shoulder and show off the sexiest swimsuit. Whether poolside or oceanside, this kimono is a great fit.

open front swimsuit cover up

NIKKI Open Front Cover Up

Another lacy addition to the group, this is a strapless dress with a slit below the bust, exposing the abs and the swimsuit. It drapes along the body and hits at the ankles, flowing with every step. The lace gives that peek of the skin and swimsuit, perfect for showing off the body.

Wear the loudest bathing suit, with the brightest patterns; this cover up will be sure to make them stand out. Choose black or white lace to compliment a summer tan.  Either way, there's no way to wrong.

MARIA Sarong Wrap Skirt

This is a classic wrap skirt. This particular one is a mini, with sheer fabric, made to show off the loudest swimsuit, while giving the perfect amount of booty coverage. Wear an intricate, strappy bikini tops with this one, let them stand out. Also, just let the skirt take the lead, feel gorgeous and rebellious, feel amazing. However, it comes in the colors white, black, and a new color amor, a plum purple. Perfect to just throw on and go. Absolutely a must-have for this summer season.

SABRINA Beach Cover Up

One of our most versatile options, the SABRINA can be worn in 4 different ways. Wear it as an off the shoulder dress, a strapless dress, a skirt, or a boat-neck dress, this cover up can do it all. Stop the search for women's beach cover ups. Also, the sheer fabric adds coverage and security, while also giving attention to the bathing suit. The handkerchief hemline is perfect for adding movement to every step. Additionally, this fit is has a range of colors, leaving nothing to be desired. For every mood, this cover up is perfect for the beach or the pool.

MARTINA Beach Cover Up Pants

These pants fit a variety of sizes 1 to 14, offering coverage for the hips and legs. The waistband is two inches thick, and the pants have a wide-leg pant style. It’s very comfortable for lounging around in almost any setting.

Choose between two colors, black and white, so that it will complement any color or pattern of swimsuit they pair with. An additional color, rosas, is a nude color made of sheer fabric, and an alternative to the lace. Furthermore, show off the most intricate bikini top when wearing these pants.

lace up beach tunic

CHERI Lace Up Tunic Cover Up

This is a long sleeve tunic cover up, perfect for lounging by the pool or relaxing by the shore. Also, this dress will be fantastic protection from the sun’s harsh rays, as the sleeves provide coverage for the arms, and the dress will cover the tummy. The CHERI is a great option for those who feel most comfortable in an A-line fit. In fact, the low cut neckline and criss crossing drawstrings add a nice detail to dress up the look. 

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