Bathing Suit Cover Ups

Top Bathing Suit Cover Ups

Top Bathing Suit Cover Ups

We proudly introduce our best bathing suit cover ups. It's official, Spring is here, the weather is getting warmer which means it's time to relax at the beach. Now I know what you're thinking, going to the beach sounds amazing especially as it's just starting to warm up.

However, there is always a question of what to wear to the beach. I mean sure you could craft a picture perfect outfit but isn't better to have something on hand that you know will look amazing. No need to overthink an outfit when your options are right in front of you.

Our beach bathing suit cover ups are the ideal choice when you are considering what to wear. They can be worn multiple different ways, and each of them is made to look picture perfect with just about any bathing suit we have in our collection. Whether you want a dress, tunic, or even a pair of pants, we have you covered.

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Most of our cover ups are also made so that they will not cover your bathing suit, this means that you can still show off your gorgeous look without having to hide it when you are not laying in the sun tanning. Here at BeachCandy we want you to feel gorgeous in everything that you wear, don't compromise and fit yourself in one of our very own gorgeous cover ups.

Here are a few of our cover up options that we have for you to look through. Try pairing them with your favorite BeachCandy bathing suit, we know that you will be pleased with what you see! Happy Shopping Babes.

cover up wrap dress

FRIDA Cover Up Wrap Dress

This bathing suit cover up is absolutely more than just your average cover up. The Frida Cover Up Wrap Dress features mesh material, with unique ruffle detailing, and features an open back. It compliments and hugs each curve giving you an effortless look that can take you from the beach to dinner in no time. 

Crochet Tunic Beach Cover Up

BALI Crochet Beach Tunic

Want something that's more casual but, just as versatile? Try our BALI Crochet Tassel Mini Tunic. This bathing suit cover up will quickly become one of your summer staples. You can wear it as a top or a cover up, the choice is yours! Either way you style it, it is perfect for a late night pool party or a date night after a luxurious day at the beach. 

Lace Up Tunic Cover Up

CHERI Lace Up Tunic Cover Up

For those who are more adventurous but still want comfort, our Cheri Lace Up Tunic Cover Up is the ideal option. Made of mesh material, with wide sleeves and a plunging neck line this tunic borders on edgy and sexy. While still providing comfort of course.

Beach Cover Up Pants

MARTINA Beach Cover Up Pants

Just looking for one of our bathing suit cover ups that keeps it cute, casual and gives off major vacay vibes? The Martina Beach Cover Up Pants contain a fit similar to yoga pants for the beach except they are lacy. Made to carry a combination of lightweight and breathable, this cover up will be a must have the next time you lounge by the pool or head to the beach for a little rest and relaxation.

tassel beachy tunic

Tassel Floral Mini Tunic Cover Up

Being whimsical feels just right when wearing our Tassel Floral Mini Tunic Cover Up. This tunic features multi-colored tassels lining the bottom of the tunic, with a care free yet classic pattern all over. This tunic is perfect for those days when you to strive to keep it casual but still want to have that playful side.

best long beach dress

CARNAVAL Maxi Cover Up

A pop of color never hurt anyone. The Carnaval Maxi Cover Up is just the thing when you want to transition from a relaxing day at the beach to fun filled night at a party. In a floor length style with an eye catching design this cover up will surely make you feel like you can party for days on end.


unique beachwear for women

ANIMALE High Neck Maxi Cover Up

If you're currently looking for a cover up venture with on your next beach getaway, you have found the right one! The ANIMALE high neck maxi cover up is an item that is easy to pack, but this definitely doesn't mean it lacks any coverage. It's the perfect choice when trying to cover your body from the sun during a long walk down the beach, as it provides coverage from your neck all the way down to your toes. This floor length dress can be worn anywhere.

Long Sleeve Beach Cover Up

CHARLIZE Long Sleeve Beach Cover Up

The CHARLIZE long sleeve tunic cover up is another floor length dress, but this one is a bit different. With transparency and mesh in the fabrication, you can showcase your suit even while wearing it! With this elegant, sassy, yet sophisticated look you will have the ultimate confidence booster and make you feel invincible.

Pair this suit with just about any sexy, black bathing suit we have in our collection. If you want a bikini, try the Alexa, or if you are going for a one piece look try the Priscilla sexy one piece. If you want a pop of color, don't be afraid to layer the Charlize on top! It will add an elegant balance to your completed beach look.


short tunic cover up

CHARLIE Tunic Beach Cover Up

The Charlie tunic beach cover up is an absolute BeachCandy favorite and bestseller. Much like the Charlize long sleeve beach cover up is a tunic style with a V shaped neck.

However, the Charlie is a shorter dress withe a V plunge neckline that allows just the right amount of coverage. The billowy fit also contributes to the comfort of this piece. Make sure to add candy to this dress to give it that extra shimmer and shine. 

fringe beachwear for women

Festival Fringe Tunic

This tunic is a one of a kind option, as it offers more of a form fitting look. Woven in just one piece, it is engineered to perfection and one of the most comfortable items in the BeachCandy collection. Its a must have for this summer and even though it is a cover up it definitely will not take away from your perfect body.

You can even wear this piece outside of the beach as a dress. Don't feel like you will have to get out of it ASAP like other dresses, you will forget you are even in a dress because it is just that comfortable.

