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SANDY Luxe Straw Hat

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The SANDY Straw Hat is for those who like to feel effortlessly chic. This piece is simply a must-pack for any weekend getaway. The woven details provide a trendy feel while still providing some coverage from the sun.
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SANDY Straw Hat - Great UV Protection

Get ready for summer with our new favorite beach accessory. The SANDY Frayed Edge Straw Hat. The SANDY is a stunning essential for your days by the water. Not to mention, the SANDY is made with brim straw detailing in a beautiful shade that pairs well with all skin tones. 

This women wide brim hat is carefully detailed with wide brimmed straw that makes it nice for staying out of the sun. Easy to pack, and stunning on, the SANDY is the perfect accessory for your next getaway. 

Forget about those bad hair days at the beach when you have the option of throwing on the SANDY Frayed Edge Straw Hat. The SANDY sun hat takes any ensemble to the next level and will make you feel sophisticated and chic. This is a straw hat women everywhere will enjoy.

Finding the perfect accessories for those days at the resort can be challenging. Especially when it comes to hats for women. Floppy straw hats can easily be too big or have a frayed brim, come undone when wet, etc. but the SANDY has been perfectly curated with quality materials so you will never have to worry.

The SANDY hat large in size is also very practical. It protects your face from strong UV rays, and keeps you cool and shaded through the day. It’s also lightweight, flexible and easily stashes in your beach bag when you take it off. 

The shape and size of the SANDY are what makes this piece stand out from others similar to it. This straw hat frayed is sturdy enough to stay put, while allowing just enough movement to look chic and effortless in this stylish edge fedora. 

For Women, By Women Since 2011

At BeachCandy we strive to honor and empower all women to be comfortable with their bodies and who they are. This year marks 10 years of making comfortable, high quality swimwear to make every woman look and feel great.

This year we are celebrating our anniversary through several virtual events, including plans to complete a short film to chronicle the founding  and development of BeachCandy.  

Also we will be introducing several limited-edition BeachCandy logos and you will be able to listen to our special podcast series which features several women sharing their accounts of how their lives have been positively impacted by BeachCandy. 

These special events are also in recognition and thanks to all of you who have steadfastly and fearlessly supported BeachCandy. Our ten year journey has been one of challenge, celebration and commitment to all women. 

We pledge to keep learning and growing in the years to come. We welcome input and feedback from our customers to keep constantly improving our swimwear. Let’s look forward together to helping women always look and feel their best! We are excited to continue working with real women for the years to come!

More About The BeachCandy Brand

Our founder Brit started the BeachCandy brand 10 years ago with the simple goal of mastering the art of a perfect fit for women. The BeachCandy brand was officially established in 2011, and is now recognized as a world renowned American designer swimwear brand synonymous with sophistication and style for the real woman. 

Each of our swimsuits are handcrafted in Southern California. We base our values in the quality of our products and the relationships we have developed within the local area. We have a primary focus of authenticity, supreme quality control, and precise craftsmanship. BeachCandy Swimwear has an unwavering standard on supreme high performance materials and a remarkable supportive fit. 

Most importantly, the BeachCandy brand focuses on simpler solutions to the issues so many women face when swimsuit shopping. At BeachCandy we strive to make every woman feel and look beautiful for any occasion. 

At BeachCandy we are real women who face the same struggles you face when shopping for the perfect suit, and we not only empathize but strategize to make sure swimsuit shopping becomes a positive experience rather than a negative one.

Our female founder, Brit B, shares this inspiring message...

“This is for all the dreamers out there... Ten years ago I opened the doors to my wildest dreams, BeachCandy. My advice to you is it’s ok to start without a grand vision. I began with the simple hope to make women feel their best in a swimsuit. 

Day by day, I kept my head down and hustled for every. individual. customized. order! Learning inside and out what REAL women want from a swimsuit to feel their absolute best. Fast forward 10 years, as we now work with women worldwide providing our famous fit developed over a decade in our fitting rooms. 

Dreams really do come true, but the big ones take days, months, years... For those of you that need the reminder, never give up & let your bliss lead the way!”

Inclusivity in Swimwear

Every year, BeachCandy Swimwear continually works to represent women from all walks of life through extraordinary brand imaging. Upon first glance, BeachCandy’s website and social platforms provide women worldwide with the confidence in knowing our brand creates world-class luxurious swimsuits to suit real women. 

BeachCandy Swimwear also embraces the body-positive concept of Health At Every Size. This basically means we celebrate body diversity and honor all women, no matter their size, age, race, ethnicity, gender, disability, or sexual orientation. 

This philosophy also extends to the principle of compassionate self-care, which includes finding joy in moving one’s body, being physically active, and embracing healthy nutrition. 

While this may at first seem to be an odd focus for a swimwear company, we know that real women care about their health and their bodies, and we can provide them a product that helps them reach their fullest and healthiest potential. 

The Best of the Best in Swimwear

Whatever the occasion, it is important to look and feel your best in a swimsuit.  We want you to feel confident and sexy in whatever you’re wearing.  At BeachCandy Swimwear we have an array of stunning suits that will accentuate your curves and make you look and feel classy and sophisticated. 

BeachCandy Swimwear takes quality to another level. What makes BeachCandy the best of the best is a combination of our outstanding designs, high performance fit, and comfort that can’t be missed. We use the best quality fabrics to make sure you feel secure and confident during any summer activity.

Not to mention, we pride ourselves in our flexibility and ability to listen and adapt to the wants and desires of real women. A good swimwear company provides products for everyone to enjoy, and at BeachCandy Swimwear we do just that. 

Whether you’re looking for a bikini, a one piece swimsuit, or a stunning beach straw hat to accessorize your look, we have quality products that cater to everyone. There is no question that BeachCandy Swimwear is the best option when exploring luxury swimwear. This is because we embrace the diversity of women and work to create pieces that will look amazing on everyone.

Check out some of our favorite pieces at BeachCandy and see for yourself what makes BeachCandy Swimwear the best luxury designer swimwear company on the market. How to find the perfect swimsuit for your body type...

Find Your Perfect BeachCandy Swimsuit

Feel free to contact us if you'd like assistance choosing the perfect suit for you or for more product information! We can make recommendations based on your body type and preferences. 

We work to make sure you have the best experience shopping with BeachCandy so don’t be afraid to reach out with any further questions. After a decade of fitting room feedback, we understand what women want. Experience the difference an American-made BeachCandy swimsuit makes. From fit to quality finish, our famous fit has women celebrating swimwear with confidence.

If you are still looking for a gift for someone, we have a solution. Get a BeachCandy Gift Card for the women you love most. Swimsuit shopping can be a daunting task for most women. Take the compromise out of swimwear for the women you love most with BeachCandy Swimwear. Not only do we provide our famous fitting swimsuits but iconic beach accessories, womens hats and more.

Made in California with our Signature Swarovski Candy.

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