Bathing Suits with Skirts

Bathing Suits with Skirts

Everyone deserves to feel confident in any swimsuit they own and at BeachCandy Swimwear, we carry many options of swimwear that any Babe will love! Our signature swim skirts, sarong wraps, and cover ups give every babe the perfect amount of coverage.

We have created a list of our favorite skirts, sarong wraps, and cover ups that will provide great coverage to your thigh area. You're sure to feel confident and secure in these pieces!

bathing suit skirt

LISA Swim Skirt

Our LISA Swim Skirt makes coverage look cute! This skirt features a folded waistband that's perfect for tummy control and is adjustable for more or less coverage. 

The LISA bathing suit skirt gives you a modest look, with a great amount of thigh coverage. LISA can be worn with any pair of bikini bottoms or one piece swimsuit and is available in different colors such as Wild Thang, Black, Emerald, Bande Blanche, and Palm Print so you can mix and match with your favorite BeachCandy bathing suit. 

skirted bikini bottom

KYLIE Swim Skort

On our BeachCandy bestsellers list is the iconic skirt bottom, the KYLIE Swim Skort! KYLIE is the perfect alternative for any pair of bottoms.

KYLIE was designed as bikini bottoms with an attached skirt, no mishaps are happening with this skort. With its waistband, there won't be any unwanted squeezing along the hips. KYLIE can be styled with any top, whether it’s a bikini or tankini tops.

bathing suit dress

HOLLY Women’s Swim Dress

One of our favorite swim dresses is the BeachCandy HOLLY Women’s Swim dress. This dress is amazingly form fitting on any body! HOLLY features a bathing suit underneath, so you won’t have to worry about mishaps. For comfortability, HOLLY also features adjustable straps, and built in bra support! You will feel supported the entire time you wear our favorite swim dress. 

We designed HOLLY to be extra flirty, with little ruffles along the bottom of the dress. You’ll feel extra girly in this dress. HOLLY provides amazing coverage around your cleavage, torso and thigh area, you will always feel confident in HOLLY. 

MARIA Long Sarong Wrap

If you want a classic cover up, BeachCandy recommends our bestselling MARIA Long Sarong Wrap! MARIA could be worn in many different ways, at the hips or tied around the neck as a mini dress!

MARIA gives you the perfect coverage on your thigh area, making you feel more confident in your bikini style. You can match MARIA with any BeachCandy Bikini, you’ll look like the perfect Babe!

MARIA has one size, but it will fit most of our BeachCandy Babes! The sarong wrap is featured in the colorways, Besame, Gold Metallic, Black, Electric Pink, and Emerald. There's also a short version to create a skirt style cover up.

ruffled swimsuit cover up

FRIDA Cover Up Wrap Dress

BeachCandy’s most flirty, yet elegant, cover up is the FRIDA Cover Up Wrap Dress! Our wrap dress features spaghetti straps along the shoulders and flows down to wrap around your waistline. FRIDA is made out of a sheer material, so make sure to wear your favorite BeachCandy bikini underneath!

FRIDA gives every Babe the best amount of coverage, you will feel secure all around your body, especially your legs. But even with great coverage, you can still feel sexy with the alluring open back.

FRIDA has a one size fits most style, but it will look great on anybody! FRIDA is featured in Black, Rosas, White, and Gold. Any color will match any bikini, just choose your favorite one!

swimsuit cover up pants

MARTINA Beach Cover Up Pants

If you are looking for the best pair of cover up pants, BeachCandy has got you covered! Our MARTINA Beach Cover Up Pants will look perfect with any pair of bikini bottoms, whether it’s a cheeky or high waisted bottom! 

With its sheer material, MARTINA is guaranteed to look amazing on you. MARTINA gives you the right amount of coverage for your legs. MARTINA was designed to be like yoga pants with a fold over waistband that won’t suffocate your tummy area. These flowy pair of coverup pants comes in different designs, such as Bande Blanche, Black Lattice Lace, and Black Circle Lace.

long swimsuit cover up

ROLANA Long Sleeve Cover Up

The ROLANA Long Sleeve Cover Up is perfectly designed to look great on any BeachCandy Babe! ROLANA gives you a great amount of coverage, covering your arms, legs, and torso and is made out of a sheer mesh material so you can still show off your favorite BeachCandy Bikini. Also featured is a string tie, so you can make it either snug or loose fitting.

Our ROLANA Cover Up has a one size fits most style, yet, it will look great on anybody! ROLANA is available in Black, Bande Blanche, Electric Pink, White Gold Mesh, and Gold Metallic. 

bathing suit tunic

CHARLIE Tunic Beach Cover Up

Our CHARLIE Tunic Beach Cover Up is one of our bestsellers and it has a good reason! CHARLIE has a plunging V-Neck line that gives you the best amount of coverage in all the right areas.

CHARLIE is made from a sheer material, so everyone will see your favorite BeachCandy Bikini! CHARLIE covers your arms, tummy, and upper leg area. Our tunic cover up has a flowy fit, but it looks form fitting and elegant on any Babe! CHARLIE is featured in two different colors, black and white, each with sparkling Swarovski Crystals for extra glamour.

beach caftan

RHANDY Caftan Cover Up

Our RHANDY Caftan Cover up is truly one of a kind--you will never find anything like this. RHANDY is designed to cover up your torso, leg, and arm area with sheer fabric that also shows off your favorite BeachCandy bathing suit. This cover up features a long, plunging V neck, so you can show off your cleavage. 

Every Babe will look stylish in this cover up. This is a must-have for your swim wardrobe! RHANDY is only featured in the black colorway, so it will match any bikini you own. See more cover ups in our collection here!

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We love giving our Babes what they ask for, whether it’s sparkles or high waisted bottoms. Our swim skirts, wraps, and cover ups always give the best amount of coverage to everyone. Whether you want to cover your chest or your thighs, BeachCandy has what you are looking for. 

BeachCandy has a confidence guarantee, every Babe who buys a bikini will love how they look in it! We always want to keep up with the latest trends, especially if our customers are asking for it and skirts are a hot trend right now.  This style is especially great for moms who want extra coverage when at the beach or pool with their little ones.  Click here if you want to see more fabulous gift ideas for the moms in your life!

We also offer gift cards for the perfect holiday gift. And orders of $200+ come with free shipping!

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