Long Torso One Piece Swimsuit

Long Torso One Piece Swimsuit Edit

BeachCandy is all about making all women feel comfortable and beautiful in their swimwear and these long torso swim pieces are nothing short of that. 

For the tall women who enjoy lounging by the pool, relaxing on a tropical getaway or even spending time with the family, these one piece bathing suits are eye catching. From the adjustable straps and elongated centerpieces, we ensure that all of our one pieces are made to be long torso friendly and designed with every body type in mind. 


Our styles are not only comfortable but are sleek, sexy and made with every occasion in mind to bring out the best qualities in taller women. Whether that is a drop v, cut outs, or even a strapless piece our swimwear will make you feel confident without being uncomfortable.

plunging one piece bathing suit

PRISCILLA Plunge Piece Swimsuit

This sexy one piece will give you the feel of having a two piece with the modern look of a one piece. With the drop V neckline, which was designed for every bust size in mind, you will have the support you need while showing off your beautiful body. 

This piece also offers a higher cut in the back which provides taller women the opportunity to give the look of having longer legs and yet keeps the back open for a fun and flirty look. So whether you’re taking in the sun or on a getaway, this PRISCILLA one piece was made to show off all the right things in all the right places.

sexy cut out bathing suit

BRANDI Cut Out One Piece

Are you looking for an eye-catching and sophisticated looK? Then this long torso swimsuit is for you. This BRANDI one piece offers cutouts that accentuate your curves to make you feel sexy in your own skin and in this tall swimsuit.

For added glamour, this suit offers hand sown Swarovski crystals along the neckline which will draw attention to all the right places. 

This suit is a modest piece that offers support for the bust area with adjustable straps and padding that allow you the ability to prevent digging into shoulders and a more comfortable and confident feel. There is also a mid low bust line that will hug your hips and make you feel confident in any event.

ruffled one piece bathing suit

LIZ Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit

The LIZ ruffle swim piece was made with a longer length in mind. This piece offers a beautiful ruffle across the top and the off the shoulders for an elegant look, while using a scrunched waist for a timeless hourglass shape. 

This piece also offers detachable straps for a piece that is adaptable to any event or situation it’s needed for and helps prevent camel toe. Not only can you adjust the straps, you can adjust the look, too! If you want to tuck one side of the ruffles you can create a beautiful one shoulder look or place the ruffles under both arms for another look. You can choose between a modern solid color look or even have a statement piece with our "Wild Thang" leopard print. 

The looks are endless and this piece is a staple to have as a one piece in your closet for that one of a kind suit. 

SUSAN Mesh One Piece Swimsuit

Want something that's sexy while still staying modest? Then the SUSAN Mesh One Piece Swimsuit is for you. The mesh side cut outs give you the perfect hourglass look while still maintaining that modesty that you strive for.

This suit was made for every body shape in mind and has adjustable straps that weave through the back to give you a gorgeous look from every angle. If you’re taking Instagram photos or enjoying a refreshing beverage in the sun this piece will give you the elegance and comfortability you want out of a one-piece. 

The soft material and hip hugging design will ensure that everything stays where it needs to be and makes you feel gorgeous while you’re in it too. 

This piece can even be paired with the DINA Knitted Beach Cover Up to add a glamorous touch yet maintain that elegance.

underboob swimsuit

GINGER High Back One Piece Swimsuit

If you’re looking for a full coverage back without sacrificing feeling sexy, then the GINGER swimsuit was meant for you! This piece offers a full coverage back while providing that cut out in the front to add a touch of sexiness. 

The GINGER piece is great for women with a long torso due to the cut out that will fit your needs and still hold you in all the right places. The cut out also helps to provide a gorgeous hourglass figure and paired with the JULIA Lace Beach Cover Up can elevate this look by adding a chic design. 

The GINGER swimsuit and JULIA are so versatile that they can be worn as a fun beach outfit when paired with your favorite pair of pants or bottoms! These are definitely a must in your closet.

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Don’t let the frustrations of trying to find a sexy and comfortable long torso one piece bring down your plans. Here at BeachCandy, we want all women to feel beautiful in their own skin and glamorous as they wear our products, which is why we design everything with you in mind. If you love these looks, we offer so many more one pieces and accessories, follow the links below!

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Written by: Reanna Villegas

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