Sexy Fringe Coverup

Sexy Fringe Cover Up

Sticking with tunic cover ups, another great option that BeachCandy crafts special for you is the fringe tunic cover up. This beach cover up is an evergreen item, meaning it will never go out of style. With a flirty design and intricate detailing, there is nothing that you wont love about this cover up! The fringe is connected by black stripes, so you of course can still see your unique suit.

Don't forget that this cover up can be worn two ways so you can switch up your style depending on the mood of the event! If you also want something to cover your bottoms try the Fringe skirt cover up.  With a flexible waistline this item is perfect for all body sizes. Pair either of these fringe cover ups with some of our sparkling BeachCandy suits and take your completed looks to the next neighborhood pool party.

beachy tunic for women

Cobalt Snakeskin Tunic Cover Up

Wrapping up our tunic collection is the Cobalt Snakeskin tunic cover up. This cover up is one that can be worn from pool to party. With intricate design and bold colors, this tunic makes a statement. Make this purchase soon so that you will have the cover up ready for your spring and summer collection.

beach cover up wrap dress

DHARMA Beach Cover Up Wrap Dress

The DHARMA is an open open leaf cover up with a braided neckline. This cover up is flirty, and flowery while offering a bit more coverage in the back while leaving the front more open so that you can show off your swimsuit and of course your beach body! This is a light cover up as well, made out of mesh material you will stay cool during the hot days. Make this cover up your go to for this summer.

Kimono Cover Up

HARUKO Long/Short Kimono Cover Up

Love the idea of a swimsuit cover up but, still feel the need to show off your Beach Candy swimsuit? The HARUKO is your go to option. These cover ups provide a versatile look for any woman.

Complimenting curves in the back and front, there is not much the HARUKO cannot do! You are in control with this cover up as the tie front allows you to decide just how much you want to show. Of course, you can choose to have this in either a short or floor length version.


long sarong wrap pareo

MARIA Long Sarong Wrap

The MARIA Long Sarong Wrap is our most versatile cover up and can be worn in many different ways. It is designer recommended, and can be worn tied at the hip for that classic sarong look or wrapped around your body for a complete cover. Don't forget you can even tie it at your neck to be worn as a dress cover up.

This cover up is so easy to wear and will show off your BeachCandy suit at the same time! The MARIA sarong wrap also comes in the traditional shorter style of a wrap skirt. Of course it is also made of that stretchy mesh half nylon half spandex material so it will comfortable, soft, and quick drying.

The material is also cut with longer tie-ready ends leaving you with the power to make it longer for more coverage or shorter for a sexier look.

 Open Front Cover Up

NIKKI Open Front Cover Up

The NIKKI Open front cover up is one of our most intricate floor length cover ups. It is an open front cover up starting below the bust line, and compliments strapless bathing suits with ease! This suit is exclusively available in white or black lace and there is no secret as to why it is a bestseller with women around the world.

short dress coverup

MILOH Beach Cover Up Dress

The MILOH cover up is one of our more simplistic cover up styles that we describe as effortless, timeless, and fashion forward. It is made with durable, high quality stretch lace and shows just the right amount of curves without hugging or squeezing. It is hemmed right below the booty for amazing coverage and also hides your thighs. Wear it off the shoulder or with the cap sleeves. No matter what you will feel like the hottest babe on the beach.

Long Caftan Cover Up Dress

RHANDY Caftan Cover Up

This cover up has a drop V neckline, a long hemline, and a slight sense of transparency. All of these elements put together create the ultimate elegant look! The V neckline is specifically cut so that you can see a sneak peak of your favorite BeachCandy suit or even a sexy bralette. It is a floor length cover up that can be flaunted at the beach or even a party. 

Maxi Dress Coverup

SHERRY Maxi Dress Cover Up

This cover up is another great floor length option with a slit up one leg that gives the wearer full coverage with a bit of a sexy twist. With soft, stretchy lace and high quality silky-ness you will want to wear this piece all day long. It is simple, yet chic and can be worn almost anywhere. Don't miss out on the Sherry maxi dress cover up.

Beach Cover Up

SABRINA Beach Cover Up

This cover up is extremely versatile and can be worn 4 different ways! Thats right, you get a 4 in one style when you purchase this item. Wear the Sabrina as a one shoulder cover up, a strapless dress, a boat neck, or a skirt. It is a fan favorite just for this reason. Make the most out of your BeachCandy.

long sleeve beach cover up

ROLANA Long Sleeve Cover Up

The ROLANA is an elegant floor length mesh dress is a straight fit that does not hug the body. It has an open front with a tie to show just the right amount of skin giving it a hint of sexy. Make sure to add this to your summer collection and have it ready to wear.

Best Beachy Bathing Suit Cover Ups for Women

Think about it they are cute, stylish and to be honest, classic. You just cant go wrong. Thank you for reading the blog about our BeachCandy Bathing Suit Cover Ups! We hope that you enjoyed browsing through our collection and finding things that you are interested in.

Remember to feel free to contact our customer service team with any questions you may have. If you need a swimsuit to pair with your cover up check out all of the options in our BeachCandy collection from one pieces to tankinis.

You can even take our Custom Swimsuit Quiz to gain even more insight as to what bathing suit will fill your every need. Learn more about our sexy one piece bathing suits.

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