Sexy Beach Cover Ups

Sexy Beach Cover Ups

Sexy Beach Cover Ups!! And here at BeachCandy, we take that saying very seriously! Who says you have to wear an itty bitty teeny weenie bikini to feel and look sexy? After all, the best part of any look are the accessories, right? Our favorite accessory to add to any bikini set is a swimsuit cover up.

This is truly the best way to complete a look while feeling both sexy AND comfortable.  Swimsuit Covers come in all shapes and sizes just like women. So, no matter what body type you have you can find a swimsuit cover up to fit and flatter.

In fact, you can easily choose a swimsuit cover up to accommodate your look, to compliment your bikini, and conceal any concerns. A good swimsuit cover up is like a good friend you want on every trip. Here is a list of our favorite sexy beach swimsuit cover ups.

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short tunic cover up

CHARLIE Tunic Beach Cover Up

This swimsuit cover up is the perfect blend of sexy and modest. The drop “V” allows for your bikini to peak out and give you that touch of pizazz without revealing too much. The material is lightweight and flowy giving you plenty of comfort while maintaining an elegant look.

A perfect way to enhance this swimwear cover up is by adding our famous Swarovski crystals.  Who doesn't want crystals? Even more. the crystals line the “V” neck and create a stunning and classy feel. The hem is cut at an incredible length to provide coverage & comfort to any woman. This is a staple and a definite favorite in our sexy beach cover ups edit.

long tunic beach cover up

CHARLIZE Long Sleeve Beach Cover Up

Love the look of the CHARLIE, but wanting more coverage? The CHARLIZE is the perfect solution for you! This elegant swim cover up has long sleeves and a floor length hem giving you full coverage! However, the material has a bit of transparency so you can still show off your rocking body and cute bikini!

Although this swimwear cover up is excellent for anyone, we highly recommend it for our moms out there! You’ll look and feel elegant on any trip with the kids! This swimsuit cover up is far from matronly though and still allows you to be a hot mama!  The CHARLIZE Long Sleeve Beach Cover Up guarantees you to feel more confident and look absolutely fantastic! Add it to the list of your perfect sexy beach cover ups.

high neck maxi cover up

ANIMALE High Neck Maxi Cover Up

This sexy beach cover ups looks and feels more like a sexy beach dress than anything else! Designed for our wild babes out there, the ANIMALE is chic and sexy. Nothing will make you stand out more than this incredible bathing suit cover.  

This swimsuit cover up is full length and covers the entire body but still keeps you looking sexy. We didn’t switch style for substance, however. The fun animal print and high neck design keep you looking great while shielding you from the sun!

This swimwear cover up is the perfect accessory to throw over your bikini. Whether you wear it out to lunch, the bar with your girls, or a fun pool party you'll feel fashionable. This is one of our sexy beach cover ups that create a statement with its fun pattern.

The ANIMALE can be enhanced with jewelry and strappy heels for a night out or kept casual with sandals and a sun hat for the day. Specifically, this is recommended for our glamorous and fun babes out there who like to go out after hitting up the beach! This is a must-have for any vacation.

festival beach cover ups

Festival Fringe Tunic

Coachella is coming...are you ready? We know we are. You will want to be in our Festival Fringe Tunic! Because this sexy beach cover ups is meant to be flaunted at any festival, the fringe will add extra drama. Its design hugs the body tightly showing off all your beautiful curves. The fringe on the sleeves and down the sides of the dress add a flirty and fun look, adding some attitude to every shimmy.

This unique style of The Festival Fringe Tunic isn’t transparent, so you’ll feel covered and comfortable anywhere. Above all, you can wear it over your bikini on a casual beach day or wear alone as a dress to go out! These sexy beach cover ups are super flexible and can be worn at any event!

fringe beach skirt cover up

Fringe Skirt Cover Up

What a look!  This Fringe Skirt that works perfectly as a swimsuit cover is a one of a kind.  The Fringe Skirt Cover Up is flirty, fun, and oh so sexy. This sexy swimwear cover up sits on the hips to accent your waist and flows to the ankles. Its cut out fringe creates a flowy movement similar to a 1920’s flapper girl. Besides, these sexy beach cover ups are NOT meant to cover anything up.

 This Fringe Skirt Cover Up was designed for that fun and flirty beach babe who wants to stand out at that next pool party.  The peep in between each fringe shows off your legs, booty, and bikini bottom. The fit is super flexible making it great for any woman out there! For example, every twirl around the pool or romp on the beach will dazzle all your friends with this fantastic swimwear cover up.

Kimono Beach Cover Up

HARUKO Long Kimono Cover Up

The ultimate addition to sexy beach cover ups. The HARUKO Long Kimono is one of our absolute favorites. If you are looking for a classic and sexy swimsuit cover up that can go with almost any bikini or swimsuit, this is the one for you! This swimsuit cover up is extremely flexible in terms of coverage.

Leave it untied to show off your rocking body and bikini if that is what makes you comfortable.  For those wanting more coverage, feel free to tie it up to conceal more. The HARUKO has a straight fit which doesn’t hug the body allowing you to be comfortable and not worry about any unflattering pinching, squeezing, or scrunching.

This bikini cover up is perfect for the beach because the long sleeves protect you from the sun and the cold! The HARUKO Long Kimono Cover Up is a solid choice for your go-to cover up.  Be prepared for any type of beach day in this swimwear cover up. Plus the kimono inspired design is both sexy and elegant!

long sarong wrap cover up

MARIA Long Sarong

Trust us; sarongs are the latest trend for the beach! A sarong is a type of swimwear cover up that also acts as a wrap dress. The sarong can be worn in many different stylish ways, but we recommend wearing it tied at the hip as a skirt or around the neck as a dress.

The MARIA Long Sarong is super thin and lightweight making it perfect for travel! Pack it in any suitcase or even in a purse for a day trip! Pull this cover up out whenever you need a bit more coverage! The transparency allows you to show off whatever bikini you are wearing while giving you more confidence.

With this MARIA Long Sarong, you get the ability to style it in a way that accents your body in the best ways.  This swimsuit wrap dress is the ideal accessory for any occasion. Super chic.

-If you like the design of the MARIA Long Sarong but want a shorter length, we also offer the MARIA Short Sarong!  Consistent in style and easiness, the MARIA Short Sarong gives that extra pizazz for those wishing to show off a little more.

beach cover up pants

MARTINA Lace Cover Up Pants

Fun Pants Alert! These MARTINA Lace Cover Up Pants are a sleek one-of-a-kind look for your next vacay. Take your beachy look to the next level with this super chic and unique style. The fold-over waistband adds an element of comfort & coverage throughout the waistline.

The high-quality lace is densely knit you can feel its quality in the weight of them. The MARTINA Lace Cover Up Pants will hug you in all the right ways while giving you the comfort you deserve.  Sweep the beach on your next vacay with these beauties.

Thank you for reading all about our favorite sexiest beach cover ups and resortwear for women. Shop our website for many more gorgeous options and learn more about our bestselling swimsuits for women online now.

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