LISA Bridal Swim Skirt

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The LISA Bridal Swim Skirt gives you an edge of feminine grace with  just the right amount of coverage. The LISA Skirt is lightweight, comfortable and a perfect addition for the more modest look poolside. With a fold-over waistband for tummy control this is a perfect piece for the thigh...
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What is Candy? Add our Signature Swarovski Crystal Candy, each piece is hand-beaded and hand-sewn at our headquarters in Southern California. All BeachCandy beading has a limited lifetime warranty. See Care Instructions page for more information.
What is a Scrunch? A scrunch is piece of elastic sewn-in to add ruching down the center back of any BeachCandy bottom. A half or full scrunch just defines if you would like to the puckering fabric half way down the center of your booty or all the way down to the crotch seam. The scrunch is designed to intensify the curve of your backside and Brit recommends the half scrunch for those looking to add a little lift to the booty without being provocative. The full scrunch is ultra sexy - showing off the entire curve of your bodacious backside.

The LISA Bridal Swim Skirt gives you an edge of feminine grace with  just the right amount of coverage. The LISA Skirt is lightweight, comfortable and a perfect addition for the more modest look poolside. With a fold-over waistband for tummy control this is a perfect piece for the thigh conscious woman. Made in California.


LISA Bridal Swim Skirt

The LISA Bridal Swim Skirt is one of our most popular swim coverups year after year. After listening to your clients and what they want in a swim skirt, we decided to revamp the classic swim skirt. We have re-designed the LISA with a chic fold-over waistband to eliminate any unwanted squeezing at the hips and to allow the most comfort.

This high functioning coverup works well with any look, no matter your choice of bottom or cover up. The LISA swim skirt is also a great alternative to wearing a classic swim bottom.  If you are looking for a slightly more modest yet equally flirty and fun look, a swim skirt is your ideal pick. Offering the same classiness and elegance, a swim skirt is both versatile and modest without the compromise.

Comfortable Swimwear with a High Fashion Flare

We designed to LISA to be comfortable yet fun so you get your ideal swim look any time you wear your LISA swim skirt. The LISA is guaranteed to hold everything together so you don't have to worry about any small mishaps or mistakes. The LISA also offers optimal tummy and thigh coverage so you look you're absolute best while feeling your absolute best - a BeachCandy guarantee.

We have also designed and created the LISA in the best materials. We have carefully chosen lightweight, breathable materials so the LISA is perfectly comfortable. You can purchase your ideal swim skirt in breathable laces, stretch meshes, and our high-performance swimwear fabrics. No matter which material you go for, you will be the most comfortable and confident no matter what.

The LISA is also available in a selection of different prints and colors. Available in black, white, and palm print, you are sure to find the perfect swim skirt to match you! Each color comes in the various materials stated previously so you don't have to compromise looks, comfort, or confidence. The LISA is the perfect addition for a more modest poolside look! Last but not least, these swim skirts dry quickly, pack easily, and are truly timeless.

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The LISA Bridal Swim Skirt is a perfect alternative to wearing a classic swim bottom or even just wearing a one-piece suit. A skirt can completely spice up and change a swim look. Adding a simple swim skirt can add a delicate feminine touch to a swim look and the LISA does exactly that.

With such a range of colors, the LISA can be styled a myriad of swim tops and cover ups. We decided to go with classic, neutral shades so you can wear your LISA swim skirt with any of your own tops or any BeachCandy top! The classic palm print can also mix and match with any swim top or cover up so don't be afraid to reach for the palm print LISA! No matter where you are, you'll feel like you're lounging in the Caribbean with your flirty LISA swim skirt.

Unlike a regular swim bottom, a swim skirt works great by itself or with a bottom of your choice. You can wear your LISA with a simple top around the pool without worrying about any slips or mishaps. This classic swim skirt can camouflage as a regular skirt any time, any day!

Customize your BeachCandy Swimsuit

Want a swim skirt to match your favorite suit? We can customize any way you like, just give us a call! If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, we can create any design you desire. To start, take our Custom Swimwear Quiz and we will reach out to you shortly to begin your one-of-a-kind swimsuit.

Here at BeachCandy, our goal is to design swimsuits every woman feels and looks their absolute best in. We understand every woman has their own individual wants and preferences in their ideal swim look. Over the years, we have taken these requests into account when designing all of our pieces. No matter your age, size, or shape, you will find your perfect swim piece here at BeachCandy Swimwear.

Let Us Help You Make Your Dream Bridal Moments Come True

If you can't find your ideal swimsuit or look, be sure to check out our other BeachCandy swim pieces. We assure you you will find your perfect swim look here at BeachCandy. If you already have a perfect swim look in mind, reach out to us here at BeachCandy! We are more than happy to work with you to create and design your ideal swim look and swim pieces.

We guarantee only the best customer service and support for our clients. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our expert team at BeachCandy Swimwear. We love helping our brides plan for their special time from pairing the suit with their wedding dresses to getting their bachelorette weekend look on point!

Handcrafted in the USA with Genuine Swarovski Crystals.


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