The Hottest High Cut Bikini Looks

The Hottest High Cut Bikini Looks

Have you ever wished for a few more inches when wearing a swimsuit? Unfortunately, most of us have already reached our peak height. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve the illusion of being born a bit taller. Our BeachCandy high cut bikinis will give you an instant growth spurt, so you can hit the beach looking long and lean this summer. 

Have your legs go on for miles as you travel miles to your next exotic location. Our expertly designed bottoms will accentuate the length of your stems for a gorgeously leggy look. 

Features of our high cut swimwear draw the eye upwards for the illusion of longer legs and torso. Attain that perfect hourglass shape simply by putting on our swimwear. No diet, gym regiment, or altered genetics required. 

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If you wish to further highlight your figure, add some scrunch to your BeachCandy bikini bottoms. The scrunching effect originates from a piece of elastic placed down the middle of our bottoms.

This addition creates a puckering effect to accentuate your backside and flatter all of your curves. Choose the half scrunch option for subtle booty lift and full scrunch for an extra sexy look. 

At BeachCandy Swimwear, our women’s swimwear is designed with the goal of making real women feel as confident as possible in a bathing suit. That’s why we attend to all tiny details that contribute to making a real woman look and feel her best.

Our high cut bikinis are crafted with that exact goal in mind, guaranteed to boost your confidence and enjoyment of your time in a bikini. Slip on one of our high cut bikini bottoms and hit the beach or pool because it’s time to get leggy.

sexy high cut bikini bottoms

JOANNE Brazilian Cut Bikini Bottom

If you got it, flaunt it. Leave little to the imagination and show off your backside in the JOANNE Brazilian Cut Bikini Bottoms. This cheeky style will make your bum look plump and perky as you display all of your curves. 

Look like you just walked off one of the beaches of Rio de Janeiro in this Brazilian style fit. The thong cut is a skimpy style for all the women looking for maximum sex appeal and minimal tan lines. 

Show some cheeks without constantly having to adjust your backside. The JOANNE reveals skin while staying firmly in place, so you never have to reach back to make any embarrassing adjustments. 

The seamless tailoring of these bottoms ensure that you experience maximum comfort while wearing them. They hug your body in a flattering manner that won’t leave you pouring over the edges. The lace up hips allow you to adjust the tightness and customize your fit. Not to mention, these sassy lace up details also add some flavor to the silhouette. 

With fringe tassels on the strings and the option to add Signature Swarovski Crystal Candy, these bottoms are far from boring. Available in Olive, White or Aqua Snake, the JOANNE will have you looking like a true Brazilian babe.  

full coverage high cut bikini

MADDY High Leg High Waisted Bikini Bottom

From Brasil, now moving on to France, the flattering french cut of these bikini bottoms will make you say “Oui!”. Just like a model straight out of French Vogue, these modest and full coverage bottoms will make you feel like a classy, feminine icon. 

The tummy control on the MADDY will tuck in your stomach to conceal problems areas and create a sleek, hourglass shape. Your body will be contoured to perfection by these bottoms that hug all the right places. Feel sleek and slim as you knock them dead at the beach this summer in this high cut look. 

The MADDY bottoms are the perfect staple to mix and match with any of our bikini tops. The seamless craftsmanship allows you to remain comfortable while being active, or simply relaxing. 

Buy these bottoms in Black, Besame, St. Tropez and Electric Pink and watch your legs grow right before your eyes. 

high cut hipster bikini bottom

SKYLER Slimming Bikini Bottom

The SKYLER features the perfect amount of coverage to make you feel fit and fabulous. Made for real women, the SKYLER features a moderately high rise tummy to conceal all scars and stretch marks. The back provides moderate coverage to provide a peek at your curves without showing off too much skin. 

Fall in love with the construction of these expertly crafted bottoms, as the seamless edges rest comfortably on your waist. Unlike other swimsuit bottoms, the SKYLER will never create an unflattering bulging effect with their seam. 

The SKYLER maintains a great balance of sexiness that will maximize your comfort and confidence while relaxing at the beach or pool. Buy these bottoms in Gold Snakeskin, Black, Besame, Emerald, Electric Pink or Palm Print. 

luxury designer thong bikini

SAINT TROPEZ High Waisted Thong Bikini Bottom

Become a goddess of paradise with the SAINT TROPEZ High Waisted Thong Bikini Bottoms. Dazzle the shore in this sexy and skimpy style that will make you look and feel like a knock-out. 

These bottoms are our signature, best selling BRITB bottoms, but on steroids. The thong cut of the SAINT TROPEZ makes for a sexier and more dramatic look that will make you swoon. 

The luxurious Swarovski Crystal Candy on the hips provides a dazzling gleam that will capture the eye of any onlooker who witnesses you slaying the scene in these bottoms. Choose either light VIP or Full VIP Candy on the hips. The full VIP look contains over 300 hand-sewn Swarovski crystals, while the light option contains half of that. 

This bottom is the perfect display of our sculpting scrunch detailing which makes for skimpy back coverage. The front features a high, V cut silhouette to create the illusion of an hourglass figure and long legs. 

Become a Saint Tropez Beauty and rock this style in either White, Black or Besame. 

high cut tie side bikini bottom

CATIE Side Tie Bikini Bottom

For a full coverage option that still features a high leg, opt for the CATIE Side Tie Bikini Bottoms. The CATIE has a moderate cut back for full coverage and a high rise front to conceal insecurities. Every feature of these bottoms work to make sure you remain feeling comfortable and confident.

The most prominent feature of these bottoms are the adjustable side ties, which provide ultimate flexibility. Never worry about spillage around the hip area again, as you can choose the extent to which this bikini hugs your figure. The keyhole design provides more coverage than a regular string bikini and creates a unique style. 

Get the CATIE in Aqua Snake, Black, Besame or Tranquilo Print. Further hone your look by adding Signature Swarovski Crystal Candy beading to the sides and a half scrunch to the bottom for a banging booty. 

high cut one piece swimsuit

ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit

The high cut style isn’t limited to our BeachCandy bottoms. For the high cut look in a one piece style, try the ELYSIA Slimming One Piece Swimsuit. 

The ELYSIA will elongate your figure like none other. The high cut hips and waistline ruching will slim your body and create the illusion of added height. 

This one piece also includes a supportive bust line and naturally slimming fabrics. The scoop neck back has a gorgeous shape that will elegantly flatter your figure and modest coverage around the bum will make sure you’re feeling covered. 

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While shopping if you need any assistance in finding the perfect fit don’t hesitate to reach out. Our expert customer service team is happy to assist you. There is truly nothing like the fit and feel of a BeachCandy swimsuit.  

If you’re shopping for a woman in your life, consider a gift card so she can find her ideal size and style. Due to our personalization and famous fit this is a wonderful gift for the women you love most. 

Learn more about our monokini swimsuit styles for women.

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