Wedding Swimwear

Wedding Swimwear

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Wedding Swimwear

Custom Bridal Bikini

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Shopping for the perfect bride bathing suit has become more & more exciting, especially at BeachCandy Swim. You spend countless hours preparing for your big day. There’s the dress, flowers, food tastings, and finding a venue. Then narrowing down the guest list and seating charts, and finding a photographer and hair and makeup. Plus multiple dress fittings, and the tiring hours in the gym getting ready for your walk down the aisle.

So the last thing you want is to get to your honeymoon and have average wedding swimwear. Sure, there can be compromise regarding your bathing suit, but only in things like cost and color. You should never compromise in fit, construction, or the way your wedding swimwear makes you feel. Your wedding swimwear should make you feel sexy, confident, beautiful, and glamorous. You should put it on and never once fidget with the sides, never have to hesitate before getting out of the water, and you should never feel an ounce of sag!

A BeachCandy Gift Card is another great way to share our extraordinary experience. Give the gift of pure confidence in a swimsuit to your next blushing bridal shower. A BeachCandy Gift Card is a fabulous and unique gift idea for a bride.

Custom Bride Bikini

At BeachCandy Swimwear we pride ourselves in custom fitting our beautiful suits right to your beautiful body! And while you may have a selection of decent suits that are okay for any other day of the year, your honeymoon should be special. Just like you’ve fit for your gown, let us fit you for your idea of the perfect wedding swimwear! We’ll make it in any color you’d like, but we also offer an exclusive selection of whites, eggshells, creams, and ivory hues. PLUS we stock a variety of lace overlays and pearl embellishments to go with our signature Swarovski crystal “Candy” trims.

These are the details that will take your bride swimsuit, and your honeymoon, to the next level! There is also the smokin’ possibility of killer bachelorette party swimsuits. Did we mention that we can also emblazon your new last name across the suit as well?! And don’t worry, we are happy to work within your budget, as well as work with you from afar! We are based in California and just sent out this to-die-for custom bridal bikini with five bridesmaids bikinis and a flower girl suit, to a destination wedding overseas! (Check out the Bride herself above!)

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