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Most Supportive Big Bust Swimwear

When searching for the perfect bikini, it can always be a struggle. Maybe it’s not the right fit, or the fit is perfect but the style isn’t for you. The swimwear business seems to forget about all the different body types and only caters to one specific type. 

That is not the case at BeachCandy. Our mission is to help any woman, regardless of their shape or size, feel gorgeous. BeachCandy offers a variety of swimwear that caters to any concern you may have. We understand that as women, we have certain features that we don’t want to accentuate. For our ladies with larger busts, this one's for you. 

Having a fuller bust can be a blessing and a curse. Many women strive to have them while those who have bigger busts struggle. Especially when it comes to clothing. Here at BeachCandy, we specialize in designing bikini tops that support bigger busts.

The struggle is over ladies. Our swimwear provides both a great fit with ultimate support and a stylish fit to look great on your day out. Once you try one of our unique tops, you’ll wonder why you didn’t come to BeachCandy first.

supportive retro bikini

BRIDGET Tie Front Bikini Top

Our gorgeous BRIDGET bikini top features underwire cups perfect for our babes of all sizes, ranging from B-DD. This one-of-a-kind tie front feature makes this beautiful top easy to put on while providing a gorgeous classic look. The band on this beauty is adjustable offering the perfect fit, security, and ultimate support.

BRIDGET is proof that swim tops catered for larger busts can be both supportive and stylish. This perfect bikini top is offered in an elegant emerald color, the beautiful St.Tropez pattern, and classic black for the ultimate look. 

Add our gorgeous Swarovski Crystal "candy" to your top for the perfect look. The best part of this top is you can choose to pair it with low rise bikini bottoms or high waisted bottoms. Any bottom will perfectly blend with this top.

halter top bikini

RACHEL Halter Top Bikini

It’s no surprise our RACHEL halter top is the number one bestselling bikini top every season. Just take a look at this beauty. We designed this top to be the best supportive bikini for women of any size. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re an A cup or E cup, RACHEL is perfect for everyone. Not only does it offer the maximum support, RACHEL comes with an amazing lift providing flattering extra support. 

When it comes to swimsuits for big busts, they tend to look a lot different than those made for smaller busts. RACHEL is proof that bikini tops that support women with larger busts can be just as cute as any other bathing suit.

RACHEL features our gorgeous Swarovski Crystal candy sliders. The sliders create the perfect adjustable straps. You can’t go wrong with our gorgeous top RACHEL, catered specifically for all bra sizes.

ELLEN Best Bikini Top

For our ladies who want that push and support for their busts, ELLEN is the one for you. The ELLEN halter top features thin foam liners for our ladies with larger busts to still receive a lift while receiving support. This top is great for anyone looking for lifted cleavage look while having a supportive top. 

We offer ELLEN in a gorgeous emerald, black, besame red, a jaw dropping gold snakeskin pattern, palm print, and an eye catching pink. This top not only comes with a wide variety of colors to choose from. You can also include Swarovski crystals to add that extra sparkle to your look.

supportive string bikini top

ALEXA Triangle Bikini Swimsuit Top

You can never go wrong with a triangle bikini top when looking for supportive swimwear. Meet our ALEXA bikini top, the best triangle top you’ll ever own. This top features high performance fabric, a great fit, and construction that creates a perfect lift regardless of your bust size.

ALEXA runs true to size but you can choose to size up for more coverage or down for enhanced cleavage. Our ALEXA is a versatile top that can be created just for your liking. You can choose to add padding for that extra support and Swarovski crystal candy to add that pop.

supportive underwire swim top

NILO Underwire Bikini Top

If support is your main concern, tops featuring underwires might be perfect for you. We designed the NILO bikini top with you in mind. Our goal is to ensure that every woman feels supported and beautiful in their swimwear. Beauty isn’t determined by shape or size, it all comes from how one feels. 

NILO is guaranteed to make you feel beautiful at your next getaway. The gorgeous straps create an X-back so you can adjust the fit to however makes you feel more comfortable. Say goodbye to your days of uncomfortable swimwear. NILO is the best supportive top you will ever wear, make sure you get your hands on it before your next trip.           

Shop Our World Famous Fit 

At BeachCandy, we understand the struggle to find a great swimsuit that checks all your boxes, especially when it comes to swimsuits for large busts. Here at BeachCandy, we strive to have the perfect fit for anyone regardless of their shape or size. That is why we designed swimwear dedicated to our babes with larger busts. 

The swimwear market can be very exclusive and not offer the cutest designs for our ladies looking for more support. We strive to be the opposite of that, so we designed a collection of DDD swimwear that brings both comfort and style. No more stressing about finding the perfect fit that works for you--you’ve found it here. For our extra glamorous styles, click here.

This was just a peek into our selection of gorgeous styles. Don’t forget to visit our website and Instagram to see more of what BeachCandy has to offer. You don’t want to stay out of the loop. Sign up for our mailing list to stay informed on new styles, exclusive BeachCandy babe events, and sales. 

Don’t wait too long to join the BeachCandy family, we design all our swimwear with you in mind. 


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