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There is no better feeling that absolute trust in your Bikini Top. BeachCandy has successfully created a variety of amazing Halter Tops that do just that. Feel absolutely supported, comfortable, and lifted in any Halter Bikini Top guaranteed.

Halter Tops manage to give one of the best supported push ups we have come to love. Our designs are made to not cause that uncomfortable straining on the neck that you might be suffering from. Find the best style and fit for your bust line and body shape to make your entire poolside look complete!

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RACHEL Halter Top Bikini

For the past couple seasons, The RACHEL Halter Top Bikini has become one of our customer favorites. And for a valid reason; it is hands down amazing. The RACHEL immediately becomes a necessity once you try it on. Watch this amazing halter top jump to the top of your go-to list for any upcoming summer getaway.

We sell so many of this halter bikini because of its insanely good support. Every woman seems to struggle with this the most in our past experience. So thats why we created The RACHEL with its superior construction and high performance fabric.

To ensure every woman is covered, we made this top in cup sizes XS-E cup. This halter will extremely flatter any bust size and add a powerful lift like no other. We recommend this top for larger chest sizes due to the exceptional support it has.

To sweeten the deal even more, The RACHEL comes with our Signature Swarovski Crystal CANDY Sliders. These sparkly babies highlight your neckline in all the best ways. You can adjust these sliders to cinch down and add an even more sexier look or slide up for more cleavage coverage.

Our RACHEL Halter Top can pair well with just about any BeachCandy Bottom but one of our faves is its match, the RACHEL Cheeky Boyshort Bikini Bottom. These seamless bottoms will give a smooth, flawless fit around any waistline.

The RACHEL Bottom is a fusion of the boy short in front and cheeky cut the in back - cut a tiny bit higher in the front for a nice amount of coverage, while keeping a cheeky back for a little fun! For an extra touch, add some of our Swarovski Crystals to these bottoms to match the CANDY neckline on the RACHEL Halter Bikini Top.

criss cross halter top

EMILY Criss Cross Halter Bikini Top

Hassle-free comfort, as you may already know, is one of our favorite things. The EMILY Criss Cross Halter Bikini Top is just that and more. This simple style halter stands out from all the more classic bikini tops and we will tell you why!

The EMILY gives you everything you are looking for. When we say hassle-free comfort, we mean it! That is why this Halter Top is made with a stretchy material to perfectly fit around any size whether you have a big or small chest. The criss cross neckline sits comfortably around your neck allowing you to always feel secure.

With a criss cross design and adjustable strings in the back, The EMILY brings all around comfort. This fitted look will suit your body perfectly. If you want to try out a more trendy top while still keeping it minimal, then The EMILY Criss Cross Halter Bikini Top is the one for you!

As shown in the photo above, our ASHLEY High Waisted Bikini Bottoms make a great addition to your overall look. These bottoms allow for full coverage front to back. However, sexy does not have to mean skimpy. The ASHLEY Bottoms are cut to perfection with a higher leg to elongate the body. The ruching along bottoms create an amazing hourglass figure to best suit any body type. You'll be effortlessly complimented wherever you go in this set!

best bikini top

ELLEN Padded Corset Back Swim Top

Another one of our bestseller to date, The ELLEN Best Bikini Top is a total favorite BeachCandy Halter Swimsuit. Everyone who tries on this top absolutely love it for its lifted cleavage and beautiful high fashion support.

The ELLEN keeps its title of The Best because of its amazing design. We love to create tops that bring a more personal approach to women's sizes. That is why we made our size Small and Medium with a double-sided push up pad for extreme lift in smaller chest sizes.

For our larger chest sized babes, we sewed in a substantial thin foam liner for sizes Large through E Cup. This offers only the best lift, support, and cleavage options for all. The criss cross backing only adds to its effortless fit while enhancing your cup size for even more lift. Options make every thing better for swimwear. That is why The ELLEN comes in four different colors; Besame, Gold Snakeskin, Palm Print, and Black. We also have our Signature Swarovski Crystal CANDY that can be added along the neckline. These hand-sewn crystal detailing come in elegant sliders that highlight the top of the neckline beautifully.

Complete this look with our super flattering SKYLER Slimming Bikini Bottoms! These seamless bottoms, as pictured above, wont hug the hips or squeeze your bum in any uncomfortable way. The slightly higher rise in the front helps cover everything from stretch marks, c-section scars, to any other tummy concerns. Our SKYLER Bikini Bottoms also have a moderate backside to some off some of that sexy curve!

