JOANNE Bridal Fringe Triangle Top

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The JOANNE Skimpy Lace-Up Bottoms are the perfect adjustable Brazilian bikini bottoms. These skimpy booty, fringe tassel wonders are your new soon-to-be favorite bikini bottoms. Seamless edges, sexy Brazilian back, and strappy lace-up hips with fringe tassels. Made in California with Genuine Swarovski Crystals. -- White Bride Bikini The JOANNE...
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What is Candy? Add our Signature Swarovski Crystal Candy, each piece is hand-beaded and hand-sewn at our headquarters in Southern California. All BeachCandy beading has a limited lifetime warranty. See Care Instructions page for more information.
What is a Scrunch? A scrunch is piece of elastic sewn-in to add ruching down the center back of any BeachCandy bottom. A half or full scrunch just defines if you would like to the puckering fabric half way down the center of your booty or all the way down to the crotch seam. The scrunch is designed to intensify the curve of your backside and Brit recommends the half scrunch for those looking to add a little lift to the booty without being provocative. The full scrunch is ultra sexy - showing off the entire curve of your bodacious backside.

The JOANNE Skimpy Lace-Up Bottoms are the perfect adjustable Brazilian bikini bottoms. These skimpy booty, fringe tassel wonders are your new soon-to-be favorite bikini bottoms. Seamless edges, sexy Brazilian back, and strappy lace-up hips with fringe tassels. Made in California with Genuine Swarovski Crystals.


White Bride Bikini

The JOANNE Bridal Fringe Triangle Top is an adorable twist on a bestseller and BeachCandy Babe Favorite ALEXA Classic Triangle Top. There's an added little flavor to this killer string bikini design by making the JOANNE a seamless bikini top, for the softest and most comfortable fit to date. This top is meant to take security to the next level, keep the breasts looking their best, and feeling their best in this white bride bikini.

The material is guaranteed to hold up against the rough salt waters of the ocean, and endure the acidic waters of a chlorine filled pool. This top will stand the test of time keeping its shape and vibrancy, whichever the circumstances will be. This suit does not have to be worn just once on the honeymoon, choose to adopt it into your lifestyle and this suit is ready to be taken on that journey.

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This new triangle bikini top has increased support and lift with our double straps at the neck. The double straps increase the distribution of weight. No need to worry about back pain from flimsy straps. The dual effort allows the breasts to be supported and lifted with minimal pinching and tugging on the neck.

Most bikinis don't usually have enough support, and leave the consumer with flimsy straps and bands to do a mediocre job at lifting the chest. In this suit, that problem is nonexistent. This suit features extra support along the bust bands, so the breasts are not only lifted with the double straps along the neck, but also helped with the reinforced band. Plus because the straps are fully adjustable, women can get this great bikini top up or down a size to customize the amount of cleavage to promote.

Also, choose a size up for a more moderate look, or go a size down for more sex appeal. The size range is near all-inclusive, from A cup to E cup, this suit has it covered.

This style is meant to fit like a glove, it's whole existence is to make the wearer feel comfortable in their own skin, ensuring that any insecurities they have are alleviated. The breasts are one of the most sensitive topics, and it is important that each client can move around the beach or the pool, and feel confident that everything will stay in place and appear the way they want them to. Above all, comfort is key, the JOANNE is meant to help facilitate that idea.

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The JOANNE Triangle Bikini Top is a total win for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.  All in all the JOANNE is truly a perfect triangle top. Fall in love with not only the functionality of the double straps, but the style of it. The double straps are a subtle detail that take a classic cut into a more modern style.

At the end of each strap are adorable tassels which allow the top to feel flirty and trendy. They tend to create more movement when the top shifts and moves. This style makes the wearer feel playful and sweet instantly, ready for some sun.

Make the top sparkle an extra bit more and add some BeachCandy SWAROVSKI crystals to each tassel. With the crystals they move to and fro, and little glints of crystals in the sun will move with them, drawing more attention to the wearer.

Also, for additional customization, add some push up pads to the suit. Order the top in a size larger, the contribution of push up pads will add additional support to the breasts, making them feel more supported and secure.

Similarly, order it in a size smaller, the push up pads will have a lifted effect, emphasizing the cleavage and drawing attention to the bust. Either way is a great look, and perfect for the summer season. Choose to wear it for a relaxing spa themed bachelorette party, or on the honeymoon. This bathing suit is the ultimate bridal swimwear option, the ultimate white bride bikini.

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Choose the matching JOANNE Fringe Bridal Bottom and enjoy the set! The fringe bottoms have similar tassels to the straps, which are interlocked to the sides of the bikini in a corset-like fashion. Additionally, the bottoms are a cheeky pair, which emphasize the bottom, which is perfect in booty culture. Choose to add scrunch to the bottoms and contour the bum, or enjoy simplicity and go with out. With these bottoms, the option to add SWAROVSKI crystals is present as well.

This is perfect to match the top, adding that extra bit of sparkle whenever the suit moves when walking. It catches the light and dazzles beachgoers everywhere.

Another choice to add to the outfit is a cover up that sets the mood of the suit. Go for something that shows off the bikini underneath, while still holding its own style and purpose. The MILOH beach cover up dress is a bestselling cover up for that very purpose. It features a mesh fabric, which is perfect for keeping the integrity of the cover up, but does not conceal the swimsuit entirely.

This cover up is effortless and timeless. It is easy to toss on for a stroll along the beach, or a walk around the pool. It has a boxy structure, that also keeps the illusion of a figure due to its semi-transparent nature. The hemline is relatively short, six inches below the booty, which is perfect for showing off a little leg.

Let the MILOH slouch a bit and wear it on one shoulder, or keep its structure and wear it off the shoulder entirely. The choice is yours.

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Check out the JOANNE Skimpy Fringe Bikini Bottom to complete the look! If you still can't find exactly what you are looking for, we can create any design you desire. To start, take our Custom Swimwear Quiz and we will reach out to you shortly to begin your one-of-a-kind swimsuit. Handcrafted in the USA with Swarovski Crystals.