Holistic Hang Out Ideas

BeachCandy’s Holistic Hang Out Ideas

Each year when the summertime rolls around, it can be difficult to choose events that are fun yet fulfilling to the soul. Are you on a journey to non-toxic living? Supporting a loved one who is on their own journey? You’ve come to the right place. 

As we work to transform into a non-toxic state of mind and being, we encourage you to join us. 

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What does it mean to be holistic, and to live holistically? 

By dictionary definition, the term holistic is “characterized by the treatment of the whole person." The importance of implementing holistic practices into each area of your life is clear. Choosing to participate in practices that allow your body, mind, and soul to feel nourished allows you to find wellness from the inside out. 

Summer can often be a difficult time to put your health first. With pressure to consume extra  alcohol at parties, with fake food chemicals and distressing ingredients. We are here to help you to brainstorm ideas to take your summer nights from draining to fulfilling. 

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  • Head to your Local Park for a Sunset Walk - walking oftentimes allows us to release stress hormones and other imbalances within our bodies. *BeachCandy Tip: Bring a friend with you! Time flies by with great company. 

  • Dust off your Favorite Board Games and Take Them for a Spin! - reminisce about your childhood by playing some of your favorite games!
  • *BeachCandy Tip: Pair a board game night with delicious tapas from Feast to Wellness Cookbook written by our female founder, who lives symptom-free with autoimmune disease.

  • Visit Your City’s Local Art Gallery - love seeing both new and old creative pieces? Head to your local art gallery and visit one of their seasonal exhibits!

  • Visit Your Local Vineyard - Check out your state’s vineyard and enjoy a beautiful day of appetizers, time spent with loved ones, wine tasting, and unforgettable memories. Wine can be enjoyed in healthy quantities as it provides us with antioxidant. *BeachCandy Tip: Oftentimes vineyards offer non-alcoholic options. Don’t be afraid to ask for an alcohol free wine or mocktail

    Indoor Rock Climbing
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  • Hit the Rocks for Rock Climbing - Rock climbing is an excellent way to get your body moving, indoor or outdoor! Many gyms offer rock climbing, alongside many canyons, depending on your location. 

  • Shop at your Local Thrift Store - thrift stores have gained great popularity in the past few years, and for good reason! Find hidden gems for affordable prices, all while being unique and friendly towards our environment. 

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  • Book a Pottery Class - never worked with clay or pottery before? No problem! Most pottery studios welcome beginners with open arms. This is an excellent option if you want to recharge by yourself, or you can bring a friend!

  • Spend Time with Pets - This is an excellent way to bond with your animals, while also making their day. Most pets enjoy walks, fetch, or a classic back or belly rub. 

  • Attend a Community Paint and Sip - Bonding with community members and neighbors is fulfilling to the soul. Grab your favorite beverage and paint a picture, mug, or anything you desire! 

  • Get Strong at Laser Tag - create the perfect combination of friendly competition and stress free energy to enjoy a carefree night of laser tag.
  • If some of these ideas caught your eye, do not allow your fear of change to stop you. Feeding your mind, body, and soul with memories and time well spent is priceless. 

    Learning How To Say “No” To Events that You Do Not Feel Will Fulfill You

    We’ve all been there... The dreaded, “I would rather not attend but I don’t want to let her/him down." It can be very difficult to say no in social situations, as we have learned from a young age. Learning how to prioritize your time to allow wellness and health to be a part of your life is crucial for your wellbeing.

    Oftentimes, when declining an offer, suggesting another one can be beneficial and help lessen the tension. 

    For example, your friend invites you to the bar, but you are not comfortable drinking right now. You say, “Hey! Thank you so much for the invite! I am so excited to spend time with you. Bars aren't really my scene right now, but I was thinking we could try (insert one of the hangout items above) instead." 

    This is often received very well. It is also important to surround yourself with people who respect and support your boundaries. If someone responds poorly and says they are no longer interested, let them go, as they were not supporting your best self. 

    The Value of Investing in a Holistic Lifestyle 

    Often, we attribute our bodies feeling better to modern day medicine, when there is a lot more behind it. Holistic living allows us to fulfill our mind, body, and soul through delicious and non-inflammatory foods, wholesome friends, unforgettable memories, and a healthy mind. 

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    Treating your mind and body with love will allow all the healthy hormones and brain chemicals to heal you from the inside out. As BeachCandy continues to embark on our journey to wellness, we welcome you to join us. The beauty of living an all natural lifestyle is radiant, from your clothes to your energy, it cannot be missed. 

    Written by Bryn Hager.

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