We absolutely love our MARIA Beach Sarong Wrap paired with any of our BeachCandy suits. This versatile cover up makes for the best addition to your beautiful beach day! You can wear The MARIA as a skirt, dress, top, or even head cover; the possibilities are endless! This cover up comes in both a long and short option as well as a variety of colors for you to choose from. Create a flawless look for any occasion in this gorgeous sarong wrap! 

sexy halter bikini tops

TULUM Halter Wrap Bikini Top

If you appreciate swimwear that's simultaneously classic and chic, then you'll adore the contemporary flair of the TULUM Halter Wrap Bikini Top. As another one of our hassle-free swimsuits, this top has terrific versatility and adjust ability. Mix up your style in the best way with The TULUM Bikini Top!

The snug crossover of this top hugs the bust line and torso while offering great lift for your cleavage. Since size is never an issue at BeachCandy, we offer The TULUM in cup sizes A-DD. This allows for everyone to get their perfect size and fit. People love this top because of its lengthy straps and overall quality of the fabric. Only the best high performance materials are used for all our designer swimwear and that is no joke!

TULUM'S adjustable straps wrap around your sides to hug your curves to create an effortless hour glass shape. This swim suit top works for women of all shapes and sizes to make them feel their very best. Because of the strength of this halter top, The TULUM makes for an excellent choice for our active babes. It's unique design allows you to be as free as you want for an all day experience.  We can't emphasize enough the versatility and fun you will have with this top!

Create an even sexier look by pairing our TULUM Bottoms with Our Signature BRITB VIP Swarovski Crystal Bottoms. The hips are lined with our gorgeous Signature Swarovski Candy making for a completed overall look. These bottoms come in a full or cheeky option to enrsure you feel comfortable in personalized coverage. Make these bottoms your own and feel fit and flawless for your next vacation adventure.

halter tankini top

TYLER Halter Top Tankini

An incredibly supportive halter can come in all lengths and styles. Our TYLER Halter Top Tankini gives you the option of concealing any tummy concerns you might have while still having that chic halter design. The TYLER Halter Tankini Top includes the famous fit from our bestselling RACHEL Halter Top.

Get every feature you love but with added length covering the torso! The TYLER has super supportive side wings that hold everything in place. The adjustable tie back also gives you the easy option for more support and extra lift. You will love the nice, loose tank top feel in the torso to give a comfortable wear all day.

Our Tankinis are high fashion and ideal for babes who want both sexy AND modest. We included the option of adding our Swarovski Crystal CANDY for an extra sparkle and shine to your look. This signature detail will add incredible beauty to the neckline. These beads are guaranteed to last with a forever shine. They will never chip, crack, or fade so you can stay glamorous!

Looking for the perfect bottoms to compliment The TYLER? Well, our LISA Swim Skirt pictured above is one of our best options. We have redesigned this chic cover up with a fold-over waistband to eliminate any unwanted squeezing at the hips. This cover offers a great way to conceal for the thigh conscious woman. The LISA is also the perfect addition for a more modest poolside look.

halter one piece bathing suit

TARA Halter One Piece Swimsuit

If single Halter Tops aren't your style and you prefer a more modest look try out our TARA Halter One Piece Swimsuit. This suit will still let you have the comfort ability of a halter but with more tummy and back coverage! Any shape or size body can have a beautifully elongated look in this one piece.

The TARA has a perfectly fit slimming torso cinching the waistline to highlight your amazing curves. It's criss cross backing allows for extreme support in the bust line too. You will love the lower drop scoop design in the back that gives a sexy feel. The coverage in the booty is modestly right to have you perfectly comfortable.

The beautiful neckline leading up to the halter style straps keeps a flirty appeal. To keep this allure going, we included the option of adding our Signature Swarovski Crystal CANDY to the neckline. These sliders give that extra elegance to really let you shine. Overall, have your tummy perfectly covered and eyes drawn upward to focus on that gorgeous BeachCandy Smile!

If you love The TARA Halter One Piece but want to show a little more skin then check out our PRISCILLA Sexy One Piece Swimsuit. This suit has a deep plunge to really show off your beautiful bust. The extra support of the strong under strap helps support and lift the bust line. Let your gorgeous curves and inner sexy shine bright in the PRISCILLA swimsuit. Feel free to live your flirty, fun lifestyle in this extra chic one piece!

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