TIKI BON BON Luxury Dog Clothing

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The TIKI BON BON Luxury Dog Clothing Collection was created from pure puppy love. Created from the highest quality natural fibers that even humans would envy. Due to the large mix of styles, please provide print requests in the notes section at checkout. Check out description below for size guide. We cannot...
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3-6 lbs
7-12 lbs
13-19 lbs
20-40 lbs
40-60 lbs
60-80 lbs
What is Candy? Add our Signature Swarovski Crystal Candy, each piece is hand-beaded and hand-sewn at our headquarters in Southern California. All BeachCandy beading has a limited lifetime warranty. See Care Instructions page for more information.
What is a Scrunch? A scrunch is piece of elastic sewn-in to add ruching down the center back of any BeachCandy bottom. A half or full scrunch just defines if you would like to the puckering fabric half way down the center of your booty or all the way down to the crotch seam. The scrunch is designed to intensify the curve of your backside and Brit recommends the half scrunch for those looking to add a little lift to the booty without being provocative. The full scrunch is ultra sexy - showing off the entire curve of your bodacious backside.
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The TIKI BON BON Luxury Dog Clothing Collection was created from pure puppy love. Created from the highest quality natural fibers that even humans would envy. Due to the large mix of styles, please provide print requests in the notes section at checkout. Check out description below for size guide. We cannot guarantee this will be the print you receive but will do our best to make it happen. Please note this 40% off sale item is final sale.


TIKI BON BON Luxury Dog Clothing

BeachCandy Swimwear is known for providing the very best swimwear and accessories for all of our BeachCandy Babes. But we haven’t stopped there. 

Do you ever look at your pup and just want to spoil him or her? We know we have experienced this feeling first hand. In fact, from the moment our female founder rescued Tiki Bon Bon a love like no other was born.


XS : 3-6 lbs

S : 7-12 lbs

M : 13-19 lbs

L : 20-40 lbs

XL : 40-60 lbs

XXL : 60-80 lbs

And with our passion for design and heart for animals it was only naturally to create a collection for pups. With our Tiki Bon Bon line, you can adorn your dog the very best products and stylish look for any season. Think of all the times you shop online… Well not only can you do it for yourself, but for your furry companion friend as well. 

You and your pooch can shop from a variety of luxury pet products like designer dog clothes, vacay ready resort wear, luxe swim styles & more. Pretty, sporty and unique luxury pet products plus personalized service rolled all into one awesome, chic, puppy boutique.


We understand how important all of our customers' fur babies are and so we have created a line just for your large and small dogs. Fashionistas often dress their pets the way they dress themselves, so put your puppy in the very best.

We treat our fur babies just like family at BeachCandy Swimwear and so we decided that they deserve to be dressed like one too. We offer the very best quality and comfort in all of our clothing and accessories for your designer dog. All fabrications are of a high quality for even human clothing. And why not, our pups deserve the world & more.

Our new line of luxury dog clothes to keep your babies warm and protected from the sun and snow, in the most fashionable way possible. We offer a wide range of clothing so that you can find the perfect fit to your pooches unique personality.

Finally Shop Doggy Clothes with Style...

Keep your fur baby warm is our designer dog tops! With a variety of patterns and fits to choose from, your pooch will be the best dressed dog at the dog park! We also offer a large variety of vibrant colors that will perfectly compliment your fur baby's beautiful coat. 

Not only are our luxury dog clothing beautiful, but perfect for making your dog feel comforted through the tight, hug like material! Your pup will be feeling like they are being held at all times. We think that every pup deserves the absolute best and we are so proud to present our Tiki Bon Bon Collection to the world.

Prepare to Fashion Your Fur Baby 

The wide range of products is perfect for experiments with unique fashionable looks to your specific taste. From a sophisticated plaid, a super soft cotton material, a simple yet stylish striped design, all the way to a bold shiny metallic material. Don’t be surprised if the style you order arrives with a little bit of our Signature Swarovski Candy.

Shop All Our Favorites At BeachCandy Swimwear

While shopping if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our expert customer service team. This style is a novelty for our swim & lifestyle brand but we truly feel value needed to be brought to this space. Polyester isn’t a friendly fabric & certainly not breathable for doggy clothing. 

Who knows maybe luxury dog collars, dog sweaters, and dog beds are in our future. We won’t go as far as a dog boutique but a fashion-forward nod to our fur babies is our duty. 

It is our absolute pleasure to help you find your very own perfect BeachCandy swimsuit. In fact, your wants and needs are precisely what our brand is built upon. There is nothing quite like the lasting quality and famous fit of a BeachCandy bathing suit. 

Our beloved BeachCandy Swimwear brand actually got it’s start as a storefront in Newport Beach, California. And after almost 10 years of observation in our fitting rooms. We know what it takes to create the perfect swimsuits for all body types. From chic full coverage bikinis to sexy Brazilian ‘no bulge’ bikini bottoms, we’ve got you covered. 

Gift Cards Available

Do you know why BeachCandy Swimwear makes the perfect gift? Most women go their entire adult life feeling less than in a swimsuit. And that is precisely our brand’s mission. To ensure that all women feel and look extraordinary in a swimsuit. 

So shop our BeachCandy Gift Card or choose a style you know she will love! Make sure to join our email list to stay in the know. Learn more about our flattering bathing suits for women >